Screen Record on Computer

Screen Record on Computer

If you have to design a product’s description, tutorial, or anything else, you can simply do so by recording the screen of your computer. It is a great way to do many things that you need to elaborate on by the medium of your system’s video. There are many times when you need to raise an issue, show how the software works, illustrate the description of a product, show some really cool gaming moves, screen record at 1080p, and many other things.

Recording a screen may be really very useful for you in multiple ways. Here, in this post, we have discussed some of the ways to record the screen on Windows, Mac, and Web via the third-party apps, built-in tools and Chrome extensions. Read it till the end to get to know how to screen record your computer screen.

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Befor dive into details, please take a quick look at the possible solutions in accordance operating systems.

Solutions Operating Systems Quick Steps
Gemoo Recorder Windows/Mac/Web Open Gemoo Recorder > Tap Screen Only > Record your screen
Xbox Game Bar Windows Enable Xbox Game Bar > Press Win + G
Quick Time Player Mac Open Quick Time Player > Click New Screen Recording
Screen Recorder Chrome Extension Web Find Screen Recorder Chrome Extension > Add to Chrome > Hit Only Screen

A Complete Way to Screen Record on Computer

Windows and Mac computers may offer tools to screen record on Windows or Mac computer, you may look for a more professional solution to screen record on your computer and on the web. Don’t worry. You have many choies to try and you can record your computer screen without Game Bar or other basic screen recording tools. Among the most popular screen recording apps for 2023, Gemoo Recorder is worth your attention. As a professional screen recorder, it offers you a complete solution to record your computer screen with simple clicks. On one hand, you are flexible to screen record on your computer; on the other hand, Gemoo Recorder also provides you with a website platform, so that you are supported to record screen with audio. As both the local desktop platform and website platform are well integrated, the recorded videos will be directly uploaded to and well stored in the Gemoo cloud.

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Key Features of Screen Recording on Computer

To figure out more of its features, free try Gemoo Recorder and check out its key features listed below and detailed instructions. 

Check out the detailed instructions below and learn how to screen record on your computer.

Detailed Steps of Screen Recording on Computer

Step 1. Free install Gemoo Recorder and launch the app on your computer. Choose the Screen Only feature if you don’t need to show your face while recording. Click on the Start Recording button to initiate the process.

Screen Recorders for Teachers - Gemoo Recorder

Screen Recorders for Teachers – Gemoo Recorder

Step 2. After a 3 seconds’ countdown, the recording will begin. You can add annotations from the left toolbar to customize and beautify your recorded video.

Start to Record the Screen

Start to Record the Screen

Step 3. The left toolbar also allows you to pause, stop or restart to record your screen. If you’ve finished recording, you can tap on the Red Stop button or the Finish Recording button to stop the recording process.

Finish Recording

Finish Recording

Screen Record on Windows Computer

Windows allows screen recording as it comes with a built-in video capture tool. It may, however, be used for any open program, providing a simple way to record the screen and even add audio if necessary, thouth, it’s geared toward gamers.

Follow the below-given steps to get to know how to screen record your computer using Xbox on your Windows computer.

Step 1. On your computer screen press the Start button, followed by the gear icon in the Start Menu. Choose the Gaming option from the Settings menu. You may also choose the All Settings option in the Action Center by clicking the notifications icon on the taskbar. Both approaches will help you to launch the Setting app.

Launch Settings on Windows Computer

Launch Settings on Windows Computer

Step 2. By default, the Xbox Game Bar area will open. Under the first paragraph, there is a toggle that should be turned to ON. If the toggle is set to Off, click it. To examine and alter other customization options, select Captures from the left-hand menu.

Launch the Xbox Game Bar

Launch the Xbox Game Bar

Step 3. When you have finished tweaking your settings, press Win + G on your keyboard to bring up the Xbox Game Bar. You may alter the place where your recordings and screenshots are saved, allow background recording, and record even when your laptop isn’t plugged in under Captures. You may also choose to record while projecting your screen, set a maximum recording time, and tweak your audio and video quality settings.

Screen Record on Windows Computer

Screen Record on Windows Computer

Step 4. Near your screen’s top-center edge, the Xbox Game Bar emerges. It has buttons that enable users to access the overlays and settings you choose, Widget, Audio, Capture, etc.

Step 5. To get started, go to the Capture overlay and click the circular Start Recording button. Press the purple Stop Recording button to end the recording.

With Xbox Game Bar enabled, you may also start and stop recording by using the Win + Alt + R key combination.

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Screen Record on Mac Computer

You may always use Quick Time Player for rudimentary screen recording and audio recording if you’re running an earlier version of macOS. Quick Time recordings aren’t easy to edit, yet they are one of the most straightforward recording methods.

Here are some of the steps that you can use to know how to screen record your computer on your Mac computer using Quick Time Player.

Step 1. On your Mac, after opening the Quick Time Player from your Applications folder, click on File and then on New Screen Recording. The onscreen controls or the Screen Recording window will be the next window to appear.

Step 2. You can adjust the recording parameters by clicking the arrow adjacent to the Record Button before starting your recording.

Choose a microphone to capture your voice or the audios you want to record alongside the screen recording. Adjust the volume slider to keep an eye on the audio while it’s being recorded. Reduce the level or use headphones with a microphone if you experience audible feedback. While you click, select Show Mouse Clicks in recording to see a black circle around your pointer.

Screen Record on Your Mac Computer

Screen Record on Your Mac Computer

Step 3. Tap on the Record button to begin recording, then choose one of the following options: to record the entire screen, click anywhere on it. Alternatively, you can also drag the cursor to select a recording region, then start recording inside that area by clicking Start Recording.

Step 4. To end this recording session, press Command-Control-ESC or click the Stop option in the menu bar

Screen Record on Web

Chrome Extension allows you to record video messages from your screen, camera, microphone, or both, as well as edit and share your movies. Record protected videos, entire screens, cameras, or videos from website to make educational films and record lectures. Add your face and voice to make it more personal, and it will automatically save to Google Drive. The recorded videos may be exported as MP4 files and shared on YouTube, Gmail, or via a shared link. It’s a far more effective method of communication.

Here are some steps that you should follow to know how to screen record your computer on the web via the ‘Screen Recorder’ Chrome Extension.

Screen Record on Web via a Chrome Extension

Screen Record on Web via a Chrome Extension

Step 1. On your computer open Chrome.

Step 2. Find a Chrome extinction such as ‘Screen Recorder’. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’, and log in with your email.

Step 3. Tab on the ‘Only Screen’ or the ‘Only Camera’ button to start recording the screen on your computer on the web.

You can save this recording to Google Drive for better use of them, which can help you to share and export your videos easily.

Where Is Screen Recording Saved in Computer?

After screen recording on computer, one question that often arises is where the screen recording is saved on the computer. In this part, we will further explore the answers to this question.

When you record your screen on a computer, the recording is saved as a video file. The location of the file depends on the software you are using to record your screen. Most screen recording software allows you to choose the location where you want to save the recording. However, if you do not specify a location, the recording will be saved in the default location set by the software.

For Windows Users

On Windows computers, the default location for screen recordings is the Videos folder. To access the Videos folder, open File Explorer and navigate to This PC > Videos. You should see a folder named “Captures” where your screen recordings are saved. If you are using a different screen recording software, the location may vary, so it is best to check the settings of the software to find out where the recordings are saved.

For Mac Users

On Mac computers, the default location for screen recordings is the Desktop. When you start a screen recording, a small recording icon will appear on the top menu bar. Once you stop the recording, the video file will be saved on the Desktop. If you want to change the location where the recording is saved, you can do so by going to System Preferences > Screen Recording and selecting the desired location.

However, you will spend some time locating your recordings on computer. In this case, Gemoo Recorder can help you better find, manage and share your recorded videos. After recording, your content will be uploaed and saved to the Gemoo cloud, where you can preview your recording from different views – Custom, Mind Map, Calendar and Slide view.

Gemoo Custom View

Gemoo Custom View

More importantly, saving sreen recordings will save your computer internal storage, especially when you need to store a large amount of captured video recordings.

The Bottom Line

Here, we have mentioned some of the best and simple ways how to screen record on computer whether you are using Windows or Mac computer. You can also record the screen on the web using any chrome extension. We hope that these ways are best for recording the screen of your computer in an easy and efficient way.


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