Record Gameplay on Computer

Record Gameplay on Computer

While games can be played on any platform including mobile phones, tablets, or consoles, a great majority of dedicated players use a computer for this purpose. Depending on the chosen games and their hardware requirements, it makes sense to use a mid-level or better PC or a Mac laptop of the latest generation in order to enjoy good game flow without bugs and glitches.

A hidden bonus of playing on a computer is that it’s extremely easy to capture every moment of gaming action and record yourself playing video games, often simply by hitting a button. Of course, there are software tools necessary for this operation and it might take you a while to learn the exact commands, but once you master this, recording gameplay on PC will become completely instinctive and you won’t even have to think about it.

We picked the most suitable recording tool for each type of computer and OS that you can use to record everything that happens on your screen while you are playing your favorite game.

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How to Record Gameplay on Computer (Windows and Mac)

Do you want to share your epic gaming moments with your friends by recording your gameplay? Perhaps, you might even discover a love for creating game content and eventually become a streamer. Gemoo Recorder can help you to record your gameplay on computer easily.

Get It Free

Please free download Gemoo Recorder to start the wonderful experience of recording gameplay on both Windows and Mac computers.

Step 1. Launch Gemoo Recorder on the computer and enter your account and password to log in to Gemoo Recorder (you can sign in with your Google account).

Sign in Gemoo

Sign in Gemoo

Step 2. Gemoo Recorder supports 4 recording modes. You can choose the one your want to record.

Select Recording Modes

Select Recording Modes

Step 3. After choosing the recording mode, please hit on the Start Recording button to initiate recording.

Hit the “Start Recording” Button

Hit the “Start Recording” Button

Step 4. You can control your recording process by tapping on the control panel in the left sidebar and annotating the recorded video.

Annotate the Screen

Annotate the Screen

Step 5. After recording, your gameplay video will be automatically uploaded to Gemoo. All your videos will be stored in the cloud. It is safe and secure. You can sort videos by different views and cards to arrange your messages freely. Also, feel free to share and interact with your friends and fans.

Upload Succeeded

Upload Succeeded

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How to Record Gameplay on PC

PC is the most widely used form of computers, and many gaming titles are available only for Windows-based machines. Of course, this also means there are great supporting tools for this platform, including a reliable recording program that can effectively record a gaming session. One of the best screen-capturing tools for PC is called OBS Studio and it is an open-source product that can be downloaded for free. It can perform several different tasks, including gameplay recording with no lag. Here is what to do in order to capture your most impressive gaming moments with OBS Studio:

Step 1. Install OBS on your computer and run it.

Step 2. Specify the game from which you would like to capture content.

Step 3. Click on the Mode menu, then decide whether you want to record the entire screen or just a limited section you define and set up other important parameters for your video.

Step 4. Press the Start Recording button to commence capturing immediately, and press it again when you are ready to stop.

How to Record Game on PC via OBS Studio

How to Record Game on PC via OBS Studio

While this is the quickest way to record your screen action and visuals, you can also activate your microphone and camera to include sounds and your face into the video and make it even more engaging and fun to watch.

How to Record Gameplay on a Windows 10 Computer

If you own a newer computer that has Windows 10 installed on it, you might not even have to search for an external screen recorder. This is because Windows introduced a feature intended specifically for recording gameplay that greatly simplifies the whole procedure. If you are confused about how to record gameplay on PC Windows 10, the feature you need is called Xbox Gamebar and once you set it up on your computer it can be activated at any moment, even if the game is already in progress. Follow these steps and you won’t have the slightest difficulty making a fantastic-looking gaming clip:

Step 1. Open the Game Bar by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and G key.

Record Game on Windows 10 via Xbox Gamebar

Record Game on Windows 10 via Xbox Gamebar

Step 2. Within the Game Bar, open the Widget Menu, then select Capture option.

Step 3. Choose Start Recording button to begin recording the upcoming game content, or Record last to capture the last thing you did.

You can also activate your microphone if you want to record your comments while you are gaming.

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How to Record Gameplay on Mac

Mac computer owners tend to be just as avid gamers as the PC crowd, and there are quite a few games developed exclusively for this platform. Another thing that is available to virtually every person that has a Mac is an excellent general-purpose screen recorder tool that can be very handy if you are looking to record gameplay. QuickTime Player is one of the most widely used tools within the Apple ecosystem, and its ability to capture games in high resolution and without loss of FPR is one of the major reasons for its huge popularity.

Follow the instructions provided below to use QuickTime, even if you are unsure how to record gameplay on a computer:

Step 1. Open QuickTime player on your Mac computer.

How to Record Gameplay on Mac Computer

How to Record Gameplay on Mac Computer

Step 2. Choose File menu, and then select New Screen Recording.

Step 3. After a Screen Recording prompt shows up on the screen, click on the triangle button to set up your microphone, camera, sound volume, and other technical specifications.

Step 4. When you are ready, run your game, select the area of the screen you want in the video, and press the Record button to start capturing live action from your game.

FAQs of Record Gameplay on Computer

How do gamers record their gameplay and face?

With the “Screen + Camera” mode of Gemoo Recorder, you can record the gameplay screen and your face at the same time. What’s more, you can record the sound while playing the game through the microphone, allowing viewers to have a more realistic and better viewing experience.

What do most YouTubers use to record gameplay?

There are many video recording tools on the market, such as Xbox Gamebar for Windows users, and QuickTime Player for Mac users, you can choose the one that suits you best. Gemoo Recorder works well on both Windows and Mac computers. You can start recording without a complicated setup.

Final Words

If you didn’t know how to record gameplay on a Mac or another type of computer, after reading this article you should be well-prepared for this task. We recommended the most suitable software tool for each platform, but there are other applications you might try that could produce a similar result. No matter which tool you ultimately decide to use, it’s wise to memorize the commands and shortcuts so that you can start recording your screen with minimal delay when you have something cool going on in the game that deserves to be kept and shared.


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