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Craft Influencer-Level Shorts with No Skills

Turn your video into a viral short instantly with AI captions and effects. Boost your TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube growth and monetization 10x faster.


AI-Powered Captions

Say goodbye to boring videos! CapUp generates accurate captions in a flash with advanced AI. Multiple languages are supported, including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and more.

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Trendy Influencer-Style Templates

Choose and apply the trendy templates in a click. Effortlessly create viral shorts just like top creators. You can also customize caption fonts, highlight colors, emojis, and effects to better fit your style.

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Auto Zoom for Highlights

CapUp's AI analyzes your captions and adds magic zoom effects to highlight your key points. Amplify the visual impact, increase view duration, and keep the audience engaged until the last second.

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Catchy Intro Effect

Start with a bang! CapUp brings you the same attention-grabbing zoom and sound effects used by top content creators. Hook your audience in just 3 seconds!

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Popular Sound & Visual Effects

Take your videos to the next level with trendy sound and visual effects. Create a captivating storytelling experience to grab your audience's attention. Make emotions stronger and leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

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Various Interesting Emojis

Spice up your video a bit more with interesting emojis. The perfect emojis will match your captions automatically, or you can add your own fun twist.

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Custom Video Covers

Make your videos stand out with eye-catching video covers. Choose the most striking moments or upload stunning photos as the video covers. Get ready for more viewers and followers!

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Maximize Your Impact with Viral Shorts

Create viral shorts like top content creators with CapUp. Whether you're a podcaster, lecturer, creator, or marketer, unlock your creative potential today!

Creators Love CapUp for A Reason

Content creator
CapUp is a game-changer for me! My output has tripled since using it. Revolutionary!
Content creator
As a newbie in video editing, I have to say that CapUp has made a huge difference for me. It saves me a lot of time and makes it easy to create awesome shorts. Thank you so much!
CapUp has already made a significant impact on my efficiency. I can't wait to see what more I can achieve with this incredible tool. Highly recommended!
Content creator
I'm thrilled that I discovered CapUp. Creating videos for reels and TikTok has never been this enjoyable. All I have to do is film the video, and CapUp works its magic by adding subtitles. It's incredibly fast, easy, and the results are beautiful.
Video editing agency
CapUp has become an essential tool for my video editing agency. The time and energy it saves on creating shorts is simply incredible. It's a must-have for anyone in the industry. I couldn't imagine working without it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try CapUp for free?

Sure, CapUp is free to use. You can export up to 10 videos every month for free. Each video can be up to 1 minute and 30 seconds long, with a maximum file size of 200MB.

What types of videos can I upload?

You can upload videos of any size. CapUp supports video formats such as MP4, Quicktime (MOV), and WEBM. We also offer a cropping function that allows you to adjust your video's size to a captivating 9:16 aspect ratio.

Which languages does CapUp support?

CapUp currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. More languages will be available soon.

Can I edit the captions?

CapUp provides accurate auto-captions. Meanwhile, you have the freedom to modify and edit the text according to your preferences.

Can I upload images as video covers?

Yes, you can upload your own images as video covers. Supported image formats include PNG, JPEG/JPG, WEBP, and TIFF/TIF. The image size should be ≤10MB.

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