Steps to Make an Intro and Outro Video


Input Text & Select Music

Input intro or outro text and select a music to automatically make an intro autro video.


Customize Your Intro Outro Video

Personalize the music in your intro and outro video, and modify the font styles according to your preferences.


Download & Edit

Download the intro outro video and go further editing with Clippa.

Why Use This Pitch Video Maker?


Simple to Make Intro and Outro Videos

It simplifies the profecess of making intro outro video. Enter your desired text, select the perfect music, and customize the intro and outro video to your liking. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced content creator, its user-friendly interface empowers you to produce high-quality intros and outros that leave a lasting impact.

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Show Your Branding with Your Logo

You can effortlessly upload your brand logo to create a customized watermark for your intro and outro videos. Easily adjust the position, size and transparency to ensure it aligns perfectly with your video content. By incorporating a personalized watermark, your intro and outro videos will stand out with a unique touch that showcases your brand and adds a sense of individuality.

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Apply Animation Effects

Elevate your video with dynamic animation effects. With just one click, you can apply the animation effect to the entire video. Alternatively, you have the option to apply the animation effect to each individual sentence. Whether you want a uniform animation style or a customized effect for each sentence, it will provide the flexibility to enhance your video with rich and engaging animations effortlessly.

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FAQs About Intro and Outro Video

What is the intro to a video called?

The intro to a video is commonly referred to as the "opening" or "video introduction." It is the initial segment of a video that appears at the beginning and serves to engage the audience, set the tone, and provide essential information about the content that follows.

Why is intro and outro important?

Intros and outros play a significant role in various forms of media, such as videos, podcasts, presentations, and music tracks. Here's why they are important:

• Capture Attention: An engaging and well-crafted intro can immediately grab the audience's attention and create a strong first impression;

• Branding and Recognition: Intros and outros provide an opportunity to showcase branding elements such as logos, taglines, or jingles;

• Structure Content: Intros and outros help in organizing and structuring content;

• Smooth Transitions: Intros and outros help in transitioning between different segments or topics within a piece of content;

• Audience Expectations: Intros and outros have become an expected part of many media formats;

• Professionalism and Brand Identity: A well-designed and consistent intro and outro contribute to the perception of professionalism and quality.

Should intro and outro music be the same?

The decision to use the same or different music for the intro and outro primarily depends on the desired effect and branding strategy. Here are some factors to consider:

• Consistency: Using the same music for the intro and outro can provide a sense of consistency and familiarity;

• Differentiation: Using different music for the intro and outro can help to create a distinct transition between the beginning and end of the content;

• Theme and Mood: Consider whether the chosen music aligns with the theme, mood, and overall tone of the content;

• Practicality: Using the same music can simplify the production process, as you only need to select and edit one piece of music.

What makes an effective intro?

An effective intro sets the stage for engaging and captivating content. Here are key elements:

• Attention-Grabbing: An effective intro grabs the audience's attention right from the start;

• Content Preview: The intro should clearly convey the purpose of the content and provide a preview of what the audience can expect;

• Concise and Engaging: An effective intro is concise, avoiding unnecessary details or prolonged explanations;

• Establish Tone and Atmosphere: The intro sets the tone for the content, whether it's serious, humorous, educational, or suspenseful;

• Branding and Recognition: Incorporating branding elements into the intro helps establish brand identity and recognition;

• Professional Production Quality: An effective intro demonstrates professional production quality;

• Timely Delivery: Timing is key in an intro. It should be delivered within a reasonable duration.

What makes a good outro?

A good outro, also known as an end screen or conclusion, is a crucial element in media content. Here are some key characteristics:

• Clear Call to Action: An effective outro provides a clear call to action for the audience;

• Summarize Key Points: A good outro may recap the main points or takeaways from the content;

• Engaging Visuals: Incorporating visually appealing elements in the outro can help maintain audience engagement until the very end;

• Branding and Recognition: An effective outro reinforces brand identity and recognition;

• Smooth Transition: The outro should provide a smooth transition from the main content to the end of the video or podcast;

• Length and Timing: A good outro is typically concise and doesn't unnecessarily prolong the content;

• Music and Sound Effects: Consider incorporating appropriate music or sound effects in the outro to enhance the overall experience.


Make a Memorable Intro Outro Video

Create a captivating intro and outro video, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers and followers.

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