Wipit Guide

Learn how to erase unwanted objects from images and videos with Wipit.

How to Get Started with Wipit

With Wipit, removing watermarks from images and videos using AI is a breeze. Here, you'll learn how to set up Wipit and initiate the watermark removal process seamlessly.

How to Activate Wipit

The activation process of Wipit may vary slightly depending on specific situations. Check this guide and learn how to activate Wipit with simple clicks.

How to Remove Watermark from Videos

Take the steps to remove watermark from video without blurring. Wipit enables you to remove unwanted objects from your videos such as watermark, logos, text, and more.

How to Remove Watermark from Images

Follow the instructions to remove watermark, date stamps, text, logos, and other unwanted objects from images with Wipit.

How to Add Watermark

Discover the process of adding watermarks to your images and videos, customizing your output and safeguard them against unauthorized use.