Share Online & Try Interactive Video

After editing the video, you can choose to share your video online. To share and distribute your videos on the internet, it’s essential to sign in to Gemoo Cloud initially. Once logged in, you will have the capability to share your video, embed it on other platforms, and utilize interactive tools to actively engage with your viewers.

Share and Embed Your Video

Click the “Upload” button, select the desired resolution and frame rate, and then click the “Upload” button to upload your video to the Gemoo cloud and generate a shareable link.

1Choose resolution
2Select frame
3Upload to generate a shareable link


Now, you can copy the link to share your video with anyone, or easily copy the code to embed your video on your website.

1Copy link to share
2Copy the code to embed

Try Interactive Tools

To enhance your video further, simply tap the Add Interaction button.


With the interactive tools, you can incorporate various elements into your video. These include the option to add questions, gather email addresses, and include buttons that can direct your viewers to your landing page.