Record Screen

Record Screen allows you to record your screen on the computer. Please refer to the detailed instructions to get started with Gemoo Recorder. (To start with, please download and install Gemoo Recorder on your computer.)

2 min

Select Screen Only Mode and Initiate Recording

After signing in Gemoo Recorder, please select “Screen Only” recording mode. Hit “Start Recording” button to initiate recording.

Select Screen Only Mode

Select Screen Only Mode

You can customize the settings before recording by referring to Configure Recording Settings guide. You can also set your camera bubble size and edit the camera effect as you preferred.

Wait for the Recording Countdown

Once you are ready to start recording, it will pop out a countdown to help you prepare the recording.

Wait for the Recording Countdown

Wait for the Recording Countdown

If you would like to see a recording countdown before your recording starts, you can enable the countdown option. Or you can tap it off. Click here to know how to set the countdown option.

Record Your Video

After a 3-second countdown, the recording will begin.

Record Video

Record Video

In the left sidebar, you can:

1View recording consuming time.
2Stop recording.
3Pause /resume recording.
4Restart recording.
5Delete recording.

Annotate Screen during Recording

Gemoo Recorder allows you to edit the screen during the recording, too. To access the editing options, you just need to click the “Add Annotation” button directly.

Annotate Screen during Recording

Annotate Screen during Recording

To annotate screen, you can add:


Mouse Cursor Effects













Under the annotating toolbar, you can also click the Undo “↶” button to revert to the last edit, Redo “↷” button to the forward step, and the “Broom” button to clear the annotations.

Finish Recording Process

Once the recording is done, you can hit the red “Stop” button or the “Finish Recording” button to finish it.

Finish Recording

Finish Recording

All the recorded videos will be saved in the library on Gemoo Recorder. Here you can export your videos to edit them or upload the videos to Gemoo Cloud.

Video Library

Video Library

Sign in Account

If you want to upload your video to Gemoo Cloud, please click the Upload button and a window will pop out to request sign in for Gemoo. Please enter your account and password to log in Gemoo Recorder.

Sign in Gemoo Recorder

Sign in Gemoo Recorder

1. If you are a new user, you need to create an account at first. Click here.

2. If you forget your password, go to our Reset Password page type in the email address associated with your Gemoo account and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.

Happy recording!