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Top 10 Annotation Tools 2023


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Every day, billions of photographs and papers are posted on the internet, each capturing a potentially helpful aspect of our surroundings. And who doesn’t like well-drawn artwork or a visually attractive image with extra information dispersed by well-written text? Keeping your creative team on the same page while developing an image or generating a document where everything is meant to be in the appropriate position is not a simple process.

Best Annotation Tools

Best Annotation Tools

Although this can be done manually, it will take a long time and may confuse you. In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t afford to spend time on such things when tools for annotating are accessible. However, if you’re unaware of the Best Annotation Tool, you’ve reached the right spot. In this article, you’ll discover some of the finest tools for annotation in 2023. Let’s get going!

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Table of Contents:

What is an Annotation Tool?

10 Best Annotation Software

Frequently Asked Questions on Annotation Tools

What is an Annotation Tool?

Annotation tools, also known as text or drawing tools, enable us to annotate videos, documents, screenshots, or images with additional information. With annotation tools, you can annotate various types of material. You can use annotation tools in a diverse collection of database kinds. You are free to use them in various forms, such as a whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation, to convey the material that was picked.

In addition, a content reviewer can give thorough and meaningful comments by using the numerous commenting and marking tools included in an annotation tool. These tools include lines, arrows, squares, and ovals, as well as the ability to select text. Also, you can mix various annotating techniques to provide more detailed instructions on a single annotation.

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10 Best Annotation Software

Wondering what the best annotation software is? You’ll find the answers in this section. You can create many different sorts of annotations on your pdf or document files. Text and image annotation is the most prevalent kind of annotation. But using an annotation tool, you can perform other annotations as well. This section covers the ten best annotation tools available in the market in 2022, which include:

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a robust application with annotation tools, PDF transformation, and editing capabilities. With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can read PDF documents, comment on them, modify them, share them, add virtual sticky notes, and email files to friends and colleagues. PDFs are often used in business to communicate crucial papers, but they may be tough to alter, which Adobe makes relatively simple.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Interface

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Interface

You may simply annotate PDFs and make changes using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC without worrying about compatibility with other tools. You can add annotations in the form of comments, highlighting, or creating shapes with your mouse cursor on the page.

It is an absolute need for every company or organization that wants to create sophisticated documents or give reports. Furthermore, there are endless projects to work on inside the application, and you can be certain that all of your work will be under one cover, making it that much simpler and easy.

Acrobat Pro DC Key Features:

Acrobat Pro DC Pros:

Acrobat Pro DC Cons:

Acrobat Pro DC Price:

Acrobat Pro DC User Ratings:

2. Markup

Markup is a free visual commenting tool for collecting comments on your website, PDFs, and photos. It’s ideal for streamlining the creative process to make life simpler. You may work with almost anything, from PDF documents to website content. Markup allows you to collaborate with your complete team in one spot. It also simplifies the document evaluation procedure. Markup has an AI Auto Summary tool for quickly summarizing all of your work.

Best Annotation Tool Markup

Best Annotation Tool Markup

You can keep summaries on your device for later use in evaluating and adjusting your process. Furthermore, Markup is an excellent annotation tool for business executives and students who need to review and summarize their work swiftly.

Markup Key Feature:

Markup Pros:

Markup Cons:

Markup Price:

Markup User Ratings:

3. Filestage

Filestage is a popular annotation tool for assessing information before sharing it with your peers or coworkers. In the organizational model, marketing businesses use this platform, media production organizations, and marketing teams. Because it enables you to share your notes with others, the application is ideal for collaboration.

Filestage Interface

Filestage Interface

The Filestage annotation tool is a simple, web-based application for annotating PDF documents. You may add text, mark crucial portions, and leave your comments. It may also be utilized to get material proofed inside your team or from internal and external stakeholders engaged in your company or project development process. Furthermore, the reviewing tools enable other colleagues to directly analyses and discuss the information in real-time, removing the need to send them a mail for assessment directly.

Filestage Key Features:

Filestage Pros:

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Filestage Price:

Filestage User Ratings

4. ClickUp

ClickUp, a web-based platform, provides the ability to establish new projects, oversee existing ones, and work together on them. It is perfect for individuals and businesses of any size with a mobile or tablet application. The software was developed for anybody who needs assistance coordinating their work with their coworkers on various projects or managing their own work. It is well suited for individuals starting their enterprises, sales teams, freelancers, and many more.

Clickup Interface

ClickUp Interface

ClickUp is web-based program management and collaboration application that gives users a simple method to organize their work. ClickUp also allows users to share documents and files. The basic version of ClickUp is available for groups of up to five members. In addition, it boasts a lengthy list of delighted customers, including companies such as Samsung and IBM, as well as booking.com.

ClickUp Key Features:

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ClickUp Price:

ClickUp User Ratings:

5. Markup Hero

You may annotate photos and PDFs with arrows, objects, and text using the annotation tool known as Markup Hero, which is quick and simple. You don’t need to download or install any software to use Markup Hero since it allows you to annotate PDFs and photos in a flash. In addition, they provide apps for Chrome, MacOS, and Linux, and they also give a free plan, making it an extremely handy option.

Markup Hero Interface

Markup Hero Interface

It is a tool for annotating websites, and its primary purpose is to assist web content writers and online marketers in publishing and sharing their work on the internet. Because of the nature of this tool, you and the other team members will be able to annotate and collaborate on information more easily.

Markup Hero Key features:

Markup Hero Pros:

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Markup Hero Price:

Markup Hero User Ratings:

6. NoteLedge

NoteLedge is well-known for its function as a digital notepad, which creative professionals may use for inspiration and creative processing. Additionally, the application’s multimedia features enable the thrilling construction of mood boards. NoteLedge is a versatile workspace that enables you to organize the pages and layers of your data in the manner that best suits your needs.

Best Annotation Tool - Noteledge

Best Annotation Tool – NoteLedge

Sketching tools are among the most popular features among NoteLedge’s users. The platform makes it possible to connect with projects in a way that has never been possible. In addition, you may collaborate with your coworkers and customers to develop high-quality presentation material and exchange files and ideas.

NoteLedge Key features

NoteLedge Pros

NoteLedge Cons

NoteLedge Price:

NoteLedge User Ratings:

7. PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator is suitable for individuals looking for a specialized tool to handle most PDF document functions. Several capabilities may help with PDF editing, review, and enhancement. It also has numerous useful tools to aid with the editing process. You may annotate content with text boxes or sticky notes, highlight text sections, and draw shapes on the page. All of your PDF edits and additions are preserved inside the tool.

Pdf Annotator Interface

Pdf Annotator Interface

PDF Annotator is simple to use and has several features that set it apart from other annotation tools. It also provides a free trial to test it out before purchasing. Furthermore, you do not have to be concerned about others or yourself being unable to view your annotations inside the page. Moreover, you can use the PDF tool to see your altered PDFs.

PDF Annotator Key Features

PDF Annotator Pros

PDF Annotator Cons

PDF Annotator Price:

PDF Annotator User Ratings:

8. Annotate

Annotate is a top-tier annotation tool for making real-time document collaboration a breeze. Annotate is a unified, secure platform that enables better document interaction to get everyone on the same page. It is a platform for document collaboration that may be utilized from the start of your document annotation process to the finish when you need to present your content to your target audience.

Annotate Interface

Annotate Interface

It has an easy-to-use interface and enough annotation tools to be a jackknife for all your text and picture editing requirements. Annotate, designed to be a single, safe platform for people to collaborate, allows cross-organizational staff to collaborate on the same document while saving time and resources.

Annotate Key Features:

Annotate Pros:

Annotate Cons:

Annotate Price:

Annotate User Ratings:

9. Doccano

Doccano is another leading annotation tool utilized by machine learning practitioners specializing in the in-text annotation. The program also supports machine translation, allowing you to translate documents into the languages of your choice quickly. Not many professional open-source data annotation tools can offer great optimization, but Doccano can, and it shows.

Doccano Interface

Doccano Interface

Doccano, on the other hand, is one of the finest text tools for users who do not have a background in programming but need to understand how to manually label data in the same way that individuals with industry experience do. Moreover, it enables you to annotate text files in various languages. Doccano is an excellent text editor for web developers, allowing them to complete tasks quickly and effectively.

Doccano Key features:

Doccano Pros:

Doccano Cons:

Doccano Price:

Doccano User Ratings:

10. Drawboard

Drawboard is an excellent PDF markup tool that allows you to highlight various areas of your project or material using smaller tools such as polygon and text. You may use digital ink to annotate different sorts of documents you’re composing and presenting to customers, peers, or colleagues.

Drawboard Interface

Drawboard Interface

The PDF editing tool is straightforward to use and browse. It includes several pictures resizing options, tools for rotating, inserting, cropping, and removing pages, and drawing tools. The features of Drawboard Projects are better suited to team collaborations. PDF markups, drawings, and revisions are among the beneficial capabilities.

Drawboard Projects features benefit industry experts such as architects and engineers who need to add details to home plans, drainage systems, and so on, but may be used by any industry professional to exchange files.

Drawboard Key Features

Drawboard Pros

Drawboard Cons

Drawboard Price:

Drawboard User Ratings:

Frequently Asked Questions on Annotation Tools

What are the key features of an annotation tool?

Some features you should look for while selecting an annotation tool are its annotation methods, price, database management, and work security. Annotation methods tell you how it can annotate the PDF or image, price is essential for obvious reasons, and you wouldn’t wish for anyone to see your work other than your teammates.

What is the best annotation tool for PDF annotation?

The best annotation tool for PDF annotation in our list is PDF annotator. It allows you to edit, review and annotate the PDF with ease. It also has numerous useful tools to aid with the editing process. Moreover, you can also annotate with text boxes and sticky notes using this tool.

What is the tool that web developers can use for annotation?

Doccano is the best tool to use if you’re a web developer looking to annotate your documents. It supports machine translation, allowing you to translate documents into the languages of your choice quickly. Even people with no coding sense can easily use this tool.

Final Words

Annotation of the online documents has become necessary for people to review and edit them. Using the annotations, people can give proper feedback to the documents online. And there are multiple tools available that allow users to annotate, review, and edit PDFs or other documents with ease. Moreover, after reading this article, we hope you’ve found the Best Annotation Tool.


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