Many times you need to record your screen, it can be while you are demonstrating a product, giving a tutorial for software, or recording game highlights. People often use software to record their screen which they have to download and install first on their device to use. You can choose to use either Chrome video recorders or Google Chrome video recorder extensions to start recording your video for Google Chrome or record your Google Chrome screen in just one click.

Best Video Recorders for Google Chrome

Best Video Recorders for Google Chrome

There are many screen recorders that are available in the form of Chrome video recorders too. Here, we have mentioned the 8 best video recorders for Google Chrome which you can simply Chrome video capture extension to start recording your screen easily. To find the best Chrome video capture extensions, stay with us till the end.

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A Quick Preview of Top 8 Chrome Screen Recorders

Before figuring out each tool’s details, we will show you these tools’ basic recording features in a comparison chart.

Top 8 Chrome Screen Recorders

Top 8 Chrome Screen Recorders

Gemoo Recorder

Gemoo Recorder is a popular Chrome video recorder that allows you to capture your screen, webcam, and audio separately or simultaneously. With its intuitive interface, you can easily record, edit, and share your videos with just a few clicks. Gemoo Recorder also offers features like drawing tools, mouse highlighters, and the ability to trim and crop your recordings. Gemoo Recorder is more than a Chrome screen recorder. Whether you need to create tutorials, capture presentations, or record video messages, Gemoo Recorder is a versatile tool that caters to all your recording needs.

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Choose the Screen Only Mode

Choose the Screen Only Mode

Besides, you can also use Gemoo’s Free Online Screen Recorder anywhere and anytime if you’re looking for a video recorder plugin for Chrome or Google Chrome video recorder extension.

To figure out more features, please refer to the following descriptions.

What people can get from Gemoo Recorder

Gemoo Recorder Pros

Gemoo Recorder Limitation

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

The Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is an effective screenshot and Chrome video recorder tool. This software is used by many people because of its great features and Chrome extension availability. This software is able to take screenshots and incorporate your images into videos easily. It is easy to use for everyone. There are no ads that pop while using it neither it allow any data loss.

Chrome Video Recorder - Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Chrome Video Recorder – Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

This screen recorder is provided with both local and cloud storage so that you can easily record long videos on screen and save them on cloud. The free trial version allows you to record a screen for a shorter time period which can extend when you buy a paid subscription of it.

What people can get from Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder




ZIGHT is an amazing app that lets you record your screen and camera at the same time. This is one of the best Google Chrome extension apps which is enriched with multiple features. You can easily create and share these screenshots and recording instantly on multiple platforms with Cloud App. With ZIGHT you can add annotation to the video or image so that you can also use that image later on when needed with proper guidelines. You may occasionally need to enhance your screenshot a bit by editing it. With this tool, you can also convert a video into GIF to explain difficult concepts and give clear instructions. It comes in 4 packages, Free, Individual, Team, and Enterprise. Different package contains different features and tools.

Chrome Video Recorder - ZIGHT

Chrome Video Recorder – ZIGHT

What people can get from ZIGHT




Screencastify is one of the most popular Chrome screen recorder extensions. The education sector is where it is most commonly used. It enables rapid and simple screen recording, as well as editing and sharing across several platforms. It is comfortable for even a newbie to use. To create powerful films for your organization and your viewers, just download the Screencastify plugin from the Google Chrome web store. Users have the option to submit their films to their Google Drive using the tool, which is connected with google drive. Additionally, users can locally store them in the MP4, MP3, and GIF formats.

Chrome Video Recorder - Screencastify

Chrome Video Recorder – Screencastify

What people can get from Screencastify




Vidyard is another good Chrome Video Recorder that allows you to record your screen and webcams. It can also record the videos running on your screen. Once the recording is completed, you can directly email or post recorded videos and screenshots on various social media sites to share them with your loved ones. You may use the extensions to record the screen for free and without having to pay anything by downloading it directly from the Chrome Store.

Chrome Video Recorder - Vidyard

Chrome Video Recorder – Vidyard

What people can get from Vidyard




Another Chrome video recorder plugin that is provided by the creators without charge is Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder. Unlike most other plugins, this one allows for the computer-based recording of videos up to 4K resolution. Not only does it allow you to record your screen, but you can also upload the movies that you capture directly to Google Drive and other online storage facilities. You can directly upload your recorded videos on various streaming platforms.

Chrome Video Recorder - Nimbus

Chrome Video Recorder – Nimbus

What people can get from Nimbus




ScreenPal is a screen recording and capturing tool that helps user to create videos of any training, meeting, or anything else. You can simply record, edit, and share these videos via ScreenPal. It assists to record the screen ideally each and every time, whether you are producing marketing videos, training movies for your staff, or simply want to give some advice with your social media followers. The device combines screen recording and video capabilities into a single straightforward solution.

Chrome Video Recorder - ScreenPal

Chrome Video Recorder – ScreenPal

What people can get from ScreenPal




Users may quickly and effectively interact through video with their clients and team members with Fluvid, a community-based online screen capture and video recording communication tool. Problems that are difficult to express in an email or text may now be addressed with this screen recording and video application.

Chrome Video Recorder - Fluvid

Chrome Video Recorder – Fluvid

Another worthwhile Chrome plugin to try is Fluvid, which is a screen recorder. Your screen’s audio is used by Fluvid to make Webm/Vp8 files. A password-protected cloud storage account is where the service automatically keeps captured movies. From the cloud, the MP4 version of the video may be downloaded. Fluvid makes it simple for users to add unique logos to videos, which makes it perfect for educators, trainers, and businesses.

What people can get from Fluvid



Final Thought

You can use the above-mentioned screen recorder tools to record your screen along with webcam. These video recorder chrome extensions are effective and easy to use. You can use simply add their plugin to chrome and start recording your screen in just 1 click. We hope that you find the one which fulfills your requirements.


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