Instagram Reels have taken over social media, providing users a platform for creating and sharing short, entertaining video content. These inventive and entertaining clips have come to represent Instagram in the minds of many. However, not everyone enjoys using Reels; some may even find them annoying or overwhelming.

How to Turn Off Instagram Reels?

How to Turn Off Instagram Reels?

Here, we will show you how to disable Instagram Reels on iOS and Android. Once you turn off automatic updates, you’ll have complete Instagram app control. After this session, you’ll know how to modify Instagram settings easily.

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Turn Off Instagram Reels on Android

Due to the absence of an option to disable Instagram Reels within the application, if you don’t need Instagram Reels, you can download an earlier version of Instagram on your Android device where the Reels feature is not available. Follow these steps to install an earlier version of the app:

Step 1: Download the APK file of Instagram using a browser. Next, open the “Settings” app on your home screen.

Step 2: Within “Settings,” tap on the “Security” option. The naming may vary depending on your Android phone model.

Setting Interface

Setting Interface

Step 3: Tap on “Install unknown apps.”

Tap on Install Unknown Apps

Tap on Install Unknown Apps

Step 4: Tap on the browser you used to download the APK file and enable “Allow from this source.”

Download The APK

Download The APK

Step 5: Open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen prompts to install the app. Relaunch Instagram to verify if Reels has been disabled on Instagram.

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Prevent Instagram from Updating

Sometimes, you may wish to disable Instagram Reels since they were added in a recent app update you dislike. It’s possible you’d rather use Instagram before adding Reels. On Android, here’s how to stop Instagram from updating:

Step 1. Open the Google Play Store on Android.

Step 2. Enter “Instagram,” tap the top search bar, and choose the Instagram app.

Step 3. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of Instagram to access a menu. Uncheck “Enable Auto-update.”

Unceck Enable Auto Update

Unceck Enable Auto Update

Step 4. Your confirmation dialog will display. Select “Turn Off.”

Step 5. Your Instagram app will no longer update automatically, so that it won’t have Reels or other changes from new upgrades.

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You may keep your Instagram app in the version you choose by blocking automatic upgrades, enabling you to preserve your preferred user experience. You may return to the Instagram app’s page in the Google Play Store anytime to re-enable automatic updates if your mind changes.

Turn Off Instagram Reels on iOS

Unlike Android, Installing an earlier version of the app on iOS devices requires jailbreaking, which is a complex process. We do not recommend this method for beginners. Fortunately, the Reels feature is currently limited to the mobile app. To view Instagram posts without Reels on an iOS device, simply access it through any other browser app like Chrome on your phone or PC.

While disabling Reels on iOS is not possible, you can manage the Reels shared on Instagram. Please refer to the following steps:

Step 1. Launch Instagram on iOS. Log in to the account you want to deactivate Reels.

Launch Instagram

Launch Instagram

Step 2. Tap your profile photo or symbol in the lower right corner to access it.

Step 3. Find the three-line symbol in the upper right corner of your profile. Choose options by tapping the button.

Step 4. Scroll to “Settings” on the menu. Tap it to open Instagram’s settings.

Step 5. On the Settings menu, select “Account.” This opens a submenu with account preferences.

Step 6. You’ll find the “Reels “ setting in your account’s settings. Select it to adjust the parameters of Reels.

Go to Reels Settings

Go to Reels Settings

Step 7. In the Reels options, you’ll see a toggle “Show Reels.” Tap to turn off this switch.

You can successfully manage Instagram Reels on your iOS device by following these instructions, enabling you to read your feed without being distracted by short video snippets.

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How to Remove Your Own Reels

You might be following the trend, i.e., Feeling cute, might delete later, or you’re just not liking the Reel that you shared earlier. In all such scenarios, removing your Reel can be a handy option. It’s a simple process and requires you to tap the three dots and delete the Reel. However, it must be noted that the deletion is permanent, and you’ll not be able to retrieve the Reel in the future.

Follow the steps below to remove your own reels from Instagram:

Step 1. Launch Instagram and log in to the account where you uploaded the Reel you wish to delete.

Step 2. To see your profile, tap your profile photo or symbol in the lower right corner.

Step 3. Your profile has tabs for “Posts,” “Reels,” “IGTV,” etc. Tap “Reels” to see your posted Reels.

Open Reels Tab

Open Reels Tab

Step 4. Check your Reels for the one you want to remove. Tap Reel to open.

Step 5. To access further activities, press the three horizontal dots (options icon) at the bottom-right of the Reel.

Step 6. From the menu, tap “Delete” or “Remove” (depending on the language) to begin removal.

Step 7. Since deletion is permanent, Instagram will ask for confirmation. Confirm the removal of the Reel from your profile.

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How to Hide Reels on Your Instagram Feed

Instagram Reels may be interesting, but you may want to occasionally clean up your feed and limit the clutter. You may hide Reels if you’re weary of seeing Reels from accounts you don’t follow or want a cleaner Instagram experience. This means they won’t appear in your feed, and you won’t be enticed to view them. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Launch Instagram on your phone.

Step 2. Tap the bottom house symbol to see your Instagram home feed.

Step 3. A Reel post appears on your feed. Reels are identified by the little play icon in the post thumbnail’s bottom left corner.

Step 4. Hold down the Reel post. This will open a menu with many options.

Step 5. Select “Not Interested.” Instagram will verify your request to hide irrelevant reels.

Hide reels

Hide reels

Step 6. Reels from that account will disappear from your stream. Follow the same instructions to unhide the Reels if you change your mind.

Final Thought

You may easily modify your Instagram experience by adjusting Instagram Reels on your feed. Instagram allows you to decide whether you want to watch Reels or not. Following the instructions in this article may prevent Reels from appearing in your feed, making the platform more tailored to your interests. Remember that you can always turn the reels ON by reversing the methods mentioned above. We hope this post has helped you take control of your Instagram feed and make it yours. Feel free to comment down below in comments and our team will help you in every aspect.


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