Steps to Generate Closed Captions


Auto-generate Captions

Upload your video, select the desired language and preset caption templates, and CapUp will automatically generate viral-style subtitles.


Personalize the Captions

Customize your subtitles by adjusting the style, font, colors, animations, and highlighting of specific words.


Download the Video

Check your video with auto-captions, and once you're satisfied, click "Export" to export it.

Why Use the Video Caption Generator?


AI-generate Captions with Accuracy

It utilizes artificial intelligence to swiftly add subtitles without compromising accuracy. By automating the typically time-consuming manual transcription process that can take hours, it simplifies the workflow and allows you to focus on creativity and content quality. Specifically designed to meet the fast-paced demands of video content creators, it enables you to publish content at an unprecedented speed.

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Customize the Captions with Personal Style

ICapUp personalizes your video subtitles with sound effects and emojis, highlighting subtitle colors and emphasizing key words. Simply choose from multiple preset subtitle templates, and you can create unique and captivating videos like MrBeast, increasing the potential for your videos to go viral. If you want the subtitles to align more with your brand tone, CapUp allows you to customize and adjust them according to your needs.

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Boost Your Video Engagement with Captions

CapUp allows you to create captivating and outstanding subtitles in just a few minutes, expanding your influence. You can personalize the subtitles and turn them into animations, creating engaging content for your audience in multiple languages, ensuring that your message is understood by a wider audience and increasing audience engagement.

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FAQs About AI Video Caption Generator

What is the best AI tool for captions?

CapUp is an exceptional AI video caption generator tool that employs advanced artificial intelligence to automatically generate precise and professional subtitles for your videos.

Which languages are supported for CapUp?

CapUp supports subtitles in multiple languages with top-notch accuracy. It includes commonly used languages such as English, Spanish, German, and more. Our platform ensures that your content can be accessed by diverse audiences worldwide.

Can I edit the subtitles that were automatically generated by CapUp?

CapUp's generated video subtitles can also be customized to fit your desired style. You can personalize the font, subtitle colors, and even add emojis and sound effects according to your preferences.

How accurate are AI captions?

Compared to similar products, the error rate of automatically generated subtitles for English is relatively low, with an average accuracy of around 96-97%. However, it's important to note that the accuracy of the subtitles is contingent upon the language used in the audio or video file.


Video Caption Generator

Generate subtitles for your videos instantly to make them accessible to a global audience and increase viewer engagement.

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