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Here we will get you covered with the features of Gemoo Snap.

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What is Gemoo Snap

Gemoo Snap is a powerful screen capture tool that allows you to take/annotate/pin/share/scroll/beautify screenshots, as well as recognize text from images. With the floating-action-button design, you will get a unique experience.

Gemoo Snap Interface

Gemoo Snap Interface

Sign in Account

Before utilizing Gemoo Snap, you need to sign in to your Gemoo account. You have three sign-in options.
Here are the sign-in (or sign-up, for new users) methods available to you:

  • Email address – Always simple sign-in solution.
  • Sign in with Google – Easy access, with 2FA authentication.
  • Sign in with Apple – Just click on it.
Sign in Account

Sign in Account

Configure Settings

With the shortcut keys combinations set personalized, it will direct you to get the individual functions including Screenshot Feedback, Screenshot & Beautify, Recognize Text (OCR), Quick Screenshot, Clipboard Screenshot, Pin Screenshot & Scrolling Screenshot.

Shortcut Settings

Shortcut Settings


Know all features of Gemoo Snap.

The Features for Gemoo Snap

The Features for Gemoo Snap

Quick Screenshot

Take screenshots immediately and save them without interrupting the current window or page. With Quick Screenshot function, it allows you to create screenshots at once and saved to Gemoo.


Clipboard Screenshot

Capture a screenshot, annotate it with brush, text, shape, number, mosaic, and copy it to the clipboard with the Clipboard Screenshot function.
Brush works like a pencil to write, draw, or highlight text. With the tools, you’re able to annotate your image with a variety of shapes, highlights and texts in different styles. You can also blur or pixelate some parts on the screenshot to cover private information and add numbers to mark steps.


Recognize Text (OCR)

With the OCR function, you can make a screenshot, recognize the text, and extract text or modify the texts from the screenshots.


Pin Screenshot

To create screenshots and pin them to the computer screen. So you can keep it in view until you unpin the screenshots by using Pin Screenshot feature.


Screenshot Feedback

Take screenshots and add feedback, brush, text, a variety of shapes, mosaic, copy to clipboard, or share via link.
Feedback is a unique function to mark numbers in the picture by order and comment under the screenshot individually, which helps explain your ideas clearly.


Screenshot & Beautify

With Screenshot & Beautify function, you can capture a screenshot, add a solid color background or featured background, rotate the picture, and add annotations.
If you want to edit the screenshot, then Screenshot & Beautify function will work so.


Scrolling Screenshot

With Scrolling Screenshot function, you can scroll the entire webpage just easy and fast, annotate the website screenshot, add Windows mockups, and even be redacted sensitive information automatically. If you want to capture a whole website the Scrolling Screenshot function is your best choice.


Screenshots created by Gemoo Snap will be saved in two ways: Saved to the Local Gallery, or Uploaded to the Cloud. If the screenshots are saved locally, you can view and re-edit them via Gemoo Local.

Gemoo Snap Local Gallery

Gemoo Local Gallery

In addition, you can upload the images you need to the Cloud by manually selecting them. If the screenshots have been uploaded to Cloud, then you can view and re-edit them via Gemoo Cloud. Or you can manage them via To be Uploaded function.

Gemoo Cloud Library

Gemoo Cloud Library

Gemoo Cloud

The screenshots that choose save to Cloud will be uploaded to Gemoo Cloud. Gemoo is an online tool to create, save, organize, and share media data such as videos, audio, images, etc. by your way. You can refer to this guide to manage screenshots via Gemoo.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.Happy Gemooing!