Taking a screen recording of tasks on your smartphone (Android or iPhone) is super easy. And everyone knows how to do it. However, it’s not common for most people to take a screen recording with their PC or laptop. Some may seek to screen-record team meetings.

How to Screen Record on Windows

How to Screen Record on Windows

The good news is that screen recording can be done on your Windows 10/8, and even on some low-end PC. While performing tasks, you can have a screen recorder that is automatically saved to your Video folder. Screen recording has greater benefits than screenshots especially when there is a bulk of work you need to capture. Or you want to give a presentation.

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Does Windows 10 Have a Screen Recorder?

Being the latest version of Windows, it has a screen recording feature that enables you to make recordings without installing any third-party software. Windows 10 offers this feature free of charge. Although other toolkits offer better recording features, screen recording on Windows 10 has the basic effects that would also make your recording come out great. With a little editing, your video comes out clean and ready for use. Screen recording on Windows 10 is easy to achieve, once you have the stepwise guide.

How to Screen Record on Windows?

First of all, we would like to introduce a general & complete solution for both Windows and Mac users to screen record on their computers. No matter whether you are using Windows 11, Windows 1o, or former Windows versions, you can all use Gemoo Recorder to screen record. As one of the best screen recorders for Windows in 2023, Gemoo Recorder can catch and record your screen in high resolution. Now, free get Gemoo Recorder, check its key features, and take the steps below to screen record on Windows with simple clicks.

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Key Features of Gemoo Recorder 

How to Screen on Window via Gemoo Recorder

Step 1. Free install Gemoo Recorder and launch the software on your computer > Choose the Screen Only mode > Hit the Start Recording button to get it started.

Launch Gemoo Recorder and Choose the Screen Only Mode

Launch Gemoo Recorder and Choose the Screen Only Mode

Step 2. After a three-second countdown finishs, screen recording will start.

Start to Record the Screen

Start to Record the Screen

Step 3. Once the recording completes, you can hit the red ‘Stop’ button on the left menu or the ‘Finish Recording’ button to finish the process of screen recording.

Finish Screen Recording

Finish Screen Recording

How to Screen Record on Windows 10?

In spite of using Gemoo Recorder to complete screen records on your Windows 10 computer, you can screen record on Windows 10 via the Xbox Game Bar. The Xbox Game Bar is one of the best screencast software. It enables you to take screenshots, screen record, chat with Xbox friends, and lots more. All of these without stopping your game!

Check out the steps involved to seamlessly screen recording on Windows 10:

Screen Record on Windows with Game Bar

Screen Record on Windows with Game Bar

Step 1. Open the app you want to record. The screen record feature works on apps from the Windows Store and general desktop apps. Some applications are exempted, however, such as File Explorer, Maps, and Weather.

Step 2. Open Game Bar. Click on the Start menu, click on Settings, and Gaming, then Click on Game Bar. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + G. Press the two keys simultaneously to open the Game Bar.

Step 3. Click the Start Recording Button. Click on Captures, then click on the circle with a dot to start the screen recording. Or use the shortcut Windows key + Alt + R. To screenshot, click the Camera icon.

Click the Start Recording Button

Click the Start Recording Button

Once the recording starts, a timer pops up showing the duration of the video. The microphone picks the desktop sounds only. All external sounds would not be included in the screen recording.

Step 4. Click on the Stop Recording Button. Click on the Stop button to stop the recording. Or press the Windows key + Alt + R at the same time.

Step 5. View the Recording. Once the recording stops, a pop-up shows ‘Game clip recorded. Your recording will be saved in MP4 format. The file is stored in the Videos folder under the Captures subfolder in File Explorer. Also, you can find the videos in the Xbox app, trim, and edit them. A video can be shared to Xbox Live only if it’s a game.

How to Screen Record on Windows 7?

Screen recording on Windows 7 and other former Windows computers is achieved by downloading and installation of software for such purposes. Sometimes, they come in the form of an online toolkit that doesn’t require a download. Here, we would consider two methods to screen record on your computer including Windows 7 computers.

Method 1. Screen Record on Windows via Microsoft Stream

To make use of Microsoft Stream, you must have the latest version of your browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome). This is because the screen record is executed online. The screen recording on Microsoft Stream is limited to 15 minutes. Check out how to start a screen recording:

Screen Record on Windows via Microsoft Stream

Screen Record on Windows via Microsoft Stream

Step 1. Open Microsoft Stream. Click on Create, then Record screen. A pop-up would be displayed. Select Allow to enable Microsoft Stream to access your microphone and camera. Selecting Block would make the screen record impossible, be sure to allow access to your camera and mic.

Step 2. Set up a Camera and Microphone. You can choose between the camera icon and the microphone icon. The Camera Icon when selected, captures videos of your recording. On the other hand, the Microphone icon picks up all audio sounds (external and internal) during your recording.

Step 3. Start Recording. Click on the Record button to begin recording. Then choose what part of your screen you want to record- the entire screen, an application, or the browser tab. A countdown starts and your recording begins! You can also Pause and Resume the recording as you wish.

Step 4. Stop Recording

Click on the Stop Recording button to end your recording. Click Next to review the recording.

Step 5. Review Recording. You can check out the recorded file by clicking on the Play button. Click on Record if you want to redo the screen record.

Step 6. Upload to Stream. Upload the screen recording to Stream. After this, you can save and share the video.

Method 2. Screen Record on Windows via Screen Recorder

Step 1. Open Screen Recorder. Download and install the application from your browser. An open screen recorder, then selects how you want your recording either full screen or a special window.

Step 2. Enable Audio Recording. Click the Audio icon to ensure that sounds would be picked when the screen recording starts. You can also adjust the volume levels.

Enable Audio Recording

Enable Audio Recording

Step 3. Click ‘OK’. This opens the screen recorder.

Step 4. Select a name and your desired location. Choose a name for your recording and the location to save your file.

Step 5. Start the Recording. Click the Start button to begin the screen recording. You can pause the recording whenever you desire.

Step 6. Stop the Recording. After the recording is over, click on the Stop button. Your screen record is automatically saved to your desired location.

FAQ about Screen Record on Windows

1. What is Screen Record on Windows?

Screen Record on Windows is a feature that allows you to capture and record your computer screen activity.

2. How do I access Screen Record on Windows?

You can access Screen Record on Windows by using the built-in Xbox Game Bar or by downloading a third-party screen recording software.

3. Can I record audio with Screen Record on Windows?

Yes, you can record audio with Screen Record on Windows. You can choose to record system audio, microphone audio, or both.

4. What file format does Screen Record on Windows save recordings in?

Screen Record on Windows saves recordings in MP4 format by default.

5. Can I Screen Record Protect Videos on Windows?

Yes, it is possible to screen record protected videos on Windows using screen recording software. There are many screen recording software options available for Windows, such as Gemoo Recorder, Studio, Camtasia, and ScreenFlow.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have this guide at your fingertips, you can make screen recordings without hassle. With any of these methods, screen recording on Windows just got easier!


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