Screen Recording Comes with Automated Editing

Simply record your screen, selfie, and voiceover as you usually do. FocuSee automatically follows cursor movement, applies dynamic zoom effects, places a nice background, and generates a professional-looking video ready for use. Save you precious hours and extra effort on video editing.

Designed for All

Demos & Tutorials

Craft engaging demos and tutorials that can focus on details but still offer an overview of your product. You can also set in-video quizzes, forms, and call-to-action buttons to collect feedback, emails, and prompt action instantly right in the video.

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Promo & Launch Videos

Record captivating videos for product releases and updates. Resize it for various social media platforms in a click. Export it in high-definition as either a video or GIF, perfect for enhancing your landing page to capture attention and convert visitors.

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Pitch & Sales Videos

Elevate your outreach success rate with compelling videos, featuring side-by-side displays of your selfie and screen, complemented by your voiceover narration. Add a personal touch to build better connections and trust with your recipients.

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Add Automatic Captions Instantly

Automatically generate captions for your videos, and edit them as needed to ensure 100% accuracy.

Pick A Layout for Your Needs

Select the selfie and screen layout that best suits your purpose: side-by-side, overlay, or screen-only.

Trim and Change Speed

Trim, cut, crop, speed up, or slow down specific portions. Make your video concise and clear.

Diverse Frames and Filters

Customize your appearance with camera frames and filters. Reflect your individual or brand style.

Make Video More Appealing

Add a background, adjust rounded corners, set the shadow, inset, and padding. Make your video more captivating.

Multiple Export & Sharing Options

Preset Size for Social Media

Choose from preset aspect ratios for different platforms, like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc. All animations and effects will be automatically adjusted accordingly for the best experience.

Video or GIF, You Decide

Export your content as stunning videos up to 4K or as high-quality GIFs, offering flexibility to adapt to your specific use cases and audience preferences.

Online Sharing with Interactive Elements

Instantly share your video via a link or embed it on your website. You can even add in-video quizzes, forms, and call-to-action buttons to generate leads more efficiently.

Pro-Quality Video, Budget-Friendly Solution

Say goodbye to expensive outsourcing, complex editing, and hours of effort. With FocuSee, you can create professional-looking videos in less than 1/10 of the time, effort, and cost.

Before using FocuSee

  • Complex editing with professional skills required
  • Hours required per video
  • A bunch of apps for video recording, editing, sharing, etc.
  • $1000+ for production service of 1 video

After using FocuSee

  • Automatic editing with zero input
  • Minutes cost per video
  • One app for the whole workflow
  • $69.99 for unlimited videos forever

Users Love FocuSee for A Reason

“ Auto pan and zoom effects are really nice ”

“ One day’s work in 10 minutes

“ Love how easy it is to create
pro-looking recordings

“ Love how easy it is to create pro-looking recordings

Spotlight feature is awesome ”

“ I really like the interactive elements ”


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