Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension

Gemoo is a platform that helps you create, organize and share information. We have tools for screen recording and screen capturing, which help create more methods & sources for messages on Gemoo. Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension is a professional and flexible plug-in designed to meet the needs of web users for capturing screenshots.

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Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension

What is Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension

Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension can be very useful in enhancing your browsing experience. It is used to take screenshots from the web page in your preferred way like capturing a scrolling page; selected area, capturing any HTML element of your choosing from web page; capturing visible area and capturing from Browser.

How to Install Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension

Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension helps take screenshots from the web page. If Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension meets your needs, welcome to download and try it now.


1. Visit Chrome Store here and click Add to Chrome.

Add to Chrome

Add to Chrome

2. Click Extension button, and pin Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension on the toolbar.

3. The Gemoo Snap Chrome extension will appear next to your URL bar:

Check Your Toolbar

Check Your Toolbar


4. And that’s it! Let’s start capturing!

How to Use Chrome Extension

This part can help you know how to use Chrome Extension. And this part will also give you more information about the features of the Chrome Extension to help you use it easily.

Sign in Account

Please click the Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension icon in URL bar. Then, A window will pop out to request sign-in for Gemoo. Please enter your account and password to log in Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension.

Sign In to Gemoo

Sign In to Gemoo

1. If you are a new user, you need to create an account at first.

2. If you forget your password, go to our Reset Password page type in the email address associated with your Gemoo account, and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Choose Capture Screenshot Mode

Before capturing a screenshot, please choose the page saving modes. Then, please choose the features you need.

Choose Page Modes

Choose Page Modes

1. Different page saving modes have different opening interfaces after completing screenshot. The Image Page will jump into the review interface, but the Edit page will jump into the edit interface.

2. Due to the restrictions of Google Chrome policy, Chrome Extension cannot capture the extension display page, Chrome store page, and the newly opened Google homepage.

Scrolling Capture

Scrolling Capture can take a screenshot of an entire webpage that you are viewing in your browser. In order to screenshot the entire page, it must scroll to each visible part automatically, so please be patient as it quickly assembles all the pieces.

1. Click the Scrolling Capture mode in the Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension.

2. Scroll the page you want to capture.

When you click the time progress bar during the scrolling capture process, the page does not continue to scroll, and the screenshot is captured till this page. Then, you can view or edit the page in the new tab or in Gemoo Cloud.

Selected Area

Choose what part of your screen you’d like to capture with our screenshot extension. It may be a selected area. The Selected Area function can help you capture any part of the page you want. And you just need to drag your mouse to customize the desirable region, then release it.

1. Click the Selected Area mode in the Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension.

2.  Drag your mouse to customize the desirable region, then release it.

Element Capture

Element Screenshot can help you capture any HTML element of your choosing from a webpage.

1. Click the Element Capture mode in the Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension.

2. Hover over any element and click to capture an image and open it in a new tab.

Visible Area

Visible Screenshot is to take a screenshot of the visible part of a page. The visual viewport is the part of the web page that is currently visible in the browser and can change.

1. Click the Visible Area mode in the Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension.

2. Select the Visual page.

Capture from Browser

Capture from Browser can capture the visible windows of running applications, opening Chrome tabs and entire computer screen.

1. Click the Capture from Browser mode in the Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension.

2. Choose a Window, Chrome tab or computer screen you want to capture.

Finish Screenshot

When you complete selecting the page, please click Confirm option to end the capturing. Then, the page will jump into the edit or view interface in the browser.

Complete Screenshot

Complete Screenshot

Meanwhile, you can also view the screenshot in the Gemoo cloud. And you can manage the screenshot in the Gemoo Cloud in the Gemoo Library, and you can beautify the picture, edit the feedback, extract the text and export, etc.

Questions, comments, concerns? New release update. Contact us here. Happy Gemooing!