Main Features of FocuSee


Powerful Screen Recording Capabilities

FocuSee offers comprehensive screen recording functionalities that empower users to capture their computer screens effortlessly. Users can record the entire screen or select specific areas for recording, providing flexibility in content creation. Additionally, it allows simultaneous recording of multiple sources such as webcam feeds, application windows, or custom regions on the screen.

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Dynamic Zoom-in Features

FocuSee's key zoom-in feature enables precise focus on specific recording elements, enhancing clarity and emphasizing details. It comprises automatic zoom-in, identifying and magnifying chosen areas during recording to guide viewer attention, and manual zoom-in for post-recording adjustments, offering flexibility and precise emphasis. These functionalities empower users to elevate content quality, highlighting crucial details for an engaging and informative viewer experience.

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Effortless Captions Conversion & Customization

These auto-generated captions enable users to automatically convert audio tracks or spoken dialogue within videos into accurate text-based subtitles. After transcription, users can flexibly edit, refine, or format the generated subtitles to meet specific preferences or adhere to stylistic choices. With this feature, FocuSee empowers creators to easily add captions to their content, enhancing accessibility and engagement for a wider audience while significantly streamlining the captioning process.

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FocuSee vs. OBS

FocuSee OBS
Operating System Windows / Mac
Recording / Live Streaming Window Recording
Custom Recording
Full Screen Recording
Recording Indicators
Live Streaming
Editing Features Automatic Zoom-in Effects
Audio Mixing
Transitions and Effects
Video Clipping & Cropping
Video Background Color
Camera & Mouse Cursor Mouse Cursor Size & Styles
Mirror Camera
Export & Share Export as GIF
Share as a link
Upload to Make Interactive Video
Free Cloud Storage
Upload to YouTube
Free Export for Trial
Price Plans • For Win & Mac users, start from $19.99 • Free to use

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FocuSee?

FocuSee is a powerful screen recording software for macOS and Windows that allows users to effortlessly create stunning videos. With FocuSee, you can record your screen, webcam, and microphone, and add intelligent zoom-in effects to your videos. It also offers a variety of background enhancements and mouse animations to choose from. It is suitable for creating tutorials, promo videos, product updates, demos, or social media stories and more.

What is OBS?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. It's a free and open-source software suite used for video recording and live streaming. OBS allows users to capture and mix high-quality video/audio sources in real-time, making it popular among content creators, gamers, and professionals for broadcasting live streams on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and others.

Does FocuSee offer similar broadcasting features to OBS?

While FocuSee concentrates more on enhancing focus and attention with specialized visual tools, it doesn't emphasize broadcasting and streaming to the same extent as OBS. FocuSee prioritizes cognitive performance enhancement during content creation.

Can I use FocuSee as a complete alternative to OBS for streaming purposes?

FocuSee might not entirely replace OBS for streaming purposes as it prioritizes cognitive enhancement features over broadcasting capabilities. However, depending on your needs, FocuSee can serve as a supplementary tool for content creation and specialized visual emphasis during recordings.

Is FocuSee more user-friendly than OBS?

FocuSee is designed with a focus on enhancing cognitive performance and attention, offering specialized tools that may make it more user-friendly for those seeking features specifically tailored to improve focus during content creation. OBS, being primarily a broadcasting software, might have a steeper learning curve for users primarily interested in streaming functionalities.


OBS Alternative

FocuSee is advanced software that stands out by not only offering powerful screen recording functions but also specifically adding automatic zoom-in effects to recorded videos, capturing the audience's attention.

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