Steps to Make a Text Video


Make a Text Video

Enter text, choose music, and click on the "Generate a Video" button to automatically generate a text video.


Customize the Text Video

Customize the text and add animation effect, making your video stunning and stand out.


Preview & Download

After previewing the video, download the video to your computer in 720P, 1080P, 2K, or 4K.

Why Use This Text Video Maker


Make Text Video with Ease

Whether you're a content creator, marketer, indie hacker, or simply seeking to infuse creativity into your videos, this user-friendly tool empowers you to effortlessly transform your written text into visually captivating videos that command attention and leave a lasting impact.

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Make Text Video on Brand

Seamlessly upload and integrate your product logo or brand mark into your text videos, ensuring a consistent and professional look. Customize its style, content, and position to align perfectly with your brand identity. Create engaging text videos that reinforce your brand presence and showcase your unique style and professionalism.

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Automatically Sync Music with Text Video

Synchronize music seamlessly with your text videos, creating an immersive viewing experience. Choose from a wide selection of music to complement the mood and tone of your video, and synchronize the music with your text animations. Enhance the emotional impact, engage your audience, and make your text videos memorable with synced music.

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FAQs About Text Video Maker

How long should I leave text in a video?

• The duration of text in a video can vary depending on the specific context, purpose, and content of the video. However, it's generally recommended to keep text on the screen long enough for viewers to comfortably read and comprehend the message.

• Generally, consider the reading speed of your target audience. On average, people read at a speed of 200 to 300 words per minute. Based on this, you can calculate the ideal duration for your text to be visible on the screen.

Where should text be on a video?

The placement of text in a video depends on various factors, including the purpose of the text, the content of the video, and the overall design aesthetic.

• Readability: Make text is readable by placing it against a contrasting background or using appropriate font styles and sizes;

• Composition: Consider the composition and visual balance of your video;

• Hierarchy: If you have multiple lines of text or different levels of importance, establish a visual hierarchy;

• Movement: If your video includes animation or movement, consider integrating the text in a way that enhances the visual flow;

Why is text important in video?

Text is important in video for several reasons:

• Communication: Text allows you to convey important information, messages, or ideas to your viewers in a concise manner;

• Accessibility: Including text in videos makes them more accessible to a wider audience;

• Visual Engagement: Well-designed and visually appealing text can enhance the overall aesthetic and engagement of your video;

• Branding and Recognition: Incorporating text, such as logos, taglines, or brand names, helps reinforce your brand identity;

• Call to Action: Text can be used to prompt viewers to take specific actions, such as subscribing and liking.

How do you make a text video interesting?

To make a text video interesting and engaging, consider the following tips:

• Compelling Copy: Craft concise and compelling text that captures attention and sparks curiosity;

• Visual Variety: Keep the visual elements of your text video diverse and visually appealing;

• Animation and Motion: Add dynamic animation effects to your text;

• Timing and Pacing: Consider the timing and pacing of your text animations;

• Storytelling: Develop a narrative or storyline with your text;

• Emotion and Tone: Tailor the text and visual elements to evoke specific emotions or set a desired tone;

• Sound Design: Incorporate background music or sound effects to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your text video.

Can animation be added to text?

Yes, animation can be added to text to make it more dynamic and visually appealing. Using Wordance to add animation to text can help draw attention, create visual interest, and enhance the overall impact of your text video.


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