How to Zoom in on Video

FocuSee offers an automatic zoom feature. It can track your mouse movement and automatically zoom in where your mouse clicks. When you start recording and make a click will trigger this feature. After the recording is complete, all the zooms will be displayed on the timeline.


You have full control over the duration and zoom level as you can adjust them using the zoom menu. Additionally, if you wish to manually add zooms, simply select the desired focus area within the view. With FocuSee’s automatic zoom feature, you have the power to bring your videos to life with captivating zoom effects.

Auto Zoom-in Effect

FocuSee will automatically zoom in where your mouse clicks. There is a track for “Zoom”, which represents the auto zoom effect generated by FocuSee during your recording process based on your mouse movements and click actions. These suggested zooms appear as blue rectangles on the timeline.

Add Zoom-in Effect Manually

If there are no clicks in the recording, FocuSee provides the option to manually add zooms at preferred timings to highlight specific areas and display desired information.


For instance, to ensure clear visibility of typing text, simply navigate to the zoom track and manually add a zoom at the precise timings.

Adjust the Zoom-in Effect

If you wish to make slight adjustments to the duration of zoom effects, simply drag the end of each zoom to your desired length.


For a smoother and more optimal experience, you can reduce the intensity of the zoom effect by adjusting the zoom level to the appropriate level.


1Disable zoom effect
2Adjust zoom level (from 1.0x to 4.0x)
3Apply the current settings to all zoom parts

In case the zoom doesn’t capture the desired area accurately, there’s no need to worry. You can easily slice the zoom into separate parts and manually pick the specific area you want to focus on.