Lecture Capture Software

Lecture Capture Software

Having the right lecture capture software is the key to creating a tutorial video with professional output. But with the huge number of lecture capture software available on the net presently, selecting the best can be quite challenging.

Is this the same for you? If so, and you are looking for HD screen recording software or top-quality lecture capture software, look no further. This is the right spot to visit. Our team of experts has compiled a list showing the top 8 lecture capture software to use in 2022. Keep reading!

What Is Lecture Capture Software?

A lecture capture software is an application designed to help students create screencast videos of educational events they find on their computer or PC screen. The educational events include online lectures, tutorial clips, and more.

In addition, lecturers can also employ the services of lecture capture software to record/create live lecture videos for their students. It’s one of the handiest educational tools.

Which Software Is Best for Lecture Recording?

Which software is best for lecture recording is quite a difficult question to answer. But as experts, we’ve curated a list of the top 8

It’s based on the features mentioned above and just a few additions we created the list of lecture recording software given here in this article. Find below the top 9 lecture-capturing software.

Gemoo Recorder

Gemoo Recorder, as one of the most effective lecture capture tools for teachers and academic researchers, enables users to record lectures with simple clicks. You can record your special courses, set up a video knowledge data basis, and share it with your students via a simple click. Besides, as an open-resource recording software, it also allows you to directly record from online pages, including Google Slides. Now, you can install Gemoo Recorder on your Windows or Mac computer, and then give it a try.

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Launch Gemoo Recorder and Choose the Screen Only Mode

Launch Gemoo Recorder and Choose the Screen Only Mode

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Screencast-O-Matic is an amazing lecture-capturing program designed with several functionalities. The software lets you create, and edit educational videos easily and quickly without hassle. It can also function as a screen capturing software because of the screen recording feature it supports.

Lecture Capture Software - Screencast-O-Matic

Lecture Capture Software – Screencast-O-Matic

Educational institutes, businesses, and many others find the software handy because of the quality results it provides. Screencast-O-Maric offers its services both in free and premium versions. Mind you, the free version grants you access to just a few features that you could access when you subscribe to a premium package.

Screencast-O-Matic works with multiple operating systems such as Windows, and Mac OS. Everyone, whether tech literate or not, finds Screencast-O-Matic easy to use. The reason for this is attributed to the easy-to-manage user interface.

Screencast-O-Matic Key Features

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McGraw Hill Connect

McGraw Hill Connect is a great lecture-capturing software designed to facilitate online learning. This learning resource is helpful to both students and lecturers. Lecturers disseminate information, class notes, tutorial, and more to students using this platform. Students on the other hand use it to attend classes virtually and also access lecture materials.

Lecture Capture Software - McGraw Hill Connect

Lecture Capture Software – McGraw Hill Connect

This software finds application in several learning institutions such as Laramie County Community College, McGrew Hills, and more. Using McGrew Hill Connect lecture recording software is easy because the user interface is straightforward.

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VidGrid is another professional lecture-capturing software program with robust features. This software program is dedicated to video recording, content creation/hosting, and in-video quizzes. VidGrid lets you create personalized video clips which can be shared on various digital platforms. It also offers services such as video editing, video API customization and integration, and more.

Lecture Capture Software - VidGrid

Lecture Capture Software – VidGrid

The software finds application in several industries such as educational institutes, businesses, sales marketing, and more. VidGrid is cloud-based and doesn’t require installation. It works with all computer operating systems, whether Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook.

Whether you are an amateur or expert in the tech industry, navigating around this lecture recording software program, VidGrid, is easy as the web interface is made simple and clear. This software program runs its services on free and premium packages.

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QuickTime is a system application integrated by Apple into its Mac computers for viewing video content of any media format. It could also serve as lecture-capturing software because of the built-in screen recording functionality. The application allows you to make video recordings of educational content you find useful on your screen.

Lecture Capture Software - QuickTime

Lecture Capture Software – QuickTime

Aside from screen recording and video playing, QuickTime supports video and audio editing. This application hosts several editing features such as trimming, cropping, splitting, flipping, rotation, and many others. Navigating around QuickTime is simple- thanks to the interactive user interface which makes it easy for smooth operation.

Besides Mac operating systems, you can also access the QuickTime player via a Windows computer by installing it directly from Apple’s official website. Unlike the aforementioned lecture recording software, QuickTime is completely free to use. Thus, it doesn’t support a premium package.

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Apowersoft is a powerful lecture recording software program designed with an interactive user interface that makes it easy for every individual, whether tech-savvy or not, to navigate around it. The software lets you capture live educational videos you find both online, and offline. You can also use it to shoot self-demonstration footage easily and quickly which could be shared directly on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Lecture Capture Software - Apowersoft

Lecture Capture Software – Apowersoft

In addition, this lecture recording software program can also function as a video editor. It supports certain basic video editing features that you could select from to make necessary adjustments to your video clips- one reason why it’s often referred to as all-in-one software.

Apowersoft is web-based. It is accessible via multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and many other computer operating systems. The software exports recorded video files in popular media formats such as MP4, AVI, GIF, FLV, MPEG, and more.

Apowersoft Key Features

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Premium Version starts from $8.99/month)


Panopto is another top-notch lecture recording software established for creating real-time video recordings that could be shared with large audiences. Both students and lecturers find this software handy because of the quality services it offers in educational parastatals. The software lets you create self-demonstrated educational video clips with questions and answers embedded in them.

Lecture Capture Software - Panopto

Lecture Capture Software – Panopto

Besides creating videos, Panopto could be used for video editing services. This cross-platform software comes with advanced video editing tools that you can use to adjust your video recordings. Whether you need to cut, trim, add effects, or embed links in your recordings, Panopto got you covered.

Panopto lecture-capture software is cloud-based and can be accessed via multiple PC operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc. The software is easy to operate. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, navigating around the software is straightforward. This is because of the simplicity of the user interface.

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Panopto premium version price starts from $14.99 for the Pro plan.

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Echo360 is a wonderful lecture recording software program built to enhance virtual learning. This intuitive software lets you create and upload educational video recordings right from your comfort zone. You can also include related assessments to test students’ understanding of the recordings you made. Students employ the services of this software to access tutorial videos, lecture slides, and more. It could also be used to submit assessments.

Lecture Capture Software - Echo360

Lecture Capture Software – Echo360

Editing captured video recordings is easy with Echo360 as the software adds some basic editing features to its functionality. End-users of the software can cut, and trim their recordings before uploading on any digital platform.

Echo360 has an interactive user interface that allows users who aren’t so grounded with information technology to easily navigate around without assistance. The software is cloud-based, so it doesn’t require installation. Echo360 can be accessed via multiple platforms, whether tablet, PC, or smartphone.

Echo360 Key Features

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YuJa is a versatile lecture recording software established for both business firms, and educational institutes to create engaging video content. The platform lets you perform operations such as media management, creation of educational video clips, and streaming of live events you find on your screen. Lecturers take advantage of the exam proctoring feature supported by this lecture-capturing software to set exams and quizzes for their students.

Lecture Capture Software - Yuja

Lecture Capture Software – Yuja

Recordings on YuJa come out with stunning looks. Thanks to the built-in editing feature supported by the software. You can easily perform editing on recorded files without hassles when you use the YuJa lecture capturing software.

YuJa is simple to operate. This software is designed with a clean user interface which makes it easy for non-tech literates to run any operation on it smoothly. YuJa is compatible with mobile devices, and all PC operating systems. You don’t need to install this software program to use it since it’s cloud-based.

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Premium Version starts from $300/no.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Lecture Capture Software

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand the topic better.

Q1. What Is the Best Lecture Recording Software?

Depending on the services you require from the lecture recording software, selecting the best can be quite challenging. But here are some powerful lecture recording software well-known for quality services:

Q2. How do I Record a Tutorial Video?

Recording a tutorial video is easy when you have the right lecture capture software at your disposal. There are several software you could use but we recommend the best on our list, Screencast-O-Matic.

Final Thoughts

Now you have our list of the top 8 lecture recording software to use in 2022. Which do you wish to use in your next lecture recording project? Mind you, while making your selection, you should consider the software’s ease of use, affordability, and compatibility.


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