Working from home has become more and more commonplace in the latest several years. Working remotely is a lifelong ambition for many people. However, working from home has its drawbacks, and these drawbacks are exacerbated when remote employees and students are required to work with their coworkers and classmates.

To keep productivity and morale high, teams will require solutions that allow them to meet online, interact in real-time, and operate as if they were still in the same office. Therefore, here we will introduce the best collaboration tools to enhance your workability in today’s environment.

Best Collaboration Tools

Best Collaboration Tools

How Does a Collaboration Tool Help People to Collaborate?

According to analysts, the market for collaboration software is expected to grow to $13.58 billion by 2024. As technology advances and the number of people working remotely increases due to COVID-19, there is an increasing need for collaboration software. They can lead to productive teamwork for the following reason:

What Are the 4 Types of Collaboration Tools?

There exist four types of collaborations tool such as;

Roadmap Collaboration Tools

Anxiety-inducing is the idea of organizing and carrying out a whole project or product launching. However, several specialist tools can help you organize a product or project’s lifecycle and plan your company’s long-term objectives.

Time Management Collaboration Tools

It’s hard enough to keep track of all you need to get done. Still, when you include unexpected events and overlapping deadlines, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Time management solutions like meeting scheduler apps help people stay on top of their to-do lists and track their schedules by breaking down work into manageable chunks and giving reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Organized Collaboration Tools

It might be difficult to track down and debate confirmed choices or meeting ideas. Ideas and brainstorming might become disorganized if these goods are not kept in order.

Communicative Collaborative Tools

You don’t appreciate searching through extensive email threads looking for one phrase of confirmation, and no one enjoys it. Communication tools can promote rapid peer-to-peer interactions instead of minimizing the need for more formal and long-form technologies.

13 Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

In this part, we will review the best possible tools on the market for remote teams that can allow them to collaborate better:


After that, there’s GitLab, a DevOps platform that aims to provide a single centralized platform where development teams can easily cooperate, acquire viability, and interact more quickly and effectively. GitLab can accommodate you with various options depending on your needs and budget.

You get unlimited repositories and collaborators with their free plan. It’s possible that switching to a subscription plan would provide you with more comprehensive functionality and features.

Gitlab Interface

Gitlab Interface

Outstanding GitLab Features for Your Collaboration

How Can GitLab Help You to Be Collaborative?

Team productivity, development expenses, and vulnerability risks are all reduced thanks to the application.

Pricing: Free to $19 per month.


The following application – Meetgeek is an artificial intelligence meeting assistant that will take the online meetings that your team has to the next level. How? It relieves guests from having to take notes or transcribe thoughts during the call, it enables them to concentrate more fully on the primary topic being discussed.

By recording every aspect with real-time translation in addition to recordings and notes just after a meeting, Meetgeek improves performance, increases productivity, and fosters the exchange of information.

Meeting Collaboration - Meetgeek

Meeting Collaboration – Meetgeek

Outstanding Meetgeek Features:

How Can Meetgeek Help You to Be Collaborative?

A keyword search that covers all your meeting recordings will allow you to travel back in time and locate what you’re searching for in your post-meeting transcripts.

Pricing: Free to $19 per month.

Troop Messenger

If you are seeking a solution that helps teams collaborate and brings members of those teams together in a common environment where they can speak and discuss business, Troop Messenger is the ideal solution for you. It can manage task updates through messaging, calling, and screen sharing.

For companies to function, people need to be able to interact with one another. Because of this, this incredible work collaboration tool provides a great bridge of communication between its internal teams and the consumers with its guest user function, which is called the Orange Member.

Instant Communicate Tool - Troop Messenger

Instant Communicate Tool – Troop Messenger

Outstanding Troop Messenger Features:

How Can Troop Messenger Help You to Be Collaborative?

The Troop Messenger UI is littered with great search filters. This means more productive work time for teams since it allows them to access whatever they need with a single user action.

Pricing: Free to $2.50 per month.


Blink is a single collaboration platform that enables users to share files, modify those files, view those files, and work together in real-time. It combines on-site and remote workers into a single communications platform, which helps synchronize people, processes, and their interactions.

Think of it as a mobile virtual workplace that you can access wherever you are. The mobile app puts the workplace at your fingertips, providing access to secured data, company-wide conversations, an employee directory, workforce statistics, and more.

Collaboration Platform - Blink

Collaboration Platform – Blink

Outstanding Blink Features

How Can Blink Help You to Be Collaborative?

Using Blink, you can track how your employees interact with and implement the technology. Third-party tools such as Jira, Trello, and Office 365 can all be integrated with Blink.

Pricing: Free to $3.40 per month.


When you are looking for cloud collaboration tools that help you to store information in the cloud, Dropbox is a well-known brand name. The company was founded more than a decade ago. Dropbox is still one of the most cost-effective options for cloud storage available today, despite having more than half a billion users worldwide.

Because the program is so effective at transporting and storing information on the cloud, it is very obvious that it has the potential to be an excellent collaboration software for you and the remote team that you work with. Let’s have a look at all of the capabilities that are available to us via the use of this program.

File Management - Dropbox

File Management – Dropbox

Outstanding Dropbox Features

How Can Dropbox Help You to Be Collaborative?

Dropbox offers massive file storage and external data sharing that help you be collaborative compared to the others.

Pricing: Free to $11.35 per month.


A few of the apps that were just described as being the best for internal communication among you and your team members. However, what is the situation like when it comes to customer conversations?

If you are in the business of making sales, you should be aware of the significance that it has for the retention of customers when they have access to customer assistance that is both efficient and prompt.

Communication Collaboration - HelpCrunch

Communication Collaboration – HelpCrunch

Outstanding HelpCrunch Features

How Can HelpCrunch Help You to Be Collaborative?

All your communication requirements can be taken care of, from emails to live chats to developing a knowledge base or putting up online lectures. It’s a lightning-fast program.

Pricing: Free to $15 per month.


You’ve undoubtedly heard about Zoom if you haven’t lived under a rock for the last six months. Apps like this had recently taken the globe by storm. It is one of the best solutions for remote teams to utilize for collaboration.

Over 300,000 people have given it a positive rating on Apple’s App Store, while another 90,000 have given it a positive review on Google Play. It is now the most popular app globally, with more than 13 million monthly users.

Meeting Tool - Zoom

Meeting Tool – Zoom

Outstanding Zoom Features

How Can Zoom Help You to Be Collaborative?

Even with 1,000 people on a call, it’s clear that this tool can handle your distant teams’ communication demands.



Filestage is an all-in-one online proofreading system that aids teams in expediting the assessment and approval of their work. Colleagues and customers can remark and annotate files in real-time on the site to gather and debate feedback.

Additional features include job automation, workflow customization, and in-built file versioning. This application allows customers and coworkers to easily provide comments on the text, picture, video, and audio files.

Workflow Tracking - Filestage

Workflow Tracking – Filestage

Outstanding Filestage Features

How Can Filestage Help You to Be Collaborative?

Filestage makes it simple to keep track of all your evaluations in one location, allowing you to go through the approval process more quickly and efficiently.

Pricing: Free to $89 per month.


Next up on the list is the incredible software known as ProofHub. This software was developed with large teams in mind, specifically those that do not wish to spend more than a couple hundred dollars each month on fully-featured project management and collaborative tool. ProofHub was built specifically with these teams in mind.

The fact that this program does not impose additional fees for each additional team member that makes use of it is among its many impressive features. Instead, the program will charge you a one-time fixed fee, after which you can add an infinite number of users to the software at no further cost.

Notion Alternative - ProofHub


Outstanding ProofHub Features

How Can ProofHub Help You to Be Collaborative?

ProofHub will make you more collaborative with your team with its dynamic workflow, product road-mapping, and templates. Make sure to check this one out!

Pricing: Free to $45 per month.


Nuclino is a unified workspace where remote teams can put all their knowledge, documents, and projects together in one location based on the concept of a collective brain. Collaboration via the Internet has never been easier or more efficient, thanks to this cutting-edge, no-frills solution.

Your company’s knowledge base can be built, documents shared and collaborated on in real-time, projects and tasks managed, and onboarded new remote workers can all be done. Your documents and projects can be organized in a manner that works best for you using the list, board, and graph views.



Outstanding Nuclino Features

How Can Nuclino Help You to Be Collaborative?

With only the tools you need to get the job done, the user experience is simple, clutter-free, and distraction-free. When it comes to getting started, this makes it easier for newbies.

Pricing: Free to $5 per month.

Tips: If you want to listen to YouTube, you can record audio or music from YouTube.

The program known as comes in at number two on the list of fantastic software for managing projects and collaborating with others.

Because it has rapidly become one of the most talked-about pieces of software in this category, even though it is one of the most recent software applications to be made available on the market. Integration with the following business-related applications, such as Slack, is simple with Google Drive, Gmail, Jira, etc.

Outstanding Monday Features

How Can Monday Help You to Be Collaborative?

Using pre-created templates, you can set up your project tasks and procedures in a matter of moments.

Pricing: Free to $39 per month.


An excellent project management solution can be found in nTask, which is organized to handle the cooperation of remote teams. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your needs. This saves time for project and task managers who don’t need to deal with the tedium of desktop client setup. The cloud-based project data storage makes it even more convenient to utilize the application anywhere.

Overall, nTask can help your team become more productive and value-creating in weeks or months, depending on your requirements. Let’s take a closer look at what this incredible software offers regarding essential features.

nTask Manager

nTask Manager

Outstanding nTask Features

How Can nTask Help You to Be Collaborative?

Regarding project management software, this program is ideal for freelancers, remote agencies, and small teams who depend on it for their companies to run.

Pricing: Free to $8 per month business subscription.


Instagantt may be the software of choice for you if you want a collaboration solution that enables your complete team to keep track of the progress of the project without having too many features confuse you.

To ensure that onboarding does not take too long, Instagantt is a Gantt chart solution that offers many functions without being overwhelmed with sophisticated functionality.



Outstanding Instagantt Features

How Can Instagantt Help You to Be Collaborative?

Keep track of your work using tools like version tracking and timelines. You can add a client to the chart with read-only privileges so that no one is afraid of accidentally modifying anything.

Pricing: Free to $5 per month.

7 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Students

In this section, we will be discussing the best tools that will help the students to collaborate online:


If your team is constantly switching between several applications in meetings, Around is a great solution. Workspaces are represented by the interface rather than the one conference table.

Meetings can be organized in advance, or breakout “rooms” can be set up to allow users to collaborate with others as they work. Auto-zooming in on your face and shoulders and cropping the majority of the backdrop are two features of Around’s AI-based camera framing that reduces unnecessary space.

Student Collaboration - Around

Student Collaboration – Around

Outstanding Features of Around

How Can Around Collaboration Tool Help You?

No matter what you’re working on, you can start meetings with just the press of a button. You also can automatically transmit meeting notes to everyone, allowing them to catch up without going through their email.

Pricing: Free to Use.


Using Trello, you can replace your workplace whiteboard and all those Excel files with one simple application. This strategy is transformed into a collection of digital cards using Trello.

Kanban, created at a Toyota plant in the 1940s, is the system’s foundation. Kanban, a popular project management method, divides tasks into “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” categories, just like Trello does it.



Outstanding Features of Trello

How Can Trello Help You?

Trello converts this strategy into a collection of digital prompt cards. Each card might represent a different project. It can be filled with relevant sub-projects or deliverables, checklists, and continuing communication.

Pricing: Free to $17.50 per month.

Tips: If you are using Trello, you may also be interested in some top Trello alternatives for your productivity.


You have heard that long-running television series have something called a “bible.” These tangible reference guides often contain the program’s history and creative procedures, worn down and dirty with the fingerprints of previous and current contributors.

Notion serves as a private and encrypted online wiki and is essentially your company’s digital bible. It replaces the shared understanding from working in the same physical location for remote teams.



Outstanding Features of Notion

How Can Notion Help You?

It is a location where procedure, process, standards, and branding can be recorded and referred to, keeping everyone on the same page.

Pricing: Free to $5 per month.


Slack does allow for the exchange of messages, files, and emojis. There are a variety of other applications you can use it for as well. Slack shines asynchronously and when you’re all working together in real-time.

It’s like having a virtual office where you know when your colleagues are offline, in a meeting, too busy to respond, or eating a snack while waiting for an update.

Slack Interface

Slack Interface

Outstanding Features of Slack

How Can Slack Help You?

When it’s time to collaborate, Slack enables notification preferences, status updates, and many rich profiles to help the users.

Pricing: Free to $12 per month.


Think of Basecamp as an asynchronous communication center for distributed teams. You can build complex project postings, connect to critical corporate documents, and assign tasks to various teams or people.

When everyone is working remotely, it might be difficult to monitor progress and see how individuals are doing, but Basecamp makes it easier to stay on track with all that needs to be done.



Outstanding Features of Basecamp

How Can Basecamp Collaboration Tool Help You?

Each job is organized into its project, and inside each project is stored all of the information pertinent to that task, including who is working on it, every conversation you’ve had about it, every file submitted, and every forthcoming deadline.

Pricing: Free to $99 per month for Business.


Time tracking is critical for businesses and many distributed teams. It is also indispensable for ensuring everyone is on the same page about their tasks and responsibilities.

Timely can cut the amount of time reported by 75 percent and offer remote employees a comprehensive and objective perspective of their day due to the software’s ability to capture everything they work on automatically.

Time Tracking Tool - Timely

Time Tracking Tool – Timely

Outstanding Features of Timely

How Can Timely Collaboration Tool Help You?

Fortunately, Timely can minimize time reporting by 75% and offer remote employees a thorough, objective perspective of their day by continuously documenting everything you work on.

Pricing: Free to $25 per month.


Airtable is a tool that can be fully customized, making it ideal for use by detail-oriented, distributed teams who value their ability to maintain organization while working together.

Memory uses this tool, which is excellent for organizing and indexing jobs, to gather feature pitches for our products and then rank them in order of importance.



Outstanding Features of Airtable

How Can Airtable Collaboration Tool Help You?

Assigning project tasks depending on urgency can be done using the built-in dashboard. You can see project statuses, create personal views, tag and assign tasks to others, and post comments from any location at any time.

Pricing: Free to $10 per month.

Related Questions About Collaborative Works

How can online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork?

Using online collaboration, organizations can ensure that all members of a project’s team can communicate effectively at all times. When teams collaborate online, there are additional opportunities for communication. Keeping a project on track is easier with the help of virtual chat rooms, video conferencing, and online meetings.

What is the most common collaborative tool?

Among the most commonly used collaborative tools, Slack, Timely, Meetgeek, and ProofHub are worthy of mention. This software ensures time minimization, saves time, and allows room for more creativity.

Final Words

To get by with just email, the occasional to-do list, and video conferencing is no longer an ‘enough’ option. Working together with other people is advantageous not only for any company or a student who’s working online and also for the workers individually.

Tools for collaboration give your team more room to develop and encourage creative problem-solving, both of which can spark new ideas for the workplace.


The Gemoo Team is committed to building products that help people effectively communicate and collaborate.