Best Screenshot Apps for Mac

Best Screenshot Apps for Mac

Ever been in a situation where you need to take a screenshot of an item or event you find on your screen but don’t know how to go about it? That’s where the need for a screenshot app comes in.

With screenshot apps, you can capture whatever event you find on your computer screen conveniently. There are lots of these apps available on the net presently. Making the right selection can be quite difficult and expensive as you need to test-run each screenshot app you come across to see whether or not it provides quality services.

To relieve you of this stress, we decided to take on the burden of conducting research.  Results of our findings show 16 amazing software that you could use to take stunning snapshots on your computer, Mac OS to be precise. Read on to see what our list entails.

16 Best Screenshot Apps for Mac [Comparison Table]

List of 16 Best Screenshot Apps for Mac

Here are the top 13 screenshot apps you can use on your Mac computer system to make high-quality snapshots:

Gemoo Snap

Gemoo Snap is a professional and free screenshot tool that can meet a variety of screenshot needs. With the help of Gemoo Snap, you can take, annotate, beatify, pin, share, and extract text from screenshots, which helps you communicate more efficiently over annotated images.

Simply take a screenshot and quickly annotate it with your thoughts if you need to provide feedback on a design, make a screenshot tutorial, finish an assignment, or point out a bug. Just highlight key details with the magnifier, and draw shapes and texts to add context, so you will get an awesome image.

Gemoo Snap is easy to use because nicely styled guides are easily made with it. With the floating-action-button design, You will have a distinctive experience.

Gemoo Snap Interface

Gemoo Snap Interface

Gemoo Snap Features

Gemoo Snap Pros

Gemoo Snap Cons

Gemoo Snap Pricing: Free

User Rating: 

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Skitch is one of the top-rated software that lets you capture your Mac computer screen without stress. This Evernote-designed software is customized with all the incredible features that you need from an app that supports screen capturing.

The software is well-customized with rich editing features that you can select from to adjust your snapshots. Whether you need to crop or add shapes, texts, and marks on screen captures, Skitch does support these features. You can also capitalize on these editing features to edit your images at a zero-cost fee.

Using Skitch is easy, so you don’t have to be tech literate to find your way around it. Skitch is lightweight, free to use, and download. Results of snapshots taken with this software can be stored in several output formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PDF.

Screenshot on Zoom via Skitch

Skitch Interface

Skitch Features

Skitch Pros

Skitch Cons

Skitch Pricing: Free

User Rating


Shottr is another powerful app suitable for taking quality snapshots on Mac operating systems. The app is well-designed with lots of useful features needed for making your screenshots appear stunning.

The software lets you capture snapshots that could be turned into lovely designs such as receipts, flyers, and many others via editing. Pixel professionals also find the app useful as it supports some powerful pixel tools like screen ruler which could be used to measure the pixel distance between objects.

One amazing feature this screenshot app holds that makes it stand out is the auto-scrolling feature. With this feature, you can create scrolling screenshots easily. Measure image pixels conveniently using the Shottr screenshot app.

Shottr Interface

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Shottr

Shottr Features

Shottr Pros

Shottr Cons

Shottr Pricings: Free

User Rating


Established by Techsmith, Snagit is an amazing snapshot app Mac owners can also rely on to capture items or events displayed on their screens. The software is one of the best on our list as it brings out the creativity in you.

Snagit makes screen capturing and recording seamless – thanks to the easy-to-manage user interface. The software is equipped with lots of wonderful features required for capturing professional quality snapshots.

With this screenshot app, you can capture multiple images simultaneously without stress. As one of Stepshot’s alternatives, Snagit has a built-in editor which you can rely on to make necessary adjustments to your images or recordings so the results appear astonishing.

Snagit Screen Capture

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Snagit

Snagit Features

Snagit Pros

Snagit Cons

Snagit Pricing

User Rating


Monosnap is a great screenshot program established for both Windows and Mac computers. The app captures screenshots, GIFs, and video recordings within the twinkle of an eye. It’s well known for its great services.

This snapshot app supports editing features such as shapes, highlighters, and more. You can perform annotations on your snapshots with this screenshot program.

Worried about storage space? Monosnap supports cloud storage where you can store your snapshots securely. Amateurs and professionals in the tech space find this app easy to operate. Thus, tech literacy isn’t a criterion to use this screenshot app.

Screen Recording Software for Mac - Monosnap

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Monosnap

Monosnap Features

Monosnap Pros

Monosnap Cons

Monosnap Pricing

User Rating


Lightshot is your go-to app if you want to make screenshots with aesthetic results. This freemium screenshot program captures your Mac computer screen flawlessly. It’s also accessible via popular platforms like Chrome, Windows, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

Taking screenshots with this software is straightforward as the web interface is made simple and clean. Although it doesn’t support too many editing features, Lightshot holds some editing tools sufficient enough to modify your snapshots.

Another fantastic feature found on this app is the search feature. With this feature, you can browse images similar to the snapshot you took. Lightshot supports share/upload which allows you to send screenshots to friends, clients, and relatives.

Screencast Software - LightShot

Best Screenshot App for Mac – LightShot

Lightshot Features

Lightshot Pros

Lightshot Cons

Lightshot Pricing: Free

User Rating

CleanShot X

CleanShot X is another top-rated screenshot app compatible with your Mac operating system. The app allows you to take screenshots of items or events you find on their display screen in several ways. Whether it’s your fullscreen or a specific portion, CleanShot X is a perfect choice.

Besides screen capturing, CleanShot X also offers screen recording services. You can count on the software to create clean video recordings. The recording feature is loaded with editing features like overlay addition, cropping, trimming, and more.

CleanShot X is simple to use. So regardless of your tech background, navigating around the app shouldn’t be a big deal. CleanShot X offers cloud storage services where you can store your files conveniently.

Best Screenshot App for Mac - CleanShot X

Best Screenshot App for Mac – CleanShot X

CleanShot X Features

CleanShot X Pros

CleanShot X Cons

CleanShot X Pricing

User Rating


Droplr is a wonderful third-party program ideal for capturing full snapshots on all Mac computers. Windows and Chrome browser users also employ the services of the app to take quality screenshots. The app lets you capture your screen in different dimensions.

This app does not only support screen capturing but is also highly effective for creating screen recordings. Creating recordings with this software is seamless because of the smooth-running interface.

Doplr offers its services in the premium version with no free trial. Thus, you must subscribe to a package to use it. Unlike most screenshot apps, the premium version is cheap.

Chrome Screen Recorder - Droplr

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Droplr

Droplr Features

Droplr Pros

Droplr Cons

Droplr Pricing

User Ratings


Here is another smart screen capturing app accessible via Mac OS and Windows. TinyTake allows you to screenshot what you find on your computer screen as quickly as possible.

TinyTake can also function as a screen recording tool. It captures screen recordings with high accuracy at zero cost. The app boasts powerful editing features that you can use to manipulate your screenshots and video recordings.

With TinyTake, you can conveniently communicate with an audience by using the annotation feature to write texts or make comments on your recordings and images. This app has a smooth-running interface for easy navigation. So you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it.

Screen Recorder without Watermark - TinyTake

Best Screenshot App for Mac – TinyTake

TinyTake Features

TinyTake Pros

TinyTake Cons

TinyTake Pricing

User Rating


Screenie is a great app well-known for providing excellent screen-capturing services on Mac computers. This free screen-capturing app is designed with tons of customization features you can use to make your screenshots attractive.

With this app, you can search texts inside your screenshots or images. This quality is attributed to the OCR feature incorporated into the software during development. Like TinyTake, you can also preview images with the Screenie screen-capturing app.

Best Screenshot App for Mac - Screenie

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Screenie

Screenie Features

Screenie Pros

Screenie Cons

Screenie Pricing: Free

User Rating


Snappy is the perfect screenshot app for taking on-screen images on Mac computers. The app lets you capture your screen, annotate and resize the screenshot with the built-in editor. That’s not all. You can also change your screenshot background from transparent to opaque or solid color.

It’s a great screen-capturing app for big organizations as it lets you share screenshots with a large audience. All you need is to generate a URL via SnappyLink and then send it out to your contacts. Screenshot containing confidential content? You can protect it with passwords or create a self-destruct timer on it.

Best Screenshot App for Mac - Snappy

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Snappy

Snappy Features

Snappy Pros

Snappy Cons

Snappy Pricing: Free

User Rating

Markup Hero

Markup Hero is a screenshot app packed with rich annotating tools. This Mac-compatible screen capturing app is structured to help you screenshot your display screen. The annotation feature lets you create and communicate ideas via screenshots by adding & highlighting texts, etc.

You can also use this app to add a signature, embed, and pixelate images. Redefine texts on your image files and make them appealing by changing font size, and color via Markup Hero. Finding your way around this app is simple because of the straightforward user interface.

Screencast Software - Markup Hero

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Markup Hero

Markup Hero Features

Markup Hero Pros

Markup Hero Cons

Markup Hero Pricing

User Rating


Built with an interactive user interface, Clarify is the last screenshot app on our list. This app lets you make snapshots on Mac operating systems seamlessly. Clarify is well-customized with a comprehensive annotating tool. With the tool, you can reorder or adjust the texts embedded in an image to communicate your desired message.

Best Screenshot App for Mac - Clarify

Best Screenshot App for Mac – Clarify

Clarify Features

Clarify Pros

Clarify Cons

Clarify Pricing: Free

User Rating


Snipaste is a free and lightweight screen capture and snipping tool. It allows users to quickly capture screenshots, annotate and highlight them, and save or share them. Snipaste also supports adding different shapes and text to the screenshots, and it can be customized to work with different hotkeys and settings. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Best Screenshot App for Mac -Snipaste

Best Screenshot App for Mac -Snipaste

Snipaste Features:

Snipaste Pros:

Snipaste Cons:

Snipaste Pricing: Free

User Rating:


Xnip is a screen capture tool for macOS that allows users to take screenshots, record video, and annotate images. It offers features such as capture delay, adjustable frame rate, and support for different file formats. Xnip also supports adding text, shapes, and other annotations to the screenshots, and it can share the screenshots directly to social media platforms. Additionally, Xnip offers a built-in image editor for more advanced editing options.

Best Screenshot App for Mac -Xnip

Best Screenshot App for Mac -Xnip

Xnip Features:

Xnip Pros:

Xnip Cons:

Xnip Pricing: Free

User Rating:


Xnapper is a free screenshot-capturing tool with customizable effects and annotation tools. It comes with a watermark, but three paid versions are available with one-time payments. These paid versions feature resizable text and arrows for annotation purposes, as well as options for padding, inset & color, border radius, shadow, and background customization.

Xnapper Interface

Xnapper Interface

Xnapper Features:

Xnapper Pros:

Xnapper Cons:

Xnapper Pricing: $24.99-$49.99 (Team $5/device/month)

User Rating:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Mac have a built-in screenshot app?

Yes, Mac does have a built-in screenshot app. This computer operating system supports QuickTime Player- a system app designed for streaming downloaded videos. It’s also capable of capturing your display screen.

Q2. How do I take screenshots on my Mac computer?

Taking screenshots on your Mac computer is straightforward. Depending on the screen-capturing app you are using, the technique may vary. If you are using the built-in screen-capturing tool, here are some hotkeys you could press to capture your screen:

Q3. What is the best screenshot annotation app for Mac?

The best screenshot annotation app for Mac is Gemoo Snap. This app is made by Gemoo and allows you to quickly markup, annotate and share your screenshots with others. It also offers a variety of tools, including text, shapes and arrows, as well as the ability to blur or highlight parts of the screenshot.

Final Words

Ultimately, screenshot apps are great tools to own. We’ve provided you with our list of the top 16 screenshot app compatible with Mac. Which do you consider the best? Drop your comment in the section below as we would like to know your opinion.


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