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Top 15 Todoist Alternatives in 2022 [Full Review]


Last Updated: Oct. 19, 2022 | FEATURED IN: Collaboration

Over a hundred productivity and task management apps are currently available in the global market. Todoist is no doubt one of the best because of its quality features. It stands out compared to some other productivity apps.

Todoist has no feature that permits end-users to track time, mark project errors, etc. Also, there is no room for risk management. We will share some top-quality productivity and task management tools.

Todoist Alternative

Todoist Alternative

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What Is Todoist

What Are the Disadvantages of Using Todoist?

15 Best Todoist Alternatives

What Is Todoist?

Todoist is a project/task management tool established to help you monitor your projects and ensure you bring them to reality. It’s a simple yet powerful tool that lets you organize your faulty routine easily and quickly. This tool comes with various features to make your set projects come to pass. From the streamlined user interface that allows novices and experts to navigate quickly to the collaboration feature that lets you control & reach out to team members and lots more.

The software works with Windows and Mac computer systems. Todoist integrates with several productivity apps, such as Beeminder, Boardy, Exist, Evernote, Llama Life, and many more. Additionally, it works perfectly with some time-tracking, communication, file sharing, communication, and voice assistant apps.


Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Todoist

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What Are the Disadvantages of Using Todoist?

As aforementioned, Todoist isn’t without its shortcomings. This project management tool/software is simple and never a perfect option for complex projects. You cannot use it to manage tasks that require a large team because of the poor collaboration feature. For instance, the Todoist app does not support real-time communication via chat or video call. Hence, you can’t give updates or air your view when using the tool.

Another feature absent from the Todoist project management tool is time management. End-users cannot track or calculate the time taken to complete a task, which is terrible. To improve productivity, you need a great project management tool that updates you on how much time you spend on your tasks.

Furthermore, Todoist offers limited functionality in the free versions. Unless you subscribe to a premium package, you cannot access reminders, team inbox, biking, and more.

15 Best Todoist Alternatives

Here are the 15 best Todoist alternatives available in the market currently:

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is an industry-leading software program that allows you to track or monitor your projects on digital electronic gadgets like Windows and Mac. The clean user interface allows you to set project reminders and add notes without hassles. It lets you turn your captured ideas into reality within the snap of a finger.

This project management service comes with unique features, allowing you to import audio, text, and images conveniently. Google Keep supports OCR, a feature that enables you to extract text from image-based documents. Also, it supports speech-to-text as it allows you to transcribe audio into written content.

The interactive user interface allows everyone, including those unfamiliar with information technology, to navigate easily. Convert notes to checklists, collaborate, share to-do lists, add colors to notes conveniently, and lots more using Google Keep. Additionally, it comes with free-hand drawing tools you can use to annotate notes.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Google Keep

Todoist Alternative – Google Keep

Google Keep Features

Google Keep Pros

Google Keep Cons

Google Keep Pricing: Google Keep is entirely free to use.

User Rating

2. Trello

Here is another wonderful Todoist alternative you can rely on to manage your projects efficiently. It has a clean user interface that allows you to organize tasks easily and quickly. Trello supports Kanban boards- a built-in feature that lets you arrange tasks in order of priority.

Unlike Todoist, Trello is more flexible and fun to operate. The free movement of cards from one board to another allows you to separate your unfinished projects from completed ones making it easy for you to study workflow. End-users have control over everything on Trello. You are entitled to limit the number of items you wish to add to your list. Integrate Trello with favorite apps and collaborate with your team.

Microsoft Project Alternatives - Trello

Todoist Alternative – Trello

Trello Features

Trello Pros

Trello Cons

Trello Pricing

User Rating

3. TickTick

TickTick is another powerful option to use in place of Todoist. It helps you organize your ideas, monitor your progress then ensure you bring them to life. This task management tool lets you share to-do lists, collaborate faster, set multiple reminders, synchronize and backup various data, etc., with high accuracy. Add tasks faster using the speech-to-text feature.

When compared to Todoist, TickTick wins the game. TickTick offers a flexible premium subscription plan that you can afford without breaking your bank. Also, it lets you assemble your projects in folders, so you don’t get scared when you find a laundry list of tasks to complete. Todoist, on the other hand, offers an expensive pricing plan. Additionally, it does not support folders. You are allowed to arrange tasks in a list, and that can be scary and tiring to complete.

Best To-do List App - TickTick

Todoist Alternative – TickTick

TickTick Features

TickTick Pros

TickTick Cons

TickTick Pricing

User Rating

4. Any.do

Any.do is a famous productivity app popular amongst managers because of its sleek user interface and robust task management features. The tool permits you to organize your task in order of priority, so you don’t get choked up. Create tasks, and set reminders with ease.

It offers lots of features in the free version, unlike Todoist. Any.do send reminders to end-users on the freemium plan so as to notify them about specific tasks, events, or activities. This tool is readily available on all operating systems, including Android, Huawei, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Desktop, and more.

Any.do support the real-time collaboration of teams. It allows you to send and respond to comments and feedback from your team members. It supports the drag-and-drop feature, so you can move tasks according to your schedule. You can reach out to customer support directly.

Best Planner Apps - Any.do

Todoist Alternative – Any.do

Any.do Features

Any.do Pros

Any.do Cons

Any.do Pricing

User Rating

5. OmniFocus

iOS and Mac operating systems owners looking for a perfect alternative for Todoist, OmniFocus is the best option. This task management tool helps you work smart as it allows you to organize, manage, and enact your daily routine. OmniFocus lets you complete complex tasks within the snap of a finger with OmniFocus.

The app lets you create actions, add notes underneath to help members understand your goal, and distribute them with complete ease. Do more with OmniFocus. Add due dates to tasks, focus on crucial tasks, and edit multiple files simultaneously. This app is well-encrypted with the latest security innovations. Thus, you don’t have to worry about data theft.

Best To-do List App - OmniFocus

Todoist Alternative – OmniFocus

OmniFocus Features

OmniFocus Pros

OmniFocus Cons

OmniFocus Pricing

OmniFocus subscription comes in various packages. Find below the available pricing:

1. OmniFocus 3 for Mac (Traditional License)

2. OmniFocus Web Add-On

User Rating

6. Asana

Asana is an excellent Todoist alternative, well-customized with an easy-to-manage user interface for simple navigation. The tool helps you plan your day and remain focused without distractions. It’s one of the most promising apps available on the internet today.

Import projects, set priorities, share tasks amongst team members, add notes, and more. Asana boasts of seamless integration with other apps. It integrates well with project management platforms like Google Drive, Teams, Slack, Zoom, Gmail, and more.

Asana’s free version lets you send countless messages, include unlimited tasks, add a calendar, collaborate with nearly 15 people, and receive project deadline prompts. Todoist doesn’t support any of these in the free package. You have to pay to access them.

OneNote Alternative - Asana

Todoist Alternative – Asana

Asana Features

Asana Pros

Asana Cons

Asana Pricing

User Rating

7. Quire

Quire is a top-rated task management app that lets you break your complex projects into smaller tasks. This app is budget-friendly and facilitates quick operation. Quire makes collaboration easier. The app allows you to reach out to members, distribute tasks, send and receive updates regarding a task, etc.

With the Quire task manager, you can jot down important information, turn your emails into tasks, and more. It provides you with both Kanban and Timeline viewer. Quire is open for download to iOS and Android users.

Quire Interface

Todoist Alternative – Quire

Quire Features

Quire Pros

Quire Cons

Quire Pricing

User Rating

8. Azendoo

Bringing goals to reality has never been easier, but with Azendoo, you can do that quickly. This Todoist alternative is an excellent project management tool that allows you to organize your tasks and collaborate without hassles. The app allows you to share tasks between team members and state clearly what is expected of each team member.

Say goodbye to long hours of reading emails and sitting to discuss in meetings. Azendoo task management app integrates with real-time communication tools. It hits the top 8 positions on our list because of the clean interface.

Paid SmartSheet Alternative - Azendoo

Todoist Alternative – Azendoo

Azendoo Features

Azendoo Pros

Azendoo Cons

Azendoo Pricing

User Rating

9. Evernote

Evernote is another industry-leading app suitable for organizing, managing, and tracking your personal goals. The app helps you focus on your tasks or dreams so as to make them come through. It’s an innovative task management tool that lets you write down your ideas in notes, design them with images, and then share them with friends and team members. Like Google Keep, Evernote allows its end-users to preview and send feedback on documents. It allows end-users to browse tasks in scanned documents. The free plan permits end-users to synchronize data on multiple devices.

OneNote Alternative - Evernote

Todoist Alternative – Evernote

Evernote Features

Evernote Pros

Evernote Cons

Evernote Pricing

User Rating

10. Meistertask

Meistertask is a simple yet efficient task management tool that bridges the gap between planning a project and getting it done. This app provides you with real-time reports about your project’s project. It’s a high-performance tool well-known for quality results.

It uses the Kanban board style to organize your tasks. Meistertask is a simple platform that lets you schedule tasks, assign them to your team, and keep to deadlines. No more promises and failures when you use Meistertask project manager. Work smart and be consistent with Meistertask- an intuitive app with a fully customizable panel.

MeisterTask Interface

Todoist Alternative – MeisterTask

Meistertask Features

Meistertask Pros

Meistertask Cons

Meistertask Pricing

User Rating

11. nTask

Here is another excellent task management solution you can employ to take care of your projects. With the interactive user interface, novices and professionals can create, organize, and collaborate with minimum effort. Break your goals into manageable to-do lists at a zero-cost fee.

nTask comes with unlimited Kanban boards for effective delivery. It supports drag-and-drop features to ease project tracking. Recognize bottleneck tasks and bring them to completion using the built-in Gantt Chart. Deliver jobs faster by adding deadlines to specific tasks. There’s no better way to arrange your assignments or tasks and then bring them to life without nTask.

Best To-do List App - nTask

Todoist Alternative – nTask

nTask Features

nTask Pros

nTask Cons

nTask Pricing

User Rating

12. Remember The Milk

Turn a busy day into a stress-free one with Remember The Milk task manager. Remember The Milk is an easy-to-use app that lets you create and manage to-do lists freely and efficiently. This online tool helps you maximize your time as it helps you organize your schedule, thereby improving your attitude towards work.

Remember The Milk makes project management easy. How does it feel converting your speech-to-text to create tasks?

Great, right?

Remember The Milk integrates with Siri so you can quickly add tasks without touching your device. Another quality feature you stand to enjoy on this app is the freedom to embed files in tasks. This app allows you to import and export documents in JSON format. Third-party apps like  Twitter, Google Calendar, Gmail, Alexa, Zapier, etc., integrate perfectly with Remember The Milk.

Best To-do List App - Remember the Milk

Todoist Alternative – Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk Features

Remember The Milk Pros

Remember The Milk Cons

Remember The Milk Pricing

User Rating

13. Notion

The Notion is an all-in-one goal-tracking/project management service provider. This app is equipped with essential tools that you need to connect the necessary dots required to bring your tasks to completion. It offers rich collaborative features, such as real-time chat, etc. It is well-customized with several templates that you need to schedule and manage your tasks. The Notion is built with a streamlined interface. Create & recreate projects, invite team members via links, edit templates, and more without stress with Notion.

Best To-do List App - Notion

Todoist Alternative – Notion

Notion Features

Notion Pros

Notion Cons

Notion Pricing

User Rating

14. Clarizen

Clarizen, now named Planview AdaptiveWork,  is another promising task management tool you can use in place of Todoist. This tool comes with a sleek interface with robust task management features that you need to put your day in order. It lets you invite and collaborate with teammates without stress. Share tasks with specific members, send and receive feedback, etc.

Todoist Alternative - Clarizen

Todoist Alternative – Clarizen

Clarizen Features

Clarizen Pros

Clarizen Cons

Clarizen Pricing

User Rating

15. Week Plan

Lastly, we have Week Plan- a powerful Todoist alternative. With this platform, you can plan your week and accomplish your goals within the blink of an eye. Employ the services of this task management tool to improve your work efficiency by breaking down your weekly schedule into manageable tasks. Import calendar on Week Plan today and brace up for the new week.

Todoist Alternative - Week Plan

Todoist Alternative – Week Plan

Week Plan Features

Week Plan Pros

Week Plan Cons

Week Plan Pricing

User Rating

Final Words

Selecting the best Todoist alternative just got easier with our list. Which task management tool do you find handy and worth your investment? Before making a decision, we advise that you consider your budget, the app’s ease of use, compatibility, and available features. Should you find a task management app that suits these factors, kindly download it and invest in it.


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