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Top 13 Website Annotation Tools


Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2024 | FEATURED IN: Blog

Top Website Annotation Tools

Top Website Annotation Tools

Collaborating with clients on web design or development projects is never easy without an annotation tool, and website mockup generator, whether you are a freelancer or not. And that’s because, with a web annotation tool, you can share feedback, add comments, highlight errors, and more with clients and vice versa. This tool helps improve productivity and efficiency.

Countless web annotation tools are on the net, but not all support the features you need to collaborate effectively. For smooth collaboration, we advise investing in simple yet powerful web annotation programs/tools. This post will highlight some of the best web annotation tools in 2023.

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What Does a Website Annotator Do?

A website annotator is an advanced technology that allows you to send & respond to feedback, request changes, and edits from teammates on specific projects by taking screenshots or capturing your screen. You can also record voice notes or add notes to express yourself and mark out areas that need attention in a particular task.

Besides pointing out mistakes and sharing comments/feedback, website annotators also provide editing services to users. You can count on these tools to make necessary adjustments in a document.

It’s one of the most widely used collaboration technologies as it finds application in nearly all fields of life. Educational institutes, data analysts, bankers, content writers, web developers, and more often use website annotators as it helps them to connect easily.

Features of Website Annotator

Below are some of the features of a good website annotator:

13 Best Website Annotation Tools

Here are some reliable website annotation tools to use in 2022:

1. Maker.io

Maker.io Interface

Maker.io Interface

Maker.io tops our list as the best website annotation tool. This simple yet effective collaboration tool lets you connect with clients on web design and development projects. It enables you to share & receive feedback from clients without restrictions.

This tool lets you collaborate by taking screenshots of your desired web page in several dimensions, annotating the resulting image, and sharing them with the necessary party. It has quality website screenshot annotation features like freehand drawing tools, pencils, shapes, and more.

Maker.io integrates with several third-party work management tools, such as Monday.com, Slack, Jira, Notion, and more. It’s one of the best platforms to track bug fixes. It allows you to mark feedback as resolved or opened, so your clients or teammates can confirm the progress of a project or task. Maker.io lives as a widget on all browsers, including Chrome. Thus, it’s non-installable.

Maker.io Features

Maker.io Pros

Maker.io Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Maker.io

Maker.io Pricing



User Rating: N/A

2. Filestage

Filestage Interface

Filestage Interface

Filestage is another fantastic proofing system that lets you collaborate on any document and review them without hassles. This all-in-one platform enables you to manage, organize and track project progress. It allows you to exchange files with teammates and clients, send & revive feedback, set due dates, and more.

Filestage enables you to annotate reviewed files with complete ease. It’s designed with a streamlined interface that allows you to compare reviewed document versions so as to improve workflow. You can also cross-check media files such as videos, audio, and images. Website review isn’t left out, as the platform offers excellent services to users.

Due to the automated feature, users can track reviewed file status conveniently. Filestage notifies every member on your dashboard of work progress, so you know whether a project is approved or pending. Other collaborative features include assigning roles and granting permissions to members, solid end-to-end encryption, huge storage capacity, and more.

Filestage Features

Filestage Pros

Filestage Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Filestage

Filestage Pricing



User Rating

3. NoteLedge

Noteledge Interface

Noteledge Interface

With Noteledge, you can annotate website screenshots of your choice without minimum stress. Content writers and designers employ the services of this program to capture ideas, review documents, send and respond to feedback, and more. It’s one of the most straightforward tools to optimize the creative process in any organization.

Noteledge comes with moon-style boards for organizing, managing, and viewing projects. It makes project management flexible as it allows you to arrange projects in order of priority and due dates. This website annotator lets you remotely collaborate with customers, clients, and business partners.

Quickly export or share information feedback in PDF formats with ease. It allows you to embed multimedia files in comments or feedback. Additionally, you can use it to create slideshows and share them with necessary parties.

NoteLedge Features

NoteLedge Pros

NoteLedge Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with NoteLedge

NoteLedge Pricing

User Rating

4. Nimbus

Nimbus Interface

Nimbus Interface

Nimbus is another excellent tool packaged with powerful collaborative features. Countless businesses and teams worldwide rely on this advanced technology to connect the dots required to complete a project. With this platform, you can connect from anywhere freely and quickly. It provides you with client portals where you collaborate and interacts with clients.

Besides collaboration, Nimbus can function as a knowledge-based management system as it helps you track and control projects at a remarkably high speed. Also, it offers project management services. Nimbus allows you to create, track and organize projects. Write and manage ideas with the built-in note feature tucked into this website annotator.

You can connect Nimbus to several marketing tools to interact with corresponding clients or customers. Thanks to the robust integration with tools. The comprehensive user interface lets you navigate smoothly.

Nimbus Feature

Nimbus Pros

Nimbus Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Nimbus

Nimbus Pricing



User Rating

5. Monosnap

Screen Recording Software for Mac - Monosnap

Monosnap Interface

Monosnap is a top-rated tool that remote teams and experts use to connect and manage projects. It lets you capture noteworthy ideas you find on your display screen, annotate the results, and share them with teammates. Monosnap is loaded with rich annotating features that you can use to edit, add comments, and feedback to files.

Additionally, it’s a wonderful screen recording program as it allows you to record onscreen events and export them to your desired audience or party. You can also record GIFs using this tool as it supports the feature. This program makes team collaboration more accessible and quicker than ever before.

To help retain your computer’s memory space, Monosnap offers cloud storage where you export recordings for future reference. Users are eligible to upload files on cloud storage services like Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. You can also connect your Zoom, FTP, and Amazon S3 accounts to Monosnap.

Monosnap Features

Monosnap Pros

Monosnap Limitations

Monosnap Pricing

User Rating

6. Wipster

Wipster Interface

Wipster Interface

Creative teams looking for a simple program that offers excellent real-time collaboration services employ Wipster. This is one of the most innovative tools for sharing reviews, feedback, or comments on specific projects. It lets you proofread any project with high accuracy. Gather projects, distribute amongst teammates for review, adjust & verify changes, then confirm approved versions- all in one place.

Wipster makes collaboration fun and interesting for remote teams. It lets everyone connect with each other conveniently without leaving their comfort zones.  It’s an easy-to-manage tool that enables you to share feedback in many ways; video, audio, text, and images. This tool is well-curated with a SOC 2 Type 2 certified security feature.

It connects perfectly with other tools you use. Box, BrightCove, Adobe Premiere Pro, Slack, Wistia, and more are some of them. You can also connect your Facebook and YouTube social media accounts to Wipster for quick collaboration with team members. Wipster is nicely priced to meet every customer’s demands. So you don’t have to worry about the subscription packages as they are affordable.

Wipster Features

Wipster Pros

Wipster Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Wipster

Wipster Pricing



User Rating

7. RevNote

RevNote Overview

RevNote Overview

RevNote is a centralized system that lets you read, review, compare and contrast PDF documents and web pages easily and quickly. It enables you to highlight crucial information needed to optimize your knowledge base conveniently. RevNote offers color tags you can select from to highlight and categorize your text accordingly.

Use the advanced search feature to filter unnecessary keywords and quickly access crucial highlights to focus better. RevNote has Web Clipper- an intelligent feature designed to help you clip helpful information you find in an article. This cloud-based tool lets you digest articles quickly as it supports note-taking.

RevNote Features

RevNote Pros

RevNote Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with RevNote

RevNote Pricing

User Rating

8. Memex

Memex Interface

Memex Interface

Memex is another website annotation tool curated for you to markup, brainstorm, and share ideas on projects. It has a variety of collaborative features to ensure that you connect with colleagues without difficulty. It helps you work faster on projects by slashing the time taken to complete them.

With this tool, you don’t have to copy and paste content before sharing feedback. Simply annotate the content by highlighting the text and embedding your comment. Memex allows you to annotate web pages & PDFs conveniently.

Memex Features

Memex Pros

Memex Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Memex

Memex Pricing

User Rating

Product Hunt: 4.8/5 (8 reviews)

AlternativeTo: 3.8/5 (6 reviews)

9. Snagit

Snagit Interface

Snagit Interface

Snagit is a fully-featured screen-capturing tool equipped with great collaboration features. It lets you take screenshots, edit, annotate and share results with colleagues. Additionally, you can capture recordings with this simple tool. The interface is tailored so that novices can navigate it without requesting assistance from a third party.

Snagit Features

Snagit Pros

Snagit Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Snagit

Snagit Pricing

User Rating

10. GoVisually

Design Collaboration Tool - GoVisually

Design Collaboration Tool – GoVisually

GoVisually Interface

GoVisually Interface

For organizations looking for a simple proofing solution that offers great services to end-users, GoVisually is an amazing option. As the name implies, it lets you visualize feedback directly on web pages and PDF formats. You are also allowed to share comments via videos.

It lets you connect unlimited reviewers on similar projects, gather feedback, and adjust errors accordingly. This tool helps you stay on track with reviews and deadlines by sending real-time updates on review progress. GoVisually supports mobile and web versions. It enables you to connect via various platforms such as Slack, Zapier, Woo, Monday.com, and more.

GoVisually Features

GoVisually Pros

GoVisually Limitations

Steps to Annotate with GoVisually

GoVisually Pricing



User Rating

11. Zoho Annotator

Zoho Annotator

Zoho Annotator

Zoho Annotator is one of the most elegant web extensions established to help you add or share comments on reviewed web pages. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to capture and illustrate your thoughts on specific web design projects easily and quickly.

It makes project proofing simple and quick, so you don’t spend much time formatting. Zoho Annotator is fully featured with fantastic markup tools that let you share informative feedback. For instance, the highlighter tool enables you to select content and add comments. Wish to share private feedback? Zoho Annotator enables you to conceal confidential details

Zoho Annotator Features

Zoho Annotator Pros

Zoho Annotator Limitations

Steps to Annotate with Zoho Annotator

Zoho Annotator Pricing: Free

User Rating

12. BugHerd

BugHerd Interface

BugHerd Interface

BugHerd is another high-quality collaboration tool that lets you review web pages effortlessly. It lets you gather reports regarding specific projects from teammates, adjust errors accordingly, and more without stress. This bug tracker provides you with different options to share feedback. Users can choose to record their screens, take screenshots, and annotate results to give feedback.

It helps you track feedback in Kanban-style boards, so you can quickly monitor your team’s progress on each project work. BugHerd plays perfectly with other project management systems, including Slack, WordPress, Zapier, Jira, GitHub, and others. Users are offered a 14-day trial period to get acquainted with this platform.

BugHerd bug tracker is easy to manage as the web interface is clean and straightforward. It’s the best fit for collecting client feedback about web applications. It’s very efficient for tracking bug attacks because of its essential features.

BugHerd Features

BugHerd Pros

BugHerd Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with BugHerd

BugHerd Pricing



User Rating

13. Spade

Spade Interface

Spade Interface

Spade is another nicely designed tool that lets you draw out and pen down ideas anywhere, any time. With this annotating system, you can easily collaborate with colleagues on any web development or web design projects. This free extension tool comes with several annotating options, such as a pen, highlighter, callout box, and more for you to share feedback.

It has a dope dashboard so that you can manage all projects in one place. Spade enables you to summarize long-form articles  with ease, and that’s because of the smart AI feature tucked into it. Easily find the meaning of unfamiliar words using the vocab feature.

Spade Features

Spade Pros

Spade Limitations

Steps to Annotate Website with Spade

Spade Pricing

User Rating

Final Words

Collaborating effectively on a web design project requires a simple yet powerful tool that connects all necessary parties. Here we’ve listed the best 13 web annotation tools. Do you have any suggestions regarding the list? Kindly share feedback in the comment section.


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