Steps to Edit Text Based Video


Create a Text Based Video

Enter text and select music to create a stunning text based video.


Edit the Video

Edit the text, add animation effects, and change the background color to match the text.


Preview & Export

Once you're satisfied with your video, you can export it as MP4 in the resolution of 720P, 1080P, 2K, or 4K.

Why Use This Text Based Video Editor


Create Video from Text

Empower your words with stunning videos. Input your text and generate visually captivating videos effortlessly. Convert text into engaging video content for effective communication, information sharing, and audience engagement.

Edit Text Based Video

Edit Text Frame by Frame

You can edit and customize the text on a frame-by-frame basis, ensuring that every moment of your video is perfectly tailored to your vision. Whether you want to adjust the text content, animation effects, or background color, it enables you to fine-tune each frame to create a visually captivating and dynamic video.

Edit Text Based Video

Various Text Animations

Elevate your video content with a variety of captivating text animation effects. Bring your written words to life by selecting from an extensive range of dynamic animations that capture attention and enhance visual appeal. Whether you prefer a fading, sliding, zooming, or other visually engaging effects, you'll have a wide array of options to choose from.

Edit Text Based Video

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FAQs About Text Based Video Editor

What is text-based video editing?

Text-based video editing refers to the process of editing and manipulating text elements within videos. It involves adding, modifying, and customizing text overlays and other textual components to enhance the visual appeal and communication of the video content.

What is a text-based video editor?

A text-based video editor is a software tool that specializes in editing and manipulating text elements within videos. It allows users to add, modify, and customize text overlays, titles, captions, and subtitles in their videos.

What is the importance of text editing?

Text editing plays a crucial role in various aspects of communication, content creation, and information sharing:

• Clarity and Accuracy: Text editing ensures that written content is clear, coherent, and accurate.

• Consistency and Cohesion: Text editing helps maintain consistency and cohesion throughout a piece of writing.

• Precision and Conciseness: Text editing allows for precision and conciseness in conveying information.

• Readability and Accessibility: Text editing focuses on improving readability and accessibility for the target audience.

• Branding and Messaging: Text editing plays a vital role in shaping the branding of an individual, organization, or company.

Can I combine text-based video editing with other audio elements?

Yes, text-based video editors such as Wordance allows you to incorporate audio elements alongside text. It can automatically match text to the audio and generate a music-synced video.

What are some common features found in text-based video editors?

Common features in text-based video editors include text modification, text animations, transitions, real-time preview, timeline-based editing, and etc.


Text Based Video Editor

Create text based video in minutes. Edit the text based video by changing text, adding text animation, and syncing them with beats of your chosen music.

Edit Text Based Video