Main Features of Wordance


Convert Text to Stunning Video

Simply input your text, choose an audio track, and witness the magic as your words are automatically transformed into captivating promotional videos. Say farewell to the need for intricate video editing skills and time-consuming processes. In just a matter of seconds, you can craft impressive promotional videos that leave a lasting impact.

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Customize the Video as You Like

Unleash your creativity by customizing font styles and adding animated text that will captivate and engage your audience. Set the perfect ambiance by effortlessly changing the video background. Showcase your brand identity by incorporating eye-catching watermarks or logos that truly represent your unique style. With Wordance, the power to create stunning visuals that make a lasting impression is at your fingertips.

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Unleash the Power of Promo Videos

Unlock the potential of videos to propel your new products or services to success, amplify the reach of your event promotions, and share your brand's captivating narrative. With Wordance, you can showcase these engaging videos on your website or effortlessly distribute them across popular social media platforms. Seamlessly captivate your target audience and entice potential users with the power of video storytelling. Let your brand shine and leave a lasting impression with the dynamic capabilities of Wordance.

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Wordance Vs. Typeframes

Wordance Typeframes
Platforms Supported Web-based
Video Creation Text to Video
Audio Library Background Audio
Voice Generation
Brand Logo Settings Upload Brand Logo
Resize Brand Logo
Set Brand Logo Postion
Transparency Effects
Delete Brand Logo
View Logo History
Frame Settings Add Frame
Move Frame
Duplicate Frame
Time Set
Sync to Beats
Text Settings Font Style
Font Size
Font Color
Text Anmiations
Text Postion
Background Settings Canvas Size
Background Color
Upload Background Images
Exportation Export as MP4
Resolution Up to 4K
Projects Create & Export Unlimited 1 project for free users
Price Plans Free to Use Start from $29 / month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wordance and how does it work?

Wordance is a powerful tool that empowers you to craft breathtaking product intro videos effortlessly. By seamlessly converting text into stunning videos, Wordance simplifies the entire process. Within minutes, you can simply input your text, choose an audio track, and watch as Wordance transforms it into a mesmerizing video that syncs perfectly with the chosen music.

What is Typeframes and how does it work?

Typeframes is an exceptional tool that facilitates the creation of captivating product introduction videos for your SaaS product through the seamless conversion of text into video format. This innovative tool streamlines the entire process, enabling you to effortlessly input your content, select from an extensive range of effects, and conveniently export your video in the desired format.

Are Wordance and Typeframes free to use?

Wordance offers a remarkable advantage as it provides free access to all of its features. On the other hand, Typeframes imposes limitations on certain features, such as uploading background images/videos, adding media, generating voice, and more, which may require a paid subscription.

Are Wordance and Typeframes suitable for beginners?

Yes, Wordance and Typeframes are designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experienced video creators. With their intuitive interface and efficient workflow, Wordance and Typeframes enable you to create stunning and engaging product intro videos with ease.

What are Wordance's and Typeframes' target users?

Both Wordance and Typeframes are designed to cater to a wide range of tunning video creation needs, including product promo videos, intro and outro videos, Apple like videos, text-based video, text animation video and etc.


Typeframes Alternative

If you're searching for an alternative to Typeframes, look no further than Wordance. Experience it firsthand and witness the magic as you generate breathtaking promo videos from mere text in a matter of minutes.

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