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Showdown of the Productivity Tools:  ClickUp vs. Notion


Last Updated: Oct. 14, 2022 | FEATURED IN: Productivity

If you’re surfing the web for productivity tools,  you’ve probably heard of ClickUp and Notion. 

At a glance, ClickUp and Notion seem similar as they are project management and collaboration tools offering multiple functions within the app. 

Both ClickUp and Notion strive to be all-in-one productivity tools.

ClickUp and Notion are both known for their flexibility and customization. But some key differences set these apps apart. 

This article will guide you on these two apps’ features, limitations, and pricing. 

Our in-depth comparison will help you choose the right app suited to your wants and needs.

Let’s start by understanding ClickUp.

ClickUp vs Notion

ClickUp vs Notion

What Is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a cloud-based productivity tool with a customer base of over 800,000 teams. ClickUp lives up to its motto, “one app to replace them all,” with its multi-functionality and numerous integrations. It has project management tools like tasks, chats, goals, and more, all within the app. ClickUp even offers unique features like screen recording and docs. 

ClickUp Interface

ClickUp Interface

What makes ClickUp so great?

All-in-one – With features like embedded emails, spreadsheets, and native CRM tools, users can pretty much handle their entire tasks from within the app. Any additional function can easily be obtained using integrations, making ClickUp a one-stop shop.

One app for all – ClickUp is designed to manage teams of all sizes, and its user-friendly UI makes it a favorite among beginners and freelancers. Its power-packed features and capability make it stand out to professionals.

Task Management – ClickUp offers customizable task management with various views and task hierarchies. You can set tasks within tasks at unlimited levels for perfect organization. Users can set up customized dashboards for an overview of their project on a single panel.

Collaboration – ClickUp also provides top-class collaboration tools allowing users to work on tasks with other team members.

Save time ClickUp focuses on streamlining your workflow to give the best possible results in the least amount of time. Users can set up automation or use pre-set-up templates to save valuable time they can now spend on their tasks.


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What Is Notion?

Notion is a highly customizable productivity tool that started as just a note-taking app. Users can use Notion to create any workflow they want in seconds with drag n drop. Users have access to specialized views like Kanban boards and Gantts charts and also have the liberty of customizing them as they see fit. You can add any type of file to your notes, such as images, videos, app embeds, and more. 

Notion Interface

Notion Interface

What sets Notion apart from other productivity tools?

Vast community – Notion has a massive community that actively provides numerous templates and integrations.

Out-of-the-box features –  Notion offers unique features like the website builder, which allows users to turn their doc into a website with one click. 

Navigation – Notion allows users to navigate easily by using the sidebar. 

Collaboration – Notion offers all the collaborative features you expect from a top-class productivity tool.

Guides – Notion has an extensive library of guides to help beginners and professionals. Notion is available across almost all platforms with its web, desktop, and mobile apps.


Pros of Clickup and Notion

Now that we’ve gone over both apps and their features, it’s time to look at the pros of each app. We will first start with ClickUp and work our way to Notion.



As it can clearly be seen, ClickUp leaves Notion behind in terms of features and pros. Notion is still loved by many users who choose it for its simplicity. Notion is way easier to use and even has guides on its functions to help users.

Limitations of Clickup and Notion

As with all apps, ClickUp and Notion both have their set of limitations and shortcomings. We will be listing the limitations of both apps one by one.



It’s evident that ClickUp’s superior features come at a price. In order to get the most out of your app, you must spend a considerable amount of time learning it first. Notion, on the other hand, has many more limitations. However, depending on the user’s needs, the limitations are overcome by Notions’ simple-to-use and user-friendly UI.

Who Wins in Price?

Both ClickUp and Notion offer free versions with limited features and paid versions with added features. We will now discuss the pricing plans of both apps one at a time.

ClickUp provides a free version with unlimited tasks and members but only up to 100 MB of storage space. On the other hand, Notion offers a free plan with 5 MB of storage.


ClickUp offers a free plan and four paid plans. ClickUp’s paid packages are priced differently according to the team size they can support and include features that complement that team size. Each consecutive plan has all the features of the prior plan and more. Let’s go over the packages and see their distinct features.

1. Free Forever plan

2. Unlimited plan ($5 per month per user)

3. Business plan ($12 per month per user)

4. Business Plus plan ($19 per month per user)

5. Enterprise plan (contact sales team for a quote.)

ClickUp offers an Enterprise package for businesses with multiple large teams. 


Similar to ClickUp, Notion has a free version and three paid plans. Notion offers paid packages that are meant for personal or team usage and are priced accordingly. Each subsequent plan offers the features of the previous one and more.  Let’s go over Notion’s pricing plans and their distinguishable features.

1. Personal plan (Free)

2. Personal Pro plan ($4 per month per user)

3. Team plan ($8 per month per user)

4. Enterprise plan (contact sales team for a quote)

Overall, Notion’s pricing is slightly less than ClickUp’s, but ClickUp also has more features and integrations than Notion.

Customer reviews about Clickup and Notion

To give you a better perspective, we’ve added a review from a customer who has used both ClickUp and notion. 

“I love the flexibility and ease. I use a lot of applications for planning, tracking, scheduling, and completion of projects for home and work. I wanted a platform solution that was all in one, and while Notion is not there yet I do believe we are on track for me to offboard almost all of the other systems I use to monitor my life and work tasks, activities, and inventory. I love Notion so much, I quit Airtable and Clickup and have no intention of rejoining those platforms.” G2 review

ClickUp vs. Notion: Which one should we choose?

Now that we’ve looked at both apps in detail, it should be easy to decide which app should suit you best. ClickUp is a more robust and versatile app for professionals to manage all sorts of teams. ClickUp offers a power-packed experience to anyone who spends time learning how to use it.

On the other hand, Notion may seem relatively inferior with its fewer features and simplicity. However, the simple-to-use and user-friendly interface make Notion perfect for beginners.

A person with a large team should definitely consider ClickUp with its incredible collaborative features. In contrast, Notion is better suited for smaller groups or personal usage. Notion is also helpful for users who want to keep notes of their tasks.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you need from your productivity tool. For professional teams with heavy workloads, ClickUp is a more viable option. Smaller groups and beginners looking for only the essential project management tools will be more than satisfied with Notion.

Final Words

By now, you have learned everything there is to know about ClickUp and Notion. You’ve learned about their features, pros, limitations, and pricing. Hopefully, all this information will be more than enough to decide which project management tool you should use.

Share this article with your friends that are looking for a productivity tool. Don’t forget to comment below on which app you think is better, ClickUp or Notion, and tell us why.


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