How to Export the Video

Once your video is ready, don’t hesitate to export the final version. You can download the high-quality video to your computer. Additionally, you will have access to the video file history for your convenience.

Export the Video

Click the “Export” button to download the video. Simply choose the desired video format, resolution, and frame rate. You can also rename the video file and specify the saving location.

1Export format (Support MP4 and GIF)
2Resolution (720P, 1080P, 2K and 4K)
3Frame Rate (frames per second, the more FPS the smoother the video)
4Change the video name
5Choose the saving location

You can download only one video with a watermark before signing up. If you need to export more videos, please sign into your account.

File History

You can access the videos you’ve created and shared at any time. Click the “File History” button to view the video history.

The Project History records all the videos you have created. You can easily manage them by re-editing the video, locating the saved file on your computer, or deleting the video.

1Open the video
2View the saving location
3Delete the video (the local file will be deleted)


You can click the “View” button to find the location where the video is saved on your computer.

The Share History records all the videos you have uploaded and shared. You can click the “Copy Link” button to copy the link and share it again.

1Copy the link to share
2Delete the upload/sharing history