Steps to Add Captions to YourTube Shorts


Upload a Video

Drag and drop or upload your video from your computer.


Generate Captions with AI

Just select the language and choose a preset template for your video. CapUp will automatically generate subtitles for your YouTube short.


Download Shorts

Easily personalize your captions by selecting font colors, incorporating emojis. etc. Once satisfied, click "Export" to obtain the video.

Why Use the YouTube Short Caption Generator?


Increased Shorts Accessibility with Auto Caption

CupUp helps content creators bridge the gap between their videos and a wider audience. It empowers individuals with hearing impairments, non-native speakers, and those who prefer silent content consumption to actively participate in your videos. This promotes a more inclusive and impactful online presentation overall.

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Customize Subtitles with Fonts, Effects and more

Elevate your YouTube short films with stylish captions inspired by Mr Beast, tailored to your preferences! Enhance your videos using our YouTube caption generator, where you can select from popular styles like Mr Beast. Personalize the font color, size, and even add sound effects to create a unique and captivating experience for your audience.

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Time-saving and Effortless Caption Generating

It simplifies the process of uploading videos, generating subtitles. CapUp offers multiple preset subtitle templates. Choose the desired template, select the video language, and within minutes, you'll get a viral YouTube shorts. To further personalize it to your style, you can also make custom adjustments to the video subtitles.

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FAQs About YouTube Short Caption Generator

Can I use CapUp generated for languages other than English?

Yes, the CapUp's YouTube Short Caption Generators support multiple languages, including popular ones like Spanish, French, German, etc.

Can I personalize the subtitles of my YouTube Shorts with CapUp?

Of course! CapUp allows you to customize the font and size, enhancing the visual appeal of your videos.

How can I add captions to my YouTube Shorts?

To add captions to your YouTube Shorts, access YouTube Studio, select your video, go to the "Subtitles" tab, choose the language, upload a caption file or use automatic captions, review and edit them if necessary, and save the synchronized captions.

How to Add Subtitles on YouTube Using AI Tools?

To add professional and accurate subtitles on YouTube, utilize CapUp, the AI-powered tool that ensures flawless captions, thus enhancing the overall quality of your video content. Simply upload your video to CapUp, let it generate the subtitles for you, and within less than 2 minutes, you'll have a perfectly captioned video ready to be shared with your audience.


AI YouTube Shorts Caption Generator

YouTube shorts' caption generator simplifies adding and customizing subtitles in your videos. Effortlessly adjust the text, font, colors, and styles to meet your preferences.

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