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10 Campaign Management Tools to Promote Work


Last Updated: Feb. 28, 2023 | FEATURED IN: Productivity

Tools for managing campaigns are an integral aspect of the campaign execution process for teams and organizations all around the globe. Campaign management tools can help you work quicker and, ultimately, make your day-to-day job simpler and increase your work productivity, no matter the size of your team.

If your line of work brings you into contact with the agency, marketing, or creative sectors, or if you work in any of those industries, you have some idea of how involved and sophisticated the planning of campaigns can be.

Campaign Management Tools

Campaign Management Tools

Campaigns are coordinated efforts that aim to achieve a certain objective. There is room for both online and physical promotional efforts. The “Just Do It” campaign by Nike and the “Real Beauty” campaign by Dove are two examples of successful advertising campaigns. To help you and your team execute a successful marketing campaign, we have compiled a list of some of the top campaign management tools currently available.

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What Are Campaign Management Tools?

Top 10 Campaign Management Tools to Boost Work Efficiency

1. Todoist

2. Workfront

3. Asana

4. Wrike

5. HubSpot

6. Tune

7. Encharge

8. Newoldstamp

9. Folloze

10. TapClicks

What Are Campaign Management Tools?

Marketing campaigns may be more effectively planned, carried out, tracked, and evaluated with campaign management software. You can arrange effective marketing campaigns with solutions designed for campaign management. These platforms allow you to gather critical campaign needs, provide a shared workspace for team members and stakeholders, streamline and automate numerous tasks, and more.

Because campaigns entail encouraging prospects to engage in various channels and techniques, including e-mail, social media channels, print materials, surveys, giveaways, and others, you must have software or a tool to assist you in managing it. In addition, this is precisely what a tool for campaign management accomplishes. It is a software system that was developed to manage and measure the many aspects of a marketing campaign. It will make reaching your sales and marketing objectives much simpler for you and will speed up the process of running your entire campaign.

Top 10 Campaign Management Tools to Boost Work Efficiency

In this part, we introduce the top 10 campaign management tools from the following aspects.

1. Todoist

The app Todoist is just an upgraded to-do list. It works well as a standalone solution. With Todoist, organizations may build lists of tasks, assign them due dates in the future, and set up recurring tasks. It has a smart assistant function called Smart Schedule that uses machine learning algorithms to recommend the best times to schedule and reschedule jobs.

Campaign Management Tool - Todoist

Campaign Management Tool – Todoist

Within a user’s Todoist account, they may add a new task, monitor the progress of their current tasks, and review their completed tasks. Todoist Karma allows businesses to swiftly achieve predetermined weekly and monthly productivity objectives by awarding points for accomplished tasks. The program also allows users to keep tabs on tasks that have been left undone, establish daily objectives, manage workflows, analyze productivity patterns, and much more.

What Todoist Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $5 per month

2. Workfront

Workfront is the leader in enterprise work management. Workfront is an all-in-one collaboration platform that links strategy to delivery by connecting people and data throughout the company. It also organizes work from beginning to end to achieve quantifiable results and does all of this streamlined. Workfront management software combines work automation and centralized communication to assist manage projects.

Campaign Management Tool - Workfront

Campaign Management Tool – Workfront

This is a wonderful project management software that helps people manage and eases the visibility of job progress to personnel and management. Workfront delivers the business skills enterprises need to expand and succeed in the market.

What Workfront Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to use

3. Asana

Asana is a tool for organizing and managing projects of any size, from routine activities to large-scale endeavors. Asana boosts team morale and productivity across geographic and functional boundaries, allowing teams to work together more effectively and efficiently. It’s time to stop relying on isolated methods of communication like e-mail and spreadsheets and instead provide teams with the tools they need to work together more efficiently.

Campaign Management Tool - Asana

Campaign Management Tool – Asana

No matter how many teams or departments work together on a project, Asana makes it easy for everyone to stay in the loop, collaborate efficiently, and achieve better results. Asana provides a realistic picture of project progress and makes it simple to monitor ongoing tasks. Real-time work reporting allows teams and stakeholders to see how far along a project is in an instant.

What Asana Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $13.49

4. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration and project management platform that lets users manage projects from start to end by offering complete visibility and control over activities. The end-to-end system manages projects entirely, beginning with the first request and continuing through monitoring work progress and reporting outcomes.

Campaign Management Tool - Wrike

Campaign Management Tool – Wrike

Wrike provides project managers and team leaders with an effective tool to gather and organize project requirements, develop project plans, and visualize schedules on a Gantt chart. As the work continues, the project plans may change, and all participating teams will get information about any changes to the work. Users can segment project data with the assistance of the custom report builder, which can then be presented to executives or teams.

What Wrike Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $9.80 per month

5. HubSpot

The HubSpot campaign tool is an easily scalable and promotional tool that offers various features and capabilities. Publishing and digital marketing are examples of online marketing endeavors that may be conducted or observed via HubSpot. Users are given suggestions on SEO as they write with this marketing software. These suggestions or recommendation help in developing services pages or home pages.

Campaign Management Tool - HubSpot

Campaign Management Tool – HubSpot

Moreover, this Marketing Hub software can also be called as management software (for the content). It enables customers to tailor the website content for mobile usage and optimize it for search engines.

What HubSpot Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $50 per month

6. Tune

TUNE is a platform hosted in the cloud and intended to assist companies of all sizes in managing their marketing relationships across all digital media. TUNE develops software that enables businesses to form profitable marketing relationships across different platforms. The TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is the most adaptable software as a service platform in the business, making it ideal for developing, administering, and expanding partners.

Campaign Management Tool - Tune

Campaign Management Tool – Tune

TUNE is trusted by forward-thinking affiliate marketers, top-performance advertising networks, and famous brands worldwide. The program allows advertisers to analyze real-time campaign results and promote brand names while targeting specific audiences via mobile or online partners.

What Tune Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $499.99 per month

7. Encharge

Encharge is a strong e-mail marketing automation solution for campaign marketing. It’s also a wonderful marketing automation software developed for digital enterprises. It nurtures leads into sales prospects and gets people to join your company. Encharge is also used to enhance trial conversion using behaviour-based e-mails. Nudge consumers to do the appropriate actions in your product.

Campaign Management Tool - Encharge

Campaign Management Tool – Encharge

Encharge lets you create segments of your target consumers and design their customer journey and experience using our visual flow builder. It simply interacts with best-in-class applications so you can bring in external user’s real data and automate operations. Bring in user data from your site, app, and marketing tools. Segment consumers by page views, product activity, feature usage, e-mail interaction, and data from 3rd-party applications.

What Encharge Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $49 per month

8. Newoldstamp

Newoldstamp is an organization and marketing platform for e-mail signatures, ideal for businesses of all sizes. In terms of functionality, the E-mail Signatures Central Management gives you full reign over the company’s outgoing e-mail signatures. Setting up employee digital signatures couldn’t be easier, and neither would the need to involve the company’s IT or design departments.

Campaign Management Tool - Newoldstamp

Campaign Management Tool – Newoldstamp

Compatible with all major e-mail providers and devices, including mobile phones. E-mail signatures should be standardized so that they reflect the company’s identity. A customized generator may be made for you based on your specific needs. The marketing campaigns associated with your e-mail signature are completely branded and contain convenient tools like a consolidated dashboard for managing the whole campaign’s many components.

What Newoldstamp Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $11 per month

9. Folloze

Folloze is a campaign interaction tool that facilitates fruitful business dialogues. Users may gauge interest and move discussions forward using Folloze to share internal and external resources. Overall, Folloze makes it simple for users to publish content, monitor audience interaction, and get real-time alerts, all of which aid sales teams in closing deals.

Campaign Management Tool - Folloze

Campaign Management Tool – Folloze

Use any movie, document, blog, or website to create a stunning purchasing experience. To educate prospects and facilitate engagement with prompt calls to action, present them as a set or continuous nurturing flow. Folloze’s capabilities include hot lead notifications in Salesforce, dynamic content that adjusts to visitor profiles, tracking board performance from individual users to distribution techniques, and master boards that salespeople may auto-personalize for particular prospects or conversations.

What Folloze Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to use

10. TapClicks

TapClicks is an intelligent cloud-based suite of automated marketing tools built to collaborate and run on your data. We simplify the intricate marketing world by providing your company with everything it needs to set itself out, streamline operations, and expand your business’s reach.

Campaign Management Tool - TapClicks

Campaign Management Tool – TapClicks

TapClicks is a cloud-based system that provides digital marketing reporting and analytics for media firms and corporations in sectors as varied as automotive, travel, e-commerce, and HIPPA compliance. TapClicks’ Connector Marketplace integrates more than 250 data sources, allowing marketers to analyze data from popular marketing and advertising tools.

What TapClicks Is Best For

User Satisfaction

Pricing Starts from Free to $499 per month

Final Thought

You need a centralized platform to evaluate the effectiveness of all your campaigns in terms of the number of leads you create, the sales you complete, and the income you earn. This is true regardless of the objectives you have for your business or the kind of campaigns you conduct. A few of the most often used tools for campaign management are included on the list that was just shown.

However, every campaign has its own set of needs to fulfill. The campaign manager is responsible for locating the appropriate tools and using them. Because of this, we have compiled for you in this blog post a list of some of the greatest tools for you to check out. You can now design, create, and optimize the ideal marketing initiatives before putting them into action. The question now is, what exactly are you waiting for? Get your hands on that campaign management tool as soon as possible!


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