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[2023] Top 12 Website Feedback Tools


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There are various people who develop website or online platforms for marketing their products or services, but can’t publicize them well. Sometimes the reason for the downfall can be less engagement of the people towards your website or it is not user-friendly. In such scenarios, it suffers a downfall, which you can retain by making people let you know what they like about your website or whatnot by filling up just a website feedback form. This website feedback form, survey, questionnaire, etc. can be created using the website feedback tool.

Website Feedback Tools

Website Feedback Tools

If you are stuck in such a situation and don’t know how to uplift your business or you want to know what people are unable to understand about your website, you must use the website feedback tool for the same. Here, in this article, we will review various online feedback tools that you can use to improve the productivity of your work and the efficiency of your website as well as of your business.

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What Is a Website Feedback Tool?

Top 12 Online Feedback Tools

1. TrustPilot

2. Feedbackify

3. Reevoo

4. UserReport

5. Typeform

6. SurveySparrow

7. KiyOh

8. Birdeye

9. SurveyMonkey

10. AskNicely

11. Hotjar

12. Popupsmart

What Is a Website Feedback Tool?

Developers and company owners can learn what users like and hate about the user engagement on their website by using a website feedback tool. In order to deliver a flawless customer experience from beginning to end, website feedback tools can also uncover bug issues that might discourage customers at the point of transaction or during any other point in the purchasing process.

Since there are numerous online feedback tools available to assist with gathering and analyzing input, obtaining this crucial feedback has become increasingly approachable to businesses of all kinds. Some even include useful integration features to make working with hybrid workers and coworkers easier. Without the aid of digital tools, the technical process of managing and analyzing feedback can be nearly impossible to distill into insights that can be put to use.

Top 12 Online Feedback Tools

You can use any of the below-mentioned website feedback tool to enhance your website and business with the review of genuine users.

1. TrustPilot

Online Feedback Tool - TrustPilot

Online Feedback Tool – TrustPilot

With the aid of the customer review management solution and website feedback tool Trustpilot, you can communicate with and gain the trust of current and potential clients. This optimizes your review gathering procedure, asks clients to offer input, and offers a dashboard to track the number of reviews gathered and reply to the evaluations.

Additionally, it provides widgets that can be added to websites to display excellent ratings and boost your online profile with Trustpilot. This can raise CTR and leads to paid advertising.

What Industry It Covers: User Rating

What is it Best For: There is no registration required to use the Trustpilot review site. By sharing your experiences, you can influence others to make wiser decisions and push businesses to improve.

2. Feedbackify

Online Feedback Tool - Feedbackify

Online Feedback Tool – Feedbackify

Another online feedback tool that prioritizes contextual feedback is Feedbackify. Visitors now have the option to share information and viewpoints directly on the website without leaving it or interfering with their browsing experience.

Visitors are not required to register or provide any personal data, which helps increase response rates. Even though you might not be able to identify respondents at all, this helps protect their anonymity.

What Industry It Covers: Website FeedBack

What is it Best For: Feedbackify is best for the companies who want online surveys/poll or are website dependent. It reduces input drop-out is an instant feedback process that doesn’t require website users to register.

3. Reevoo

Online Feedback Tool - Reevoo

Online Feedback Tool – Reevoo

ReeVoo is regarded as a high-end toolkit that provides users with general webshop reviews and evaluations of products. By using Reevoo, you are allowed to view product pages online. What’s more, you can filter product reviews in terms of your needs. And if you have more questions, you can also get more details by asking an owner.

What Industry It Covers: Website reviews and evaluation of company products

What is it Best For: Reevoo is best for uncovering in-depth company data and buy signals. It allows you to  monitor companies with custom lists and alerts

4. UserReport

Online Feedback Tool - UserReport

Online Feedback Tool – UserReport

UserReport is built on the foundation of two straightforward scenarios, a questionnaire, and a review panel. Running as an integrated component of a website or mobile app, it helps you to communicate directly with users and learn about who they are, exactly what they are searching for, and how you can better serve them.

The survey may be installed quickly and easily. Set up a profile, add your website, and paste the snippet of code into your website. Then, sit back and monitor the progress of your results. The amazing of the UserReport makes it best website feedback tool.

What Industry It Covers: Creating Questionnaire & Demographics

What is it Best For: It only takes a few minutes to install the feedback forum. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, add your website, and paste the code onto your page.

5. Typeform

Online Feedback Tool - Typeform

Online Feedback Tool – Typeform

The compilation of user-friendly forms, surveys, and polls is made possible by the online feedback tool known as TypeForm. With the many templates available, it facilitates the survey creation process, and the surveys may be created for a variety of business-focused goals, such lead generation.

Unlimited questions and answers, data export capabilities, pre-made templates, and custom-made themes are all included in Typeform’s free edition of the software.

What Industry It Covers: Creating quizzes and forms

What is it Best For: One of its best features is mobile surveys, which also has question splitting, bypass logic, and data analysis.

6. SurveySparrow

Online Feedback Tool - SurveySparrow

Online Feedback Tool – SurveySparrow

With SurveySparrow, you can create interactive surveys of any kind and in any language for any purpose. As it can create surveys in various languages you can get more replies than ever. This online feedback tool has one central location where you may easily access the combined performance. You can easily follow your customers where they are.

By planning and starting Response Management, you may encourage effective actions. Users can also get proactive assistance which makes it easier for them to complete the surveys. Resolve tracking allows you to convert responses into tickets automatically. Put a stylish end to the feedback loop.

What Industry It Covers: Automation and Case management

What is it Best For: The best part of SurveySparrow is it can build loyalty, promote use of solutions, and develop solutions. Use it to produce outstanding product experiences.

7. KiyOh

Online Feedback Tool - KiyOh

Online Feedback Tool – KiyOh

You may demonstrate to everyone the level of enthusiasm your customers have for your web shop by using Kiyoh’s website feedback tool. Online testimonials give potential consumers the assurance to place an order with you. Try out our simple system for yourself to see how it may help your online store. Reviews are the equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing on the internet!

What Industry It Covers: Customer Development

What is it Best For: Surveys and poll marketing plays a crucial role in B2C businesses.

8. Birdeye

Online Feedback Tool - Birdeye

Online Feedback Tool – Birdeye

Businesses with multiple locations can create excellent experiences at every stage of the customer journey thanks to Birdeye’s all-in-one Experience Marketing platform, which gives them the data and tools to do so. Birdeye interfaces with various software programs to make it simple to acquire new reviews automatically, be found online, communicate with every customer, and boost sales.

What Industry It Covers: Collect reviews and convert leads.

What is it Best For: To effectively know your audience, and collect feedback in real-time.

9. SurveyMonkey

Online Feedback Tool - SurveyMonkey

Online Feedback Tool – SurveyMonkey

You may quickly start gathering feedback by using the example survey templates provided by SurveyMonkey, the best website feedback tool. Investigate hundreds of inquiries across various survey formats, all intended to provide you with reliable findings. Maintaining employee engagement while providing superior client experiences. Create products with a great product-market fit that have a significant impact.

What Industry It Covers: Market Research

What is it Best For: SurveyMonkey is most suitable for online survey responses and advanced analytics.

10. AskNicely

Online Feedback Tool - AskNicely

Online Feedback Tool – AskNicely

The platform AskNicely is an online feedback tool that provides service companies with allows them to strengthen their frontline staff, improve every client interaction, and spur growth. all the tools your front-line staff require to consistently delight customers.

Find out how your company stacks up against the industry’s top service providers and what you can change to get higher on the scoreboard.

What Industry It Covers: Customer Feedback and Workflows

What is it Best For: AskNicely is best for creating short surveys so that the user didn’t get bored.

11. Hotjar

Online Feedback Tool - Hotjar

Online Feedback Tool – Hotjar

As one of the most popular website feedback tools in 2o22, Hotjar can present various user behaviors on your site, ranging from heatmaps, and users’ live playback, to users’ real-time feedback. It comes with feedback to quickly send that feedback over to your company and developers.

What Industry It Covers: Customer behavior tracking

What is it Best For: Hotjar is best for user analytics and insights

12. Popupsmart

Online Feedback Tool - Popupsmart

Online Feedback Tool – Popupsmart

You can collect product ideas with PopupSmart, another dependable and smart platform for client involvement and website feedback tool. Without incurring huge costs, you may scale up your brand development and repositioning efforts, sales opportunities, and customer service. It has statistics for tracking complaints as well as other features that provide useful information about your consumer base.

What Industry It Covers: Workflow Management

What is it Best For: PopupSmart is best for collecting surveys and boosting your e-commerce sales.

Final Thought

Here, we have listed top website feedback tool that you can use to make your website user-friendly and more engaging. These are the best tools as they have various features to create online surveys. If you find the article useful, please share it with your friends, and let us know in the comment box below which tool you found most useful.


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