Audio plays a significant role in enhancing a video’s overall impact and viewer experience. However, there are times when unwanted background noise or poor audio quality can undermine the effectiveness of the visuals. Replacing or mutating the audio track becomes necessary to maintain the video’s quality and engagement. To replace audio in a video, there are various techniques and tools available that offer effective solutions. These techniques enable you to enhance audio quality, eliminate distracting noise, or add a new audio track that closely matches the graphics and story. Applying these approaches may improve your videos’ audio quality and increase their audience appeal.

How to Replace Audio in Video

How to Replace Audio in Video

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, there are alternatives to suit your preferences and ability level. While other techniques use online video editors with user-friendly interfaces, some employ specialized video editing software with sophisticated audio editing features. You can master the art of audio replacement and create fascinating movies that leave an enduring impression on your viewers with practice and experimentation. In this article, we’ll explore various methods to replace audio in video across different platforms.

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Replace Audio in Video on Windows 10

Microsoft Photos is a versatile video editing tool available for Windows 10 users. It offers a range of basic editing functions, including replacing audio in a video. With the help of this software, you can easily split and edit video clips, give motion to still photos with the Ken Burns effect, overlay text, add filters or 3D effects to images, and change the video’s speed to make it faster or slower.

Microsoft Photos has the major benefit of being pre-installed with Windows 10 and fully free to use, with no intrusive adverts or watermarks. It is a convenient and accessible tool for quickly generating and editing films thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive editing features. Here are the step-by-step details to use it:

Step 1: Begin by accessing the Video Editor app. Create a new video project by selecting “New Video Project” and naming it. Then click “OK“.

Step 2: To upload your video from your computer, click on the “+” icon in the Project library and choose from This PC.

Step 3: Move your imported video to the Storyboard by dragging and dropping it. Next, click the speaker icon and adjust the volume slider to zero to mute the video’s sound.

Step 4: To add your desired audio track, click “Custom audio” above the Preview window and select “Add audio file“. You can trim the audio file and apply fade in/out effects by clicking the speaker icon. Once you’re done, click “Done” to replace the original audio.

Click Done

Click Done

Replace Audio in Video on Mac

iMovie is a comprehensive video editing tool available for Mac users that can fulfill most basic editing needs without requiring additional software installations. This comprehensive tool empowers users to transform their videos into captivating and professional-quality productions, all within the familiar and user-friendly iMovie interface. With its editing options, iMovie is an excellent choice for Mac users looking to elevate their video editing capabilities. Users can follow a straightforward process to replace audio in a video using iMovie. Check the steps below for this tool:

Step 1: Open iMovie and select “Create New.” Import the video you want to edit by choosing “Import Media” from the File menu and dragging it into the iMovie timeline.

Import Media

Import Media

Step 2: Select a video, right-click, and choose “Detach Audio” to separate it.

Step 3: Delete or mute existing audio by right-clicking on the green part and selecting options.

Select Delete

Select Delete

Step 4: Once you have deleted the audio, you can swiftly add a new audio track to replace the original audio in your video.

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Replace Audio in Video on Android and iOS

KineMaster is a user-friendly and comprehensive video editing app accessible on Android and iOS platforms. Packed with a wide array of editing functionalities, it encompasses all the essential features of most video editors. The application empowers users to effortlessly crop, split, and modify videos while enabling the addition of voiceovers or music. What sets KineMaster apart is its vast collection of over 2,500 transitions, effects, stickers, animations, and fonts, readily downloadable from the Asset Store. Explore the steps to use this app:

Step 1: Install the KineMaster app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Launch the KineMaster app and tap on the plus icon. Select “Empty Project” to proceed.

Select Empty Project

Select Empty Project

Step 3: Access the Media Browser by tapping on it. Browse through your video files and choose the desired video to edit.

Step 4: After adding the video to the timeline, find the speaker icon near the “Crop” option or click “Trim/Split” and select “Extract Audio” to separate the audio. Delete the extracted audio if needed.

Step 5: Finally, tap the “Export” button to save the edited video to your device.

Tap Export

Tap Export

Replace Audio in Video Online

Online Converter is not just a video conversion tool; it offers many additional features. It enables video compression, merging videos, adding audio to videos, resizing, rotation, and watermarking. This tool can replace and add audio to videos while preserving the original track. To use this tool, check the step below:

Step 1: Visit the Online Converter website and the Video Converter section. Press Add Audio to Video button.

Step 2: Upload the video and audio files, checking the “Replace Audio in Video” box.

Replace Audio In Video

Replace Audio In Video

Step 3: Press the “Add” button and download it after completing it.

Final Thought

When replacing audio in videos, you can effortlessly accomplish this task using video editing tools on any operating system. These powerful video editing tools make replacing audio tracks in your videos easy. You can achieve professional-quality videos because these editors can handle different formats and provide precise options to replace audio in the video. Using these convenient tools, you can easily replace audio tracks and customize the sound of your videos to your liking. Furthermore, must share your views in the comments section below!


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