More than just simple

Go for what you want

Your on-screen activities, yourself, your voice, or all together - feel free to pick what you want to record and share.

Amplify your ideas

Insert shapes, texts, memes, or other annotations freely during recording. Express your ideas more clearly.

Communicate, more effectively

Record and store videos in Gemoo. Organize them to express thoughts better, show logic more clearly, and communicate with others more effectively.

Record your screen, your way.

What to record? How to record it? Do as you wish. Cover all comprehensively or just zoom in to focus on details. Also, feel free to personalize your own camera to spice up your presence.

Mix & Match Get Focused Decorate Camera

What to record?
You decide.

Select to record your screen, your face, your narration, or all of them simultaneously. Go with your choice.


Where to capture?
You pick.

Capture the whole screen, your gameplay, or any part of your computer screen if you prefer. Meet your needs in all aspects.

Full Screen

Custom Size

Which camera style?
Your style.

Customize your look with various filters and virtual backgrounds. Or, show a your-style avatar instead. Just choose the one you love. (Filters now available on Mac only, Windows version coming soon…)

Express your ideas, more engagingly.

Highlight important details with real-time annotations. Add some humor with animated GIFs to make your video engaging. Drive your point home, clearly and expressively.

Brush and Text. Clarify your thoughts.

Brush enables you to emphasize your point or show connections. Text aids in creating clarity with additional information. Together, they amplify your ideas.

Highlight the cursor. Spotlight your idea.

Eye-catching cursor effects get your audience always focused on what you’re showing. Let your mouse spark, to illuminate ideas and highlight your point.

Numbers and GIFs. Clear and engaging.

Add numbers to make your expression more logical, and GIFs to express your feelings or lighten the mood. Your video can be both clear and fun.

Direct to cloud, stay structured

Automatically, all your videos will be stored in cloud, safe and secure. Sort videos by different views and cards to arrange your messages. Share and interact with your teammates to boost communications and fasten workflow.

Record now, share then and there

No need to spend time uploading videos yourself, it will be stored automatically. You will get a link right after recording. Just click and share.

Organize flexibly, send in one link

Now you can sort videos by mind map, calendar view, or customize them all by yourself. Then, share organized videos in just one link, to get ideas spread and get comments back.

Be your privacy guard

Gemoo uses AWS data centers for hosting, and AES-256 encryption for all data at rest. Moreover, all your communication with Gemoo is done over TLS to offer maximum protection. Against any unwanted attempt to access your data.

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Built for everyone

Create all you want to deliver, like training materials or tutorial videos for newcomers, your subscribers, or your customers.

Show details and process vividly. Share the steps of your painting, reporting, or demonstrating bugs. Make your points clear.

Build your repository. Record materials to do post-class review and homework assignments, or slides for online presentations.

Create all you want to deliver, like training materials or tutorial videos for newcomers, your subscribers, or your customers.

Gemoo Recorder is really great for educators. I am able to record study materials with it so that my students present or absent can review or preview classes efficiently.

Finnick Ray

Secondary School Teacher

It does me a great favor when recording instruction and tutorial videos for newcomers. Record one video for all, instead of telling them how to work one by one.

Alecia Hagan

Senior Project Manager

Easy to use and functional. I make videos to give personalized technical support videos to customers, which they always love.

Eliot Richardson

Customer Success Specialist

Make your screen recording simple and fun now with Gemoo Recorder!

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