How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos


Upload the Photo

Select one or more images and upload them to Wipit. Alternatively, you can easily drag and drop them from your computer.


Select the Objects to Remove

To remove unwanted objects, designate the specific area containing the undesired element.


Preview & Export

AI-powered, it automatically detects and eliminates objects within the selected area. Preview the effect, and then export a clean version that is free from unwanted elements.

Why Use the Photo Unwanted Object Remover?


Easily Remove Any Unwanted Objects from Photos

Effortlessly remove unwanted objects from your photos with Wipit - Photo Unwanted Object Remover. Whether it's an unwanted person, a distracting background element, or any other object that hinders the visual appeal of your photo, our tool makes it easy to eliminate them seamlessly.

Remove Object from Photo

AI-Powered Unwanted Object Remover for Photos

Simply select the object you want to remove, and our AI-powered technology will intelligently analyze the image to fill in the gaps and create a natural-looking result. Say goodbye to imperfections and enjoy clean, professional-looking photos with just a few clicks.

Remove Object from Photo

Preserve Your Photo's Quality

Wipit prioritizes the integrity of your photos by ensuring that the removal process maintains the original clarity, colors, and intricate details of your images intact. With this assurance, you can confidently enhance your photos without compromising their visual excellence.

Remove Object from Photo

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FAQs on Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

How does the "Unwanted Object Remover" work?

It utilizes AI technology to automatically detect and remove unwanted objects from photos. It analyzes the image and identifies elements that do not belong, such as people, objects, or blemishes. The AI algorithm then intelligently fills in the removed areas with content that matches the surrounding environment, resulting in a seamless and clean final image.

Can unwanted object remover be applied to watermarks?

Yes! In addition to removing unwanted objects, you can also utilize Wipit to remove unwanted watermarks, brand logos, tags, symbols, and text. It's a simple, quick, and user-friendly process.

What types of unwanted objects can be removed from photos?

Wipit is designed to remove a wide range of unwanted objects from photos, including but not limited to people, vehicles, signs, text, blemishes, and distractions. It can effectively eliminate various elements that disrupt the composition or distract from the main subject of the image.

Will the original photo be altered during the removal process?

Wipit operates non-destructively, meaning it creates a new version of the photo with the unwanted objects removed while leaving the original image intact. This way, you can always retain the original untouched photo and have the option to compare it with the edited version.

Can I add my own watermark after removing the original one?

Yes, Wipit also provides options to add custom watermarks. This allows you to protect and personalize your images or videos with your own branding or identification.