Steps to Remove Image Background with AI


Upload an Image

You can upload an image by dragging and dropping or copying the image and image URL directly, with a maximum size of 2MB.


Select the Remove Models

To remove the background of an image with high quality, you can choose from three models: Universal model, Figure model, and Anime model.


Download & Further Editing

Download the new image as a PNG file with a transparent background, or you can continue editing it in the Online Image Editor.

Why Use Gemoo's AI Background Remover?


AI-based Background Remover

It utilizes artificial intelligence to seamlessly remove image backgrounds. The Universal, Figure, and Anime models have all undergone continuous optimization training. Once you select the corresponding model, it can automatically detect the main subject in the image and cut it out from the background, ensuring precise and professional results with minimal effort.


Remove Backgrounds for Any Images

Removing backgrounds from product photos, profile image, logos, signatures, or any other images is a breeze. By removing the background, you can seamlessly integrate the subject of the transparent background image into different designs, collages, or compositions. It is particularly used for e-commerce platforms, graphic design projects, marketing materials, and social media content.


Change Background Color Unlimitedly

The AI Background Changer is more than just a tool for removing image backgrounds. It also helps you further edit transparent background images. Whether you want to create passport photos, or achieve more transparent cutouts, it can be your ideal choice to replace the background with solid colors like white, red, green, or any image background color you prefer.

FAQs About AI Background Removal

Upload and export options for the AI Background Remover

· Supported upload formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG

· File size limits: Up to 2MB

· Export format: PNG (PNG is the most common file format that supports transparent backgrounds)

· Export Resolution: Export an image with the same resolution as your original picture, up to 1920x1080 pixels

What are the three background removal models used in the AI Background Remover?

We have segregated the models for universal model, figure model, and anime model, optimizing them individually to ensure high-quality transparent background images for each image type.


· Universal model: It is not specific to any particular category or subject, including all types of photos such as product images, signature, logo, graphic design, and collages, etc.

· Figure model: It is specifically designed for all images that contain people. Recognizing the intricate nature of the human body's physiological structure, it has been optimized specifically for this type of imagery, ensuring that the resulting pictures are of high quality.

· Anime model: It includes all images related to anime, particularly when using this model, anime character images can achieve better background removal effects.

How to Remove the Background from a Logo?

To remove the background of a logo, simply follow these steps:

1. Click the "Upload Image" button and select the logo.

2. Once the model is selected, the tool will automatically initiate the background removal process.

3. Voila! In just a moment, you will have a new image with the background removed, leaving your logo clean and ready to use.

Why would I need a transparent background?

A transparent background plays a crucial role in fulfilling various design purposes. It provides the capability to effortlessly integrate elements into diverse contexts, including websites, marketing materials, and multimedia projects. By utilizing a transparent background, you can create captivating cutouts or windows that invite viewers to look through and explore. Moreover, strategically manipulating the levels of transparency allows you to direct attention to specific parts of a design or selectively obscure elements, granting you greater control over the visual impact and storytelling potential of your work.

What are the benefits of background removal?

Background removal offers numerous benefits. It allows you to create clean and professional-looking images, remove distractions, and focus on the main subject. Background removal also enables seamless integration of subjects into different backgrounds, enhances visual appeal, and opens up creative possibilities for various applications.

What is the best ai background remover?

Gemoo's AI Photo Background Remover is an online tool that specializes in automated background removal. It uses sophisticated AI algorithms to accurately detect and remove backgrounds from images, delivering impressive results with just a few clicks.

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