Steps to Zoom in on a Video Easily


Record a Video

Create a video that needs to be zoomed in by recording your screen and camera.


Automatically Zoom Your Video

FocuSee automatically zooms in on the location of the mouse click or you can change the zoom-in part manually.


Export and Share

You can export the video as an MP4 or GIF file. You can also copy the link to share and embed the code to the website.

Why Use This Video Zoomer?


Automatically Zoom the Screen

During the screen recording process, FocuSee automatically zooms in on the location of the mouse click, helping you highlight the clicked area. This allows you to focus solely on the main operation, while the final result fully demonstrates the process of using the product.

Zoom in on a Video

Change the Zoom Option

You can modify the size of the zoomed screen (from 1.0x to 4.0x). Additionally, you have the option to decide whether to enable the zoom-in effect for each clip and manually select the portion of the video that you want to zoom in on.

Zoom in on a Video

Apply to All Video Zooms with One-click

Apply the current zoom settings to all zoom screens within the current video with just one click. Alternatively, you can choose whether to enable the zoom effect for individual clips. It's an almost automatic video editing process!

Zoom in on a Video

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FAQs About Video Zoom Editor

What is a Video Zoom Editor?

A Video Zoom Editor is a software tool or application that allows you to edit the zoom level or scale of a video. It enables you to adjust the size of the video frame to focus on specific details or enhance the visual experience.

What are the features of Video Zoom Editor?

· Zooming in or out of videos.

· Cropping videos to remove unwanted areas.

· Adjusting the position of the video frame.

· Applying various visual effects and filters.

· Adding text, subtitles, or captions to the video.

· Enhancing the video quality, brightness, contrast, and saturation.

· Applying transitions between video clips.

· Exporting edited videos in different formats.

Which platforms support Video Zoom Editor?

Our Video Zoom Editor software is available for both Windows and macOS.

What is the purpose and benifits of zooming in on a video ?

· Emphasizes important details for the narrative or message.

· Enhances visual engagement and creates a sense of intimacy.

· Removes distractions, resulting in a focused visual presentation.

· Simulates camera movement for a dynamic effect.

· Improves the composition and aesthetics of the video frame.

· Provides visual transitions between scenes or shots, enhancing continuity.

Is zooming in on a video the same as scaling the video?

Zooming in on a video and scaling the video are related concepts but not exactly the same. Zooming in refers to adjusting the zoom level to focus on a specific area, while scaling involves resizing the entire video frame uniformly. While zooming in typically involves scaling, it may also include cropping or adjusting the position of the video frame to emphasize specific details.


Video Zoom Editor

Automatically zoom in on the actions you perform on the screen, such as clicking a button, allowing you to fully display specific details and attract more attention.

Zoom in on a Video