Videos on YouTube can range from funny content to serious news and style tips. Occasionally, you come across a segment of a video that is so amusing or cool that you want to show your friends. But you may need clarification when clipping videos if you’re new to YouTube.

How to Clip a YouTube Video?

How to Clip a YouTube Video?

This guide can be helpful in that regard! To clip a YouTube video, follow the easy methods and steps present in this article. Clipping takes a specific video section to create a new, easily shareable video. This method can be a real time-saver when you just want to highlight the most exciting moments of a video for your friends, sparing them from watching the entire content. So, let’s begin to learn that how to clip a YouTube video!

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What are YouTube clips?

YouTube Clips are short, exciting pieces from longer videos and live streams on YouTube. They can be as quick as 5 seconds or as long as 60 seconds. These Clips are like tiny movie trailers or YouTube intro videos for the full video. Creators and viewers use Clips to show the most exciting parts of their content. It’s important to note that creating a YouTube clip doesn’t make a new video. The original video still gets credit for all the views, watch time, and money earned from ads.

Furthermore, consider it a trailer that entices you to watch the entire movie. YouTubers can use clips as an entertaining method to draw viewers in and increase their curiosity in managing the whole video. It’s a great tool that allows creators of videos to interact with their viewers and share the highlights of their works with the YouTube community. YouTube Clips offer several benefits for content creators and viewers:

  1. Increased Engagement: Clips allow viewers to share specific moments from longer videos, making it easier for creators to engage their audience and drive more interactions.
  2. Promotion:Creators can use Clips to promote their content on other social media platforms, expanding their reach and increasing their subscriber base.
  3. Enhanced Discoverability: Clips contribute to YouTube’s algorithm, potentially increasing the visibility of the original video in search results and recommendations.
  4. Content Teasers: Clips serve as teaser trailers for longer videos, giving viewers a glimpse of the content and encouraging them to watch the full video.
  5. Monetization: Increased views and watch time from Clips can boost ad revenue for creators, directly benefiting their income.
  6. Feedback and Analytics: Creators can gain valuable insights into which parts of their videos are most popular, helping them tailor future content to their audience’s preferences.
  7. Community Building: Clips can spark discussions and interactions among viewers, fostering a sense of community around the content.
  8. Time-Efficient Sharing: Clips are a quick and efficient way for viewers to share their favorite moments, helping creators to grow their fan base.

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How Do You Create and Share YouTube Clips?

You may display your content worldwide by creating and sharing YouTube videos. YouTube gives you a flexible platform to publish your videos, whether you’re a budding content creator, a business trying to interact with your audience, or you want to share special memories. This section will guide you through making and posting YouTube videos so that the right audience sees your material. From editing your video to optimizing its visibility, you’ll discover the critical elements to make your YouTube journey successful. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open YouTube and choose the video you want to clip.

Step 2: Access the Clip icon next to Share and select it to open the Create Clip box.

Select Clip

Select Clip

Step 3: Use the slider in the Create Clip box to pick a 5 to 60-second segment from the video.

Step 4: Add a title, description, and relevant keywords.

Step 5: Click Share to share your clip via email, social media, or by copying the shareable link.

How to Trim YouTube Videos on Windows

Previously, you frequently needed to look for and install specialized programs to edit videos or perform other computer functions. These add-ons were similar to magic wands, endowing your computer with additional capabilities. However, as technology has developed, computers and their built-in features have become more inventive.

You can now look for something other than external software when you need something basic, like clipping a video to save only the best parts. Windows has an editor that can do this task well. This change makes using a computer more accessible and convenient for many people. Let’s discover how this built-in editor can help you do basic editing without extra tools.

Step 1: Locate the downloaded YouTube video on your computer, then right-click and open it with the Photos app.

Open Video with Photos

Open Video with Photos

Step 2: Inside the Photos app, click the pencil icon at the bottom right, and select Trim.

Step 3: Adjust the white slider to select the desired portion of the video to keep, or utilize the blue slider to cut at specific timestamps.

Step 4: Once trimmed the video, click Save in the upper-right corner.

Step 5: Choose where to save the edited video, provide a name, and click Save.

Name and Save

Name and Save

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How to Trim YouTube Videos on Mac

Like how you can trim videos on Windows using its built-in editor, Mac also offers a handy video editing tool, QuickTime Player. Some of its key functionalities include playing multimedia files, recording your screen, basic video editing, and sharing content. QuickTime Player allows users to capture their screen, trim videos, and perform simple modifications, making it a useful tool for various video-related tasks. As an integrated tool in your Mac, it’s a valuable resource for those who want to manage videos easily. This section will discuss how to use it to trim YouTube Videos on Mac.

Step 1: Find QuickTime Player in your applications or open it with Spotlight Search (press cmd + space). Now, select the video you want to clip.

Step 2: Open the video. Click “Edit,” then choose “Trim” from the dropdown menu.

Click Trim

Click Trim

Step 3: Use the yellow slider to select the portion to cut, and click “Trim.”

Step 4: Navigate to “File” and select “Save.”

Step 5: Name the edited video, choose the save location, and click “Save.” Your video is now edited.

Name and Save the Video

Name and Save the Video

FAQs about Clipping YouTube Video

1. How does Clip Button on YouTube benefit content creators?

The Clip button on YouTube is a valuable tool for content creators by allowing viewers to share short excerpts from their videos with friends. This feature helps attract new audiences to a creator’s content. Creators can utilize the Clip button to create brief video trailers, which can be shared on various social media platforms. Significantly, the clips also contribute to crucial YouTube metrics such as watch time, views, and ad revenue for the original video, enhancing the overall performance of a channel.

2. Can you convert YouTube Clips into YouTube Shorts?

It is impossible to transform YouTube Clips into YouTube Shorts because the Clips feature does not allow you to download the clip. You can download the video directly from YouTube to create YouTube Shorts or utilize the dedicated “Create” button designed for making Shorts.

3. How can I locate the Clip button and scissors icon on YouTube?

To find the Clip button and the associated scissors icon on YouTube, you can quickly locate them in the toolbar beneath a YouTube video, accessible on both desktop and the YouTube mobile app. Look for the scissor icon next to the word “Clip” within this toolbar. It’s a user-friendly feature for creating and sharing short video clips from YouTube content.

Final Thought

In conclusion, learning how to clip a YouTube video can be a valuable tool for creators looking to promote their channel. This tool can potentially revolutionize how you share captivating teaser trailers on social media and get amusing comments. It’s simple to clip a YouTube video. Just choose the video, click the Clip button, set your clip’s beginning and ending points, write a catchy title and description, and you’re good to go.

You may capture the attention of potential viewers and entice them to visit your YouTube channel for complete content by crafting these brief, captivating snippets. It is a fantastic way to drive more traffic, increase engagement, and grow your YouTube presence quickly. So, use the power of the Clip button and start attracting more viewers to your channel today! Feel free to comment down below for queries and our team will get back to you.


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