FAQs About FocuSee

We highly appreciate your usage of FocuSee. In this section, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions regarding FocuSee. Additionally, if you come across any technical difficulties, you can send us a log file for further assistance.

Is FocuSee Free to Use?

You have the freedom to utilize FocuSee for initiating screen recordings and editing your captured footage. Additionally, if you have registered for Gemoo, you have the privilege to export your recordings with a watermark and in a resolution of 720p.

Is FocuSee Secure?

Yes, the tool is 100% clean and safe. FocuSee uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers for hosting and all your data is private and secure.

How to Activate FocuSee?

To activate your FocuSee account, please follow these straightforward instructions:

1. Sign up for an account via the email address you provided during the plan purchase.

2. Log into your account via the credentials you created during the signup process.

3. Once successfully logged in, your FocuSee account will be automatically activated and ready for use.

FocuSee Price Plans

Here are the pricing plans for FocuSee:

30-Day Plan – $19.99: one computer (Win/Mac), 30-day access

1 Computer Plan – $69.99: one computer (Win/Mac), lifetime access

2 Computer Plan – $95.99: two computers(Win/Mac), lifetime access

5 Computer Plan – $179.99: five computers(Win/Mac), lifetime access

All pricing plans include the capability to share videos, with a maximum cloud storage of 1GB. Furthermore, you can enjoy free updates, except for major updates that may necessitate additional upgrade costs.

Policy on Usage and Free Updates for One-time Purchase Plans

When you opt for a one-time purchased plan, you gain perpetual access to a specific version of FocuSee. This means that you can utilize and enjoy the features of the purchased version indefinitely. Additionally, you will receive free updates within the same version. For instance, if you acquire FocuSee Version 1, you will receive updates up to and including versions such as V1.1, V1.2, and all subsequent releases within Version 1. However, if you wish to upgrade to a higher version, such as Version 2, there may be an additional, affordable upgrade fee associated with the transition.

Besides, as a new user of FocuSee, you have the opportunity to benefit from a complimentary major version upgrade within 90 days of your initial purchase. For instance, if FocuSee releases Version 2 within 90 days from the date of your purchase of Version 1, you will be entitled to this upgrade at no additional cost.

Is the 30-day Plan a Subscription-based Service?

No, the 30-day plan is not a subscription and does not come with auto-renewal. Once your plan expires, we will not charge you for another 30 days.

It’s important to note that during the plan period, you can only bind one computer with one 30-day plan. However, if you purchase another 30-day plan before your current one expires, you can use it on a different computer.

Can I Get Additional Cloud Storage Capacity If I Buy Multiple Plans?

No, the purchase of multiple plans does not result in accumulated storage capacity. Each account is eligible for up to 1GB of free cloud storage, regardless of the number of plans purchased. If you require additional cloud storage, please contact us to explore upgrade options specifically tailored to increasing your storage capacity.

Is There an Education Discount?

Yes! To take advantage of an education discount, please contact us for further assistance. This discount is specifically available for students, teachers, and staff members. We’ll be happy to guide you through the application process and provide you with the necessary information to make the most of this opportunity.

What’s the Refund Policy?

For one-time purchase plans, you may request a refund within 30 days of the purchase date by contacting our customer support team. However, please note that refund requests for 30-day plans are not available.

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