If you are planning to develop or manage a software, then you must use a task management software. A task manager software helps you to track every activity of the project and keep you updated on every step. These softwares are very helpful from planning to managing and lastly executing a project. The best task management software allows you to track the schedule meetings, project, update and meet deadlines which can be very helpful for commercial or personal purpose.

Using a task management software is very beneficial for you when you are working on a project or managing an event. It can help you in many ways and always keep you updated about each step of the project. There are numerous task management softwares available online, which have various features and can be used for freelancers, individuals, small as well as large organizations.

Best and Free Task Management Software

Best and Free Task Management Software

Benefits of Using a Task Management Software

There are various benefits of using a best task management software, among which we have listed here a few.

25 Best Task Management Software

Planning, prioritizing, and monitoring the workflow for your team is possible with the use of task management software. Taking care of project needs, assigning work, keeping track of time, and fulfilling deadlines are all included in this.

The 25 best task management software for everyone will be covered in this article. We will cover task management for any team, regardless of whether you are a freelancer, startup, or big corporation. Before we get started, let’s talk about why your team would require a task management system in the first place.

1. Teamwork

Visit: Teamwork Website

As the name suggests, Teamwork is one of the best task management software to make your entire team work and update the progress on it. This software can be the best space for viewing team collaboration and effort. It provides an outstanding level of project management tools that range from straightforward task management to time tracking, billing, and much more. Teamwork will enable you to fortify the many forts of your workstation, all under one roof, whether you collaborate with a big group of people or a small one.

Teamwork Interface

Teamwork Interface

Teamwork Features

Teamwork Price Plan

Teamwork User Rating

2. Nifty

Visit: Nifty Website

In this competitive market for best task management software, Nifty – which is primarily a project management tool and a straightforward job management tool is gradually building a solid reputation. It offers users a wide range of capabilities to help with project management and team communication.

Small teams seeking to make a reasonable investment to increase team efficiency will find Nifty’s modest pricing plan to be a great business-pleaser, and it is the undisputed champion in the management tools category.

Nifty Interface

Nifty Interface

Nifty Features

Nifty Pricing Plan

Nifty User Rating

3. nTask

Visit: nTask Website

Your teams can interact, plan, evaluate, and manage daily activities with the help of the task management tool nTask. Your project planning, resource management, task dependencies, financial summary, and administration of project deliverables can all be made more efficient with the aid of the nTask project management module.

nTask Interface

nTask Interface

By adding your tasks and setting due dates, you can create Gantt Charts that are simple to use and aesthetically accurate. With the drag and drop tool, you may establish task dependencies and ten-fold the speed of your decision-making.

nTask Features

nTask Pricing Plan

nTask User Rating

4. Weekdone

Visit: Weekdone Website

The best task management software and productivity toolkit needed by leaders are provided by Team Compass by Weekdone. To guide your team in the correct path, set goals and monitor their progress. Agree on and keep track of the plans, initiatives, projects, and tasks of the staff. Take a look at the insightful weekly team reports to improve your team meetings. The satisfaction of the team and the employees should be measured. Using one-on-ones and pulse surveys, you can interact with and direct your team.

Weekdone Interface

Weekdone Interface

Weekdone Features

Weekdone Pricing Plan

Weekdone User Rating

5. ProofHub

Visit: ProofHub Website

With ProofHub, your team is provided with every tool they require under one roof. It’s simpler than ever to have total control over teams and projects. Easy to track project completion on time and accurate team accountability. A little to nonexistent learning curve, and easy to understand Plans with simple fixed prices and no per-user fees.

ProofHub Interface

ProofHub Interface

ProofHub Features

ProofHub Pricing Plan

ProofHub User Rating

6. ActiveCollab

Visit: ActiveCollab Website

ActiveCollab, the best task management software that allows you total control over your work. Develop a unique procedure that benefits both your staff and your clients. You and your team will always be aware of how to get started and what action to take next. One tool can be used to manage your team’s activities and keep track of your progress. Don’t bring your work home anymore, and be aware of when each project step is due.

ActiveCollab Interface

ActiveCollab Interface

ActiveCollab Features

ActiveCollab Pricing Plan

ActiveCollab User Rating

7. Hive

Visit: Hive Website

Create project timetables, monitor baselines, and carry out detailed plans using the Gantt chart. Find out right away how your team is moving along and who is in charge of what. Simple processes for complicated approvals. strong annotation and proofreading tools. To reduce the amount of work you complete, use project and action templates for steps that can be repeated. Quickly create staff projects. Utilize time sheets and monitoring to keep tabs on the performance of your staff. on the project’s home page.

Hive Interface

Hive Interface

Hive Features

Hive Pricing Plan

Hive User Rating

8. Todoist

Visit: Todoist Website

Todoist, an effective task and to-do list manager, makes a mark by offering some reliable task management tools for you and your team. The tool’s useful feature set enables you to easily monitor the development of your companies over time. Todoist includes native project templates just like some of the top task management programs, which saves time by preventing the need to start new projects that are similar to existing ones from scratch.

Todoist Interface

Todoist Interface

Todoist Features

Todoist Pricing Plan

Todoist User Rating

9. Infinity

Visit: Infinity Website

The ideal candidates for Infinity’s task management capabilities are start-ups and small organizations. The infinity task management software can be best used at new and small business or local organization. This application makes it simple to manage multiple projects at once, enables you to organize them anyway you like, keeps track of their progress, and improves team collaboration. On top of all that, it has very nice visual appeal.

Infinity Interface

Infinity Interface

Infinity Features

Infinity Pricing Plan

Infinity User Rating

10. Trello

Visit: Trello Website

Trello is among the best task management software and doesn’t really need an introduction; it is the exact model of fundamental task management. The key feature of Trello is its interactively straightforward Kanban boards, which facilitate speedy task moving between columns.

Trello has won a special place in the hearts of small enterprises and has established itself as a must in the manager tools area thanks to its extraordinarily generous Free plan, which allows unlimited members, boards, and checklists.

Trello Interface

Trello Interface

Trello Features

Trello Pricing Plan

Trello User Rating

11. Microsoft Teams

Visit: Microsoft Teams Website

Microsoft Suite is out with another powerful tool which is Microsoft Teams. This tool is for organizations whether they are small or big. This type of tool can be used by a large number of users in an organization to keep the project on track and marking update on each and every step. Microsoft Teams is the premier technology for bringing together teams, whether in-person and remotely.

Microsoft Teams Interface

Microsoft Teams Interface

Microsoft Team Features

Microsoft Teams Pricing Plan

Microsoft Teams User Rating

12. Slack

Visit: Slack Website

Slack is basically a platform used in organizations for messaging or building workflow. It can also be used for updating the work and processing it according to the upcoming due dates. It can used for both in-office or remote purpose. The instant messaging allows us to update things a little faster.

Slack Interface

Slack Interface

Slack Features

Slack Pricing Plan

Slack User Rating

13. ClickUp

Visit: ClickUp Website

Teams of any size will find ClickUp, one of the most well-liked task management programs, to be useful. There are a few things you should take into account before moving to Clickup, which further asserts that it is the one organizational program that can replace them all. The software is well regarded for its assignable comment’s capability, one of a staggering number of powerful capabilities it offers.

ClickUp Interface

ClickUp Interface

ClickUp Features

ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp User Rating

14. Quire

Visit: Quire Website

Using Quire, you can manage projects with a well-designed system and a variety of features that make cooperation simple. With the help of the nested task list, teams can scribble down their ideas and divide a large goal into manageable smaller chores. The list has an endless number of tiers of tasks and subtasks. Users can simplify workflow and implement the Scrum productivity approach with the help of the Kanban board functionality. Users are able to customize their own view of the primary task list with sub lists.

Quire Interface

Quire Interface

Quire Features

Quire Pricing Plan

Quire User Rating

15. BaseCamp

Visit: BaseCamp Website

BaseCamp is all-in-one task management kit for the team members who work remotely or in-office. This is one of the best task management software that has numerous features like, message board, to-do list, marking schedule, assigning tasks, etc. It saves you time by producing reports automatically depending on the summary of your work. With BaseCamp, you will get everything organized at one place, have control of everything and can view/ report a clear progress of projects easily.

BaseCamp Interface

BaseCamp Interface

BaseCamp Features

BaseCamp Pricing Plan

BaseCamp User Rating

16. Hitask

Visit: Hitask Website

Specifically designed for start-ups, Hitask is a task management program. This program makes it incredibly simple to manage assignments and work with teams because it has a variety of features organized neatly on an intuitive layout.

Hitask is a platform for managing tasks that puts you in control and eliminates the guessing involved in project management. You can make new projects fast and easily with the help of your project team.

Hitask Interface

Hitask Interface

Hitask Features

Hitask Pricing Plan

Hitask User Rating

17. ProWorkflow

Visit: ProWorkflow Website

One of the best task management software for teams who are just getting started and gaining momentum is ProWorkflow. With pre-made templates, you can take charge of your task management process rather than it controlling you.

ProWorkflow’s feature set for invoice administration and quotation handling enables you to manage your finances effectively without having to worry about any important details getting overlooked.

ProWorkflow Interface

ProWorkflow Interface

ProWorkflow Features

ProWorkflow Pricing Plan

ProWorkflow User Rating

18. SmartTask

Visit: SmartTask Website

SmartTask is all-in-one and free task management software that you can for your business. Using it, teams can monitor their progress using the online task management and collaboration tool SmartTask. Task management, file sharing, CRM, location monitoring, and instant messaging are all combined on one platform by SmartTask.

SmartTask Interface

SmartTask Interface

SmartTask Features

SmartTask Pricing Plan

SmartTask User Rating

19. Monday

Visit: Monday Website

Monday’s is the free task management software to use. You can easily submit the details of your work here and can monitor what your team is doing. It automatically makes a Gantt chart related to the activity of any project, and represent is according to the timeline view. It provides you option to choose from a number of departments that you want to manage.

Monday Interface

Monday Interface

Monday Features

Monday Pricing Plan

Monday User Rating

20. AirTable

Visit: Airtable Website

You can easily start using Airtable, a platform for collaboration and work management, to organise your chores and increase your productivity because of its user-friendly design. It allows you the freedom to work whatever you like and is adaptable enough to manage numerous projects and activities.

Airtable Interface

Airtable Interface

Airtable Features

Airtable Pricing Plan

Airtable User Rating

21. Asana

Visit: Asana Website

Asana, a task management program, has advanced considerably and established a reputation as one of the top products on the market. Using a variety of devices, you may create, manage, and follow up on tasks individually, as well as assign them to projects.

It is simple to share documents and other types of material with Asana, and you can even tag a team member in the comments to include them in a particular task. With Asana, you can collaborate without using email or other external tools.

Asana Interface

Asana Interface

Asana Features

Asana Pricing Plan

Asana User Rating

22. Ayoa

Visit: Ayoa Website

Ayoa, earlier referred as Droptask, is the convergence of task ownership and whiteboard communication that enables your teams to diagram and execute your ideas. It offers the quickest learning curve of any task management software available and is a requirement in the manager tools category. It is designed with aesthetically pleasing Venn diagrams that allow color modification.

Ayoa Interface

Ayoa Interface

Ayoa Features

Ayoa Pricing Plan

Ayoa User Rating

23. Jira

Visit: Jira Website

Jira is a robust task management tool that offers a lot more features than standard task management. The program provides a reliable way to monitor your progress while keeping in mind the wider picture about issues and bug tracking in software development. Jira allows you the power to select the type of view based on the requirements of your tasks. You can choose between a traditional Kanban board and a scrum board to match the needs of your project before continuing to work.

Jira Interface

Jira Interface

Jira Features

Jira Pricing Plan

Jira User Rating

24. Wrike

Visit: Wrike Website

Wrike meets the criteria for a quick task management solution for organizing work and everything on the table so that you can concentrate on finishing your projects on schedule. Wrike makes it simple and smooth to streamline operations while collaborating. The features of Wrike makes it the best task management software for teams and individual.

Wrike Interface

Wrike Interface

Wrike Features

Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike User Rating

25. Toggl

Visit: Toggl Website

Toggl, one of the most popular time-tracking and task management software in the market, makes a great central location for organizing project budgets and monitoring staff time to guarantee organizational profitability. With the help of automatic task management, Hive, a comprehensive productivity platform, you can efficiently organize your workload. Additionally, the members of your team can work together on assignments, making transparency a daily occurrence.

Toggl Interface

Toggl Interface

Toggl Features

Toggl Pricing Plan

Toggl User Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential feature of Best Task Management Software?

A task management software is the need of industry these days. Every company need a task management software to regulate its work on each level and keep track of the same. Before selecting a Task Management Software for you or your organization, must check these below-mentioned features in it.

What is the Best Software for Task Management?

A Best Task Management Software is one which is easy to use and can access all kinds of files and documents. Although, the list doesn’t ends only on these two, there are numerous features that a Team Management Software must have. Some of the Best Software for Team Management are:

Name free task management software?

Free Task Management Software are generally used by Individuals, Freelancers, Small Teams, etc. These software can easily manage the work of the few individuals with charging a single penny. Some free task management software are:

Final Words

Businesses of all sizes need to monitor their workflows with the best task management software program due to the quickly changing business needs. Here, we have discussed 25 best task management softwares that have amazing features and are easy to use. Some of these softwares are free or need only to logged-in by the user. If you have any query or suggestions, feel free to write them in the comment box below.


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