Steps to Upload and Share Video Online


1. Upload or Create a Video

Select and upload your video. Or you can create a video using our online recording tool to record your screen, camera or audio in the browser.


2. Edit Your Video

You can trim, add thumbnails, add text, add call to action button and time-stamped notes for videos.


3. Share Your Video Online

Just copy the link to share your video with others easily.

Why Use Gemoo's Video Hosting Service


Host Video Online for Free

Our video hosting tool provides a convenient, user-friendly platform for sharing your video content with specific audiences. You can effortlessly upload and host videos online, ensuring they are accessible to viewers anywhere, anytime. No account requirement and no ads simplifies the process of uploading, sharing, and watching videos. Enjoy uninterrupted content for an immersive viewing experience.


Add Time-stamped Notes/Comments

Additionally, our hosting service offers timestamped noting and commenting functionality. Video creators can add time-stamped notes or comments to their videos, allowing each viewer to easily access the corresponding timestamp and comments. By clicking on the timestamps, viewers can conveniently navigate to specific moments in the video, enhancing their understanding of your video content.


Share Video Link - No Download

Our video hosting service offers a hassle-free platform for sharing videos. Whether it's capturing precious moments or showcasing your creative work, our service ensures that your videos can be enjoyed easily by your family and friends. Simply share the link, and they can instantly watch the videos in their browser, no downloads required. It's a convenient, user-friendly way to share and watch videos together, no matter where you are.

FAQs About on Video Hosting Service

Are there any limitations to using a video hosting platform?

•Gemoo's video hosting platform supports only MP4 and WEBM video formats.

•The maximum upload size for a single video is 1 GB.

•The uploaded videos are kept for 7 days.

What is an online video hosting service?

An online video hosting service is a platform that allows users to upload, store, and share their videos on the internet.

How does online video hosting work?

Online video hosting works by providing users with a platform where they can upload their video files. These files are then stored on the hosting service's servers, making them accessible to viewers who can watch the videos via streaming with just a link and without the need to download the entire file.

Can I customize the appearance of my videos on an online video hosting service?

Yes, Gemoo's online video hosting services offer customization options for the appearance of your videos. You can trim your video, add thumbnails, add text, add call to action button and time-stamped notes for videos.

What's means of private video hosting platforms?

Private video hosting platforms refer to video hosting services that offer enhanced privacy and security features for the videos uploaded by users. Unlike public video hosting platforms where videos are accessible to anyone, private hosting platforms allow users to restrict access to their videos, limiting viewing permissions to specific individuals or groups.

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