Steps to Record Mouse Movements


Record a Video

You can create a video by recording your screen and camera via FocuSee.


Record Mouse Movements Automatically

FocuSee will track and capture the cursor motion automatically during the screen recording process.


Download & Share

You can obtain the final video you desire by easily cropping and editing it. Then, you can export the video as an MP4 or GIF file, or share it via a link.

Why Use This Mouse Motion Recorder?


Record Mouse Action Automatically

FocuSee is a "no-code automation" solution that simplifies the automation of mouse movement recording for everyone, not just programming experts. It can automatically record mouse movements, clicks, wheels, and other operations.

Capture Mouse Motion

Mouse Pointer Customization

FocuSee offers a range of mouse customization options. You can personalize the mouse size, select your preferred mouse style, and choose from various cool click effects. Create unique, diverse, and original presentation videos to make a standout impression on social media.

Capture Mouse Motion

Zoom with the Mouse Movements

Whenever you click a button or icon on the screen (or perform any click operation), FocuSee will track the mouse action and automatically zoom in on the clicked location to capture crucial operations. This feature is particularly beneficial for crafting product demos or tutorial videos illustrating usage.

Capture Mouse Motion

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FAQs About Mouse Movement Recorder

What is Mouse Movement Recorder?

Mouse Movement Recorder is a software or tool that automatically tracks and records the movements and actions of your mouse cursor on a computer screen.

Can Mouse Movement Recorder record mouse clicks and scrolling?

Yes, FocuSee is a good Mouse Movement Recorder capable of recording not only mouse movements but also mouse clicks and scrolling actions. This allows for a more comprehensive demonstration of the operation process.

What are the benefits of using Mouse Movement Recorder in tutorial and demo creation?

When creating a video presentation, several key elements should be included to ensure its effectiveness and impact:

• Enhanced Visual Guidance: Record mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling actions to provide precise step-by-step instructions, facilitating user understanding.

• Highlight Important Actions: Emphasize specific interactions on the screen, ensuring viewers don't miss essential steps or information.

• Improved Clarity and Understanding: Add a visual layer of clarity, allowing viewers to see exact mouse movements and actions, enhancing comprehension.

What is a mouse follower and what is the purpose?

A "mouse follower" refers to a feature or functionality in software or applications that tracks the movements of the mouse cursor on the screen. It typically involves a graphical element, such as an icon or visual representation, that follows the movement of the mouse cursor in real time. The purpose of a mouse follower can vary depending on the context. It can serve as a visual aid, providing users with a clear indication of their cursor's position on the screen. This can be particularly useful when working with complex interfaces or during presentations.


Mouse Movement Recorder

Automatically track and record your mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling when you record the screen. Assist you in creating tutorial and demo videos with ease.

Capture Mouse Motion