In search of an effective goal-tracking app? Look no further!

Keeping a track record of your goals is highly beneficial as it helps you stick to plans thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

While you could do this by just writing your goals down on a piece of paper, it’s noteworthy that this approach is time-consuming and expensive to practice.

With these dark sides in mind, a digital approach was developed which led to the development of goal-tracking apps. With goal-tracking apps, you can set your goals, monitor them, and act on them promptly.

Best Goal Tracking App

Best Goal Tracking App

Several apps offer goal-tracking services. Selecting the best can be quite challenging. But not now that you’ve made it to this platform. We’ve highlighted the best 15 goal-tracking apps to use.

However, before sharing our list with you, let’s discuss what goal-tracking apps are and how to select the best goal-tracking app.

What Are Goal Tracking Apps?

Goal tracking apps are software programs established to help you monitor the progress of your set goals.

These software programs are designed such that they send you automated updates or reminders about your set goals daily. The updates show you how far you’ve gone with your set goals, and how much more time you need to invest to complete them.

How to Choose the Best Tracking App for You?

As aforementioned, selecting the best goal-tracking app can be quite difficult because of the enormous number of goal-tracking apps available on the internet presently.

However, there is a way to go about that as there are some key factors you need to look out for when choosing the best goal-tracking app. Find below these factors:

15 Best Goal Tracking Apps

Here are the 15 best goal-tracking apps available on the internet today:

1. Strides

As one of the most versatile apps out there, Strides tops our list as the best goal-tracking app. With this app, you can monitor the progress of your set goals right from your comfort zone.

You can also use it to track your habits, both the good and bad. Completing your projects promptly without hassles using the Stride goal-tracker is another incredible service offered by the  app. Strides help you schedule your plan. It provides you with updates, whether daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your setup.

Strides offer a smooth-running user interface so anyone regardless of their tech background can find their way around. You can access this app only via your iOS devices.

Best Goal Tracking App - Strides

Best Goal Tracking App – Strides

Strides Features

Strides Pros

Strides Cons

Strides Pricing

Offers free and paid versions. The paid version starts from $4.99/mo for each user

User Rating

2. Clockify

Clockify is a multipurpose goal tracking app.


Yes, you read it right!

The app lets you import your set goals, monitor the progress, and lastly, confirm the time taken to complete the goals. If you are the type that can’t stick to plans or loves procrastination, Clockify is the perfect app to help you out.

Clockify integrates with several platforms such as Moxilla, Chrome, Microsoft, Apple, and many others. Another excellent feature found in this app is the export features. With the feature, you can share goal progress with friends or team members.

The Clockify goal tracking app has a clean user interface for easy navigation. So whether you are tech-savvy or not, you always find your way around.

Best Time Tracking Software - Clockify

Best Goal Tracking App – Clockify

Clockify Features

Clockify Pros

Clockify Cons

Clockify Pricing

Available in free and paid versions. The paid version price starts from $3.99 monthly for each seat

User Rating

3. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack is a professional app dedicated to goal-tracking. The app is structured to help you monitor and organize your goals by breaking them down into portions so you can easily achieve them.

You can also employ the services of the app to control habits, including those you find disgusting. GoalsOnTrack goal-tracker is easy-to-manage. Hence, you can run all operations smoothly without requesting assistance from a third party.

Best Goal Tracking App - GoalsOnTrack

Best Goal Tracking App – GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack Features

GoalsOnTrack Pros

GoalsOnTrack Cons

GoalsOnTrack Pricing

GoalsOnTrack costs $68 per month for each user

User Rating: N/A

4. is a great goal-tracking app with rich features. It offers double services at a go. With, you can track your goal and habits conveniently.

The app also offers coaching services to end-users. Meet motivational speakers who will talk you through different aspects of life. Whether it’s business, diet, addiction, or fitness, just mention it coaches got you covered.

Best Goal Tracking App -

Best Goal Tracking App – Features Pros Cons Pricing

Both goal and habit tracking services are free. However, the coaching service isn’t as you need to subscribe to a premium package. Starting price for that is $25 weekly.

User Rating

5. Way of Life

Way of Life is another effective app that you can use to track your goal progress anywhere, anytime. The app provides you with a statistical report of your goal progress.

It also allows you to track your habits. Whether you want to let go of a habit or keep up with it, you can count on Way of Life to help you achieve that. All you need is to select a habit and confirm if it’s good for you or not. Way of Life will provide you with daily reminders and statistics on your progress.

Best Goal Tracking App - Way of Life

Best Goal Tracking App – Way of Life

Way of Life Features

Way of Life Pros

Way of Life Cons

Way of Life Pricing

Way of Life goal-tracker services is available in free versions and paid subscriptions.  The paid version begins from $4.99 per user every month.

User Rating

6. Habitica

Get motivated and bring your goal to life with Habitica. The app is fun and interesting for goal-tracking. Thanks to the in-game feature.

For each goal you bring to completion on Habitica, your in-game avatar upgrades in strength. Also, you earn rewards that could be used to purchase some in-game characters.

Best Goal Tracking App - Habitaca

Best Goal Tracking App – Habitica

Habitica Features

Habitica Pros

Habitica Cons

Habitica Pricing

Habitica is free to use.

User Rating

7. ATracker

ATracker is another intelligent goal-tracking app designed to help you monitor your goals. It shows how much time you spent to achieve a goal in a statistical format. With this simple app, you can easily track your goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Best Time Tracking Software - ATracker

Best Goal Tracking App – ATracker

ATracker Features

ATracker Pros

ATracker Cons

ATracker Pricing

Supports both free and paid versions. Mind you, the paid version range from $2.99 to $4.99

User Rating

8. Toodledo

Toodledo is a well-known productivity app that offers goal-tracking services. It helps you focus on your goals and bring them to completion by sending you daily reminders.

Besides your goals, Toodledo lets you create a To-Do list, and monitor your habits. Collaborate with friends or workers and share your data with them without stress using Toodledo.

Best Goal Tracking App - Toodledo

Best Goal Tracking App – Toodledo

Toodledo Features

Toodledo Pros

Toodledo Cons

Toodledo Pricing

Toodledo offers free and premium versions to end-users. For the premium version, you must be willing to pay a minimum of $3.99 monthly

User Rating

9. Hive

With Hive, you can also set and accomplish your goals in a timely manner. This goal-tracking app is also great for planning your activities, whether daily, monthly or weekly. You can also use it to track your revenue- one reason why businesses use Hive.

Hive Interface

Best Goal Tracking App – Hive

Hive Features

Hive Pros

Hive Cons

Hive Pricing

Offers a 14-day trial period before the subscription starts. Subscription starts from $12 monthly per user.

User Rating

10. Lifetick

Lifetick is a cloud-based service with goal-tracking functionality. It allows you to create a goal, put it into action, and monitor the progress – all at the same time. Lifetick helps you bring your dream to reality.

Best Goal Tracking App - Lifetick

Best Goal Tracking App – Lifetick

Lifetick Features

Lifetick Pros

Lifetick Cons

Lifetick Pricing

Premium version starts from $1/mo for one user

User Rating: N/A

11. nTask

nTask is a productivity app that’s also effective for tracking goals. It’s well-designed with robust features. From team management to product management, task management, risk management, goal-tracking time tracking, and more, nTask is a top-quality app to use.

nTask Interface

Best Goal Tracking App – nTask

nTask Features

nTask Pros

nTask Cons

nTask Pricing

Premium version starts from $3.00 monthly

User Rating

12. Weekdone

If you are looking for an app that offers quality services when it comes to the accomplishment of long-term and short-term goals, Weekdone is definitely what you need.

Weekdone goal tracking app lets you track your goals in order of priority so you can quickly bring them to completion. The app offers weekly check-in so users can easily track how far they’ve gone with their goals.

Weekdone Interface

Best Goal Tracking App – Weekdone

Weekdone Features

Weekdone Pros

Weekdone Cons

Weekdone Pricing

Weekdone has free plans and paid subscription plans. The subscription plan starts from $90 monthly for 4 to 10 users

User Rating

13. Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals is another online goal-tracking app designed for monitoring goal progress. The app lets you track multiple goals with high accuracy.

This goal-tracking app provides you with a detailed visual report of your daily achievement. Whether you made progress or not, it will be indicated on the chart.

Best Goal Tracking App - Joe's Goals

Best Goal Tracking App – Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals Features

Joe’s Goals Pros

Joe’s Goals Cons

Joe’s Goals Pricing

Absolutely free to use

User Rating

14. Todoist

Organize your goals, put them to action, and make them come through with Todoist. This app is one of the best on the net as it helps you get focused and get ready for life challenges that may hinder your goals.

Todoist offers an interactive user interface for simple navigation. It integrates with over 30+ tools including emails, voicemails, and more.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity - Todoist

Best Goal Tracking App – Todoist

Todoist Features

Todoist Pros

Todoist Cons

Todoist Pricing

Todoist premium subscription service starts from $4/mo

User Rating

15. Lattice

Lattice is another multipurpose app suitable for goal-tracking. HR and most management sectors find Lattice handy as it helps them monitor members’ progress and engagement.

With Lattice, you can easily provide feedback on specific goals so a team member would understand what the goal is about. This app is accessible via Windows and Mac operating systems.

Best Goal Tracking App - Lattice

Best Goal Tracking App – Lattice

Lattice Features

Lattice Pros

Lattice Cons

Lattice Pricing

Subscription begins from $9.00 monthly for every user

User Rating

Final Words

Tracking your goals is crucial. There’s no better way to bring your goals to reality except you have a goal-tracking app at hand. Select one of the best 15 goal-tracking apps mentioned above and see how productive you become with your goals. Leave a comment below if you have suggestions about our list of goal-tracking apps.


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