Main Features of FocuSee


Create Screen Recording in Minutes

Whether you're a teacher, trainer, content creator, or marketer, it helps you to capture and record your computer screen and webcam right at your fingertips. With this feature, you'll be able to effortlessly create a wide range of content, from informative tutorials and engaging presentations to promotional videos that effectively showcase your products or services. It's the perfect tool for sharing your knowledge, demonstrating ideas, or capturing attention-grabbing visuals.

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Apply Auto Zoom-in Effects with Ease

During the screen recording, it allows you to dynamically zoom in on specific areas of your screen, highlighting important details and providing a more engaging viewing experience for your audience. Whether you are creating software demos, app tutorials, or online presentations, the auto zoom-in effects feature will add an extra level of professionalism and visual appeal to your screen recordings.

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Generate Auto Captions without Editing Skills

Say farewell to the tedious and time-consuming task of manually transcribing and syncing captions for your videos. With this feature, you can now automatically generate accurate and synchronized captions with minimal effort. It completely transforms the way you add captions, saving you valuable time and streamlining your workflow. Once the captions are generated, you can also modify them or export them to your computer for convenient storage.

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FocuSee Vs. Screencastify

FocuSee Screencastify
Operating System
Create Recording Screen/Webcam Recording
Browser Tab Recording
Editing Features Auto Zoom-in Effects
Video Clipping & Cropping
Video Background Color
Canvas Size
Auto Captions
Real-time Annotation Tool
Blur Tool
Camera Mirror Camera
Resize Camera
Camera Layout
Camera Filters
Camera Frame
Mouse Cursor Mouse Cursor Size & Styles
Mouse Click Effects
Export & Share Export as MP4 and GIF
Share as a link
Embed Code
Upload to Make Interactive Video
Upload to Cloud
Free Export for Trial
Price Plans • For Win & Mac users, start from $19.99 • For Win & Mac & Chrome users, start from $7

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a popular screen recording and video creation tool. It is a Chrome extension that allows you to capture your screen activities, including audio and webcam, and create videos directly from your browser. Besides, it supports basic video editing features, allowing you to perform tasks like video clipping, cropping, and manually applying the zoom-in feature.

What Is FocuSee?

FocuSee is a powerful tool that enables you to create professional-looking demo, promo, and tutorial videos in minutes. With its array of features, including auto pan & zoom, auto caption generation, appealing video backgrounds, and interactive tools, FocuSee elevates the quality and impact of your videos.

Does FocuSee and Screencastify have a video recording limit?

• FocuSee: With FocuSee, you can enjoy the freedom of recording without any time limits. As long as your computer meets the necessary requirements, you can record for as long as you need without any restrictions.

• Screencastify: Screencastify's free plan gives you the flexibility to record up to 10 videos, each with a generous duration of up to 30 minutes. However, if you choose to upgrade to the paid version, you'll unlock the exciting benefit of unlimited video length.


Screencastify Alternative

If you're searching for an alternative to Screencastify, look no further than FocuSee. Experience its auto zoom-in and auto caption generation features and effortlessly create captivating videos in a matter of minutes.

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