What is Gemoo?

Gemoo was born with love in California and the name comes from Mandarin Chinese jī mù, meaning building blocks. People enjoy building blocks. It’s fun. It stirs your creativity and imagination. It has no limits, and you can create something new and unique with the same bricks. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. All of which perfectly meet the mission of Gemoo - to let everyone enjoy a fun, creative, and limitless experience of communication and collaboration, in your own way.

What is Gemoo?

What are we striving for?

We are on a mission to empower everyone to communicate and collaborate efficiently, in their own and diverse ways, to embrace infinite possibilities. Fly your imagination, free of limitation.

what are we striving for?

Where are we headed?

We have our ambition - to be an explorer and pioneer in the world of communication and collaboration. We will never stop exploring, to keep innovating the way people spread their ideas and work together productively.

What are our core values?

Always keep users in mind.

Think without the box.

Nobody is perfect, but a Team can be.

Work effectively and productively.

Stay healthy and be happy.

Life at Gemoo

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