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15 Best Time Blocking Apps


Last Updated: Nov. 16, 2022 | FEATURED IN: Productivity

With distractions here and there, planning a day has never been an easy task to engage in. This is why time-blocking apps were introduced. Time-blocking apps help break your day into chunks, schedule your plans, and make the best out of time. With a time blocker, your productivity skyrockets.

Presently, countless time-blocking apps are available on the internet. Selecting a highly effective one can be pretty challenging. Is this the same for you? If so, you need not stress yourself. Our team of experts has researched the net, compared all time-blocking apps available online, and handpicked the best amongst them.

This article is structured to list the top 15 time-blocking apps available in 2022. You will find a compatible time blocker here regardless of your operating system. Before unveiling our list, let’s see what a time-blocking app is and why you need it. Continue reading.

Best Time Blocking App

Best Time Blocking App

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What Is a Time Blocking App?

Why Do You Need to Block Time?

7 Best Time Blocking Apps for PC/Mac

4 Best Time Blocking Apps for iPhone

4 Best Time Blocking Apps for Android

What Is a Time Blocking App?

A time-blocking app is a time management tool that helps you control your day-to-day activity. This app allows you to plan your schedule, improve productivity, and eliminate stress. No more procrastination or delay on your projects when you have a time blocker at hand.

You get prompt notifications about your plans for the day or week. Besides planning your day, this app is health friendly. It helps relieve the stress given to the brain. You don’t need to overwork your mental system to organize your day. Time blocker is there to help you out.

Why Do You Need to Block Time?

There is an endless number of reasons why you need to block time. Here are some of them:

The benefits of time blockers aren’t limited to those mentioned above. The above are the fundamental reasons why you need to block time.

7 Best Time Blocking Apps for PC/Mac

Individuals using PC/Mac operating systems, here are the top seven (7) time-blocking apps available for you:

1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a powerful time management tool well-known for its outstanding performance. This time-blocking app is our top 1. time tracker for Mac computers because of its mind-blowing features. To ensure your schedules don’t conflict, TimeCamp helps you plan your day by providing you with to-do lists that integrate with calendar.

It’s well-designed with a streamlined interface, so you can navigate easily. Freelancers, especially those that work timely basis, find this app helpful as it helps them calculate the total time spent to bring a client’s project to completion.

Best Time Tracking Software - TimeCamp

Best Time Blocking App – TimeCamp

TimeCamp Features

TimeCamp Pros

TimeCamp Cons

TimeCamp Pricing

User Rating

2. Focus Booster

Focus Booster is another simple yet powerful time-blocking solution suitable for Mac computers. It uses the famous Pomodoro Technique to help you schedule your daily routine. The app is well-built with all the necessary time management tools. From simple to-do lists to comprehensive daily reports and more.

It helps you track the time taken to complete specific tasks so you can make accurate predictions should you encounter similar tasks in the future. Focus Booster comes with a clean interface with neat dashboards that lets you visualize your project progress.

Best Time Blocking App - Focus Booster

Best Time Blocking App – Focus Booster

Focus Booster Features

Focus Booster Pros 

Focus Booster Cons

Focus Booster Pricing

User Rating

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a popular event-planning app that tracks time without operating systems. The app helps you track your schedule by giving detailed reports about your plans. It’s a straightforward tool with a friendly user interface. Google Calendar has an easy interface that is large enough for you to enter your goals or tasks.

It allows you to simultaneously organize your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plans. Take note of holidays, invite team members, create to-do lists, and more without hassles. Google Calendar integrates with all Google platforms, such as Google Keep, Docs, Map, Tasks, etc.

Best Calendar Apps - Google Calendar

Best Time Blocking App – Google Calendar

Google Calendar Features

Google Calendar Pros

Google Calendar Cons 

Google Calendar Pricing

User Rating

4. Weekly

Weekly is a flexible time-blocking app designed to help you focus on important projects or goals. It combines with Office 365 calendar so you can quickly track your progress for the day or week. Weekly helps you confirm whether or not you are on track with specific tasks.

It’s a very simple app with quality features. Weekly comes with color tags so you can organize your tasks in order of priority. Additionally, end-users can add descriptions, due dates, and times to projects. Modify scheduled tasks, and mark them when completed via Weekly. This app is fun to use.

Best Time Blocking App - Weekly

Best Time Blocking App – Weekly

Weekly Features

Weekly Pros

Weekly Cons

Weekly Pricing: Free

User Rating

5. Clockify

Clockify is a popular time tracker famous for its multiple functionalities. With this app, you can track and analyze your schedule and goal. It helps you understand what your tomorrow looks like before going into it. It’s a powerful time planner with an intuitive user interface.

It allows you to create tasks, set the timer to start reading when you start and stop the timer on completion. The tracking results help you foresee the number of hours it would take to finish the same project. Clockify makes project management straightforward. It provides you with your weekly data report so you know how far you can go every week.

Best Time Blocking App - Clockify

Best Time Blocking App – Clockify

Clockify Features

Clockify Pros

Clockify Cons

Clockify Pricing

User Rating

6. TickTick

Coordinate yourself and bring your daily schedules to reality with TickTick. This app is one of the most successful task management tools to help you easily organize your daily activity. Use the to-do list feature to write down what you have for the day or week and get them done within the snap of a finger.

TickTick comes with an easy-to-manage interface and smart task-management features. The voice input feature makes adding tasks to TickTick a breeze. Receive scores for completing a project promptly. This task management tool lets you create a task and embed several subtasks underneath.

Best Time Blocking App - TickTick

Best Time Blocking App – TickTick

TickTick Features 

TickTick Pros

TickTick Cons

TickTick Pricing

User Rating

7. Any.do

Any.do is a top-quality time-blocking app established for unlimited users. This app allows you to organize, manage, and track your daily schedule with minimum stress. It offers project management features that you need to stay focused and bring your tasks to completion.

This time blocker is available in both mobile and desktop versions. It works with web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and many others. The interface is clean enough for you to navigate easily and quickly. Therefore, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Any.do. Monitor and control your progress today with this time-blocking app.

Best Time Blocking App - Any.do

Best Time Blocking App – Any.do

Any.do Features

Any.do Pros

Any.do Cons

Any.do Pricing

User Rating

4 Best Time Blocking Apps for iPhone

iOS users looking for the best time blocking apps for their devices, check out our top 4 time blockers:

1. Fantastical

Explicitly developed for Apple devices, Fantastical is one of the best time-blocking apps that offer quality services to iOS users. This app allows you to monitor your upcoming events and tasks simultaneously. Plan ahead of your next meetings or tasks by uploading essential files and images from iCloud, Google Drive, and other popular cloud storage services into Fantastical.

Fantastical provides you with a flexible working interface to ease project management. It allows you to import existing schedules or calendars with ease. Group similar projects and tasks together for easy access. This deadline tracker integrates with third-party conference call apps like Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet to ensure you have smooth communication with clients or team members.

Best Time Blocking App - Fantastical

Best Time Blocking App – Fantastical

Fantastical Features

Fantastical Pros

Fantastical Cons

Fantastical Pricing

Fantastical time-blocking app premium subscription prices come in various forms. Here is what the subscription package looks like:

1. Individuals

2. Families up to 5

User Rating

2. Week Plan

Week Plan is another industry-leading time management tool suitable for iOS owners to monitor their efficiency over a period of time. Its simple user interface makes task management and team collaboration easy and quick. The app provides an accurate report about your previous schedules so you can compare them with recent ones. With such data, you can confirm whether or not you are making progress. You can assign, reassign, receive real-time alerts on project progress, and lots more with Week Plan.

Best Time Blocking App - Week Plan

Best Time Blocking App – Week Plan

Week Plan Features

Week Plan Pros

Week Plan Cons

Week Plan Pricing

User Rating

3. TimeBloc

TimeBloc is a productivity app aimed at helping users organize and plan daily schedules. This app is customized with lots of time management features required to help you monitor and accomplish your goal. One feature that makes this tool stand out amongst others is the interactive interface. The smooth time management interface lets you divide your daily routine into simpler tasks that you can complete conveniently. TimeBloc uses color tags to help you categorize and prioritize your schedules. With TimeBloc, you can easily create leisure time out of your busy day.

Best Time Blocking App - TimeBloc

Best Time Blocking App – TimeBloc

TimeBloc Features

TimeBloc Pros

TimeBloc Cons

TimeBloc Pricing

User Rating

4. HourStack

HourStack is an easy-to-manage time-blocking tool compatible with all iOS models. Whether you use an old-generation iOS device or the latest, you can manage your plans comfortably. It’s a great project management tool for tracking and planning workflow to ensure maximum productivity. You can access HourStack via desktop, mobile, and web browsers like Chrome. End-users who manage multiple clients, this time blocker is the perfect option. It allows you to create separate dashboards for each person you work for. This is to ensure your tasks/ projects don’t clash.

Best Time Blocking App - HourStack

Best Time Blocking App – HourStack

HourStack Features

HourStack Pros

HourStack Cons

HourStack Pricing

User Rating

4 Best Time Blocking Apps for Android

Here are the best time-blocking apps for Android mobile devices:

1. Todoist

Todoist is a straightforward project time reporting tool well-designed for Android mobile devices so you can keep track of your project anywhere, anytime. It helps keep a track record of your daily activities so you can easily measure your progression.

It’s a highly incredible task management tool established for users of all levels. So whether you are a newbie or an expert in the tech industry, this is the best tool for your project management. No more overwhelming project list. Todoist helps you tackle the most critical projects on your schedule.

Best Time Blocking App - Todoist

Best Time Blocking App – Todoist

Todoist Features

Todoist Pros

Todoist Cons

Todoist Pricing

User Rating

2. Planyway

Planyway is an excellent project timer Android users can rely on to monitor their progress with specific tasks. With the powerful features and a straightforward interface, you can plan your day without difficulty. This app has everything you need in a project management platform. From the simple timeline feature to the multi-board view to robust integrations and lots more. Planyway supports recurring cards, so you can recreate or repeat tasks easily.

Best Time Blocking App - Planyway

Best Time Blocking App – Planyway

Planyway Features

Planyway Pros

Planyway Cons

Planyway Pricing

User Rating

3. Sling

Android users in dire need of an app that offers quality time-blocking services should employ the service of Sling. With this app, you can track time, take attendance, calculate labor costs, and manage tasks effortlessly. This project tracker lets you schedule your day and location to avoid stress.

It’s a simple app with virtually all the important features you need to plan and accomplish your goals. Sling supports real-time communication so you can keep everyone on your board informed about your goals. This time-blocking tool is nicely designed for beginners to navigate around it. Besides Android, you can access the platform via web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Best Time Blocking App - Sling

Best Time Blocking App – Sling

Sling Features

Sling Pros

Sling Cons

Sling Pricing

User Rating: N/A

4. Sunsama

If you are looking for a time-blocking app that lets you focus on your daily routine without pain, Sunsama is one of the best options out there. This Android-compatible device lets you import tasks from your favorite apps effortlessly using the drag-and-drop feature. It integrates with popular productivity platforms such as ClickUp, Asana, GitHub, Jira, Notion, and Trello.

This project timer lets you track daily progress right from your comfort zone. It sends you reports on how your week went. Sunsama helps you accomplish your goals by guiding you through your daily routines. It provides you with several schedule modes, such as dark mode, to reduce the amount of light that reflects into your eyes.

Best Time Blocking App - Sunsama

Best Time Blocking App – Sunsama

Sunsama Features

Sunsama Pros

Sunsama Cons

Sunsama Pricing

User Rating

Final Words

Time-blocking apps are crucial to managing your life. All the time-blocking apps introduced above are the best in the market today. Which do you intend to invest in? Before making a decision, we advise that you consider the ease of use, affordability, and the device you have at hand. Additionally, you need to look through the features to see whether or not it suits your requirements. Should you have any suggestions, kindly drop a comment below.


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