There is no shortage of online communication platforms to choose from, so the rapid rise of Discord as a go-to channel for many different demographic groups is somewhat of a surprise. While this web-based software doesn’t have any super-advanced technical features that would separate it from competitors, its censorship-free policies and high level of privacy made it a popular choice among gamers, activists, pop culture fans, and many other online communities.

How to Screenshot on Discord

How to Screenshot on Discord

If you ever tried joining a Discord group and participating in a mass chat for at least a few minutes, you know that things happen quickly and certain responses can become buried under a pile of incoming messages. The best way to keep the important parts of a conversation to read and analyze later is to take screenshots from time to time. You can accomplish this in many different ways, such as using Stepshot and its alternatives. And the best choice of a screenshot tool depends on the type of computer you use and the extent of your needs. This article will teach you to create screenshots within Discord using three different methods.

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How to Screenshot on Discord with Gemoo Snap

People who use a Windows-based computer or mobile phone to log into their Discord accounts and take part in online discussion have a lot of options for making screenshots. One of the best applications that are primarily intended for screenshot capturing is Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension, a simple and user-friendly program that won’t take too much time to master. Gemoo Snap is a powerful and flexible screenshot toolkit that allows you to capture, annotate, and share images quickly and easily. It enables you to take screenshots of either a part or full page of your screen without affecting your current window or page.

Gemoo Snap works great in combination with Discord, and can get you all the screenshot you need in just a few steps:

Step 1.  Add Gemoo Snap Extension on your browser first. Then, click the Extension button > Pin Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension on the toolbar.

Add to Chrome

Add to Chrome

Step 2. Click the Gemoo Snap Extension icon in the Chrome Extension bar. Then, please enter your account and password to log in Gemoo.

Sign In to Gemoo

Sign In to Gemoo

Step 3. Open the Discord chat that you would like to screenshot from. Select the Scrolling Capture mode from the menu to capture the entire chat, or Visible Area mode if you only want to keep only what you see on the screen at the moment

Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension

Gemoo Snap Chrome Extension

Step 4. Save the screenshot to the cloud on your Gemoo Snap account or download it to your local device and save it there

How to Screenshot on Discord with Print Screen Button

In case you don’t want to perform any advanced actions and just want a simple screenshot, you might not even need to install any Discord screen recorders on your PC. There is a built-in function on every Windows-based PC that can be instantly activated by pressing a dedicated button. With the Print Screen key that is present on every keyboard, you can make a high-quality screenshot from Discord with a minimum of effort, albeit with certain limitations. Here is what you need to do to instantly capture the content of your current conversation:

Step 1. Use any browser to navigate to the Discord conversation from which a screenshot is needed

Step 2. Navigate to the part of the conversation that you are interested in keeping

Step 3. Once you have all the content you want to capture visible on the screen, hit the PrtScn button on the keyboard to take the screenshot

Click the PrtScn Button

Click the PrtScn Button

Step 4. Before you can access the screenshot or share it with someone, you need to paste it from clipboard to another application that can process images

This method has a significant downside, as you can’t capture a scrolling page or edit the image without an external software tool. However, when you just need to quickly snap a few messages while chatting on Discord this could be the fastest way to do it.

How to Screenshot on Discord on a Mac?

Owners of MacOS devices can take screenshots of Discord conversations just as easily as a person working from a PC. There are several ways to accomplish this fear, depending on which applications are installed on your machine and what type of screenshot is needed. Without a doubt, the simplest method is to use the native screenshot function that provides the user with several options. Here is the correct procedure to follow to screenshot on Discord from a Mac with no third-party software:

Step 1. Go to your Discord account and open the conversation you want to save

Step 2. Press the Command + Shift + 5 combination of keys to open the screenshot tool window

Screenshot a Entire Page on Mac

Press Command+Shift+5

Step 3. Choose the most suitable type of screenshot (Screen, Window, or Selection) from the pop up screen that appears on the page

Choose Suitable Type of Screenshot

Choose Suitable Type of Screenshot

Step 4. Specify the location to save the file by clicking on Custom Save Destination and browsing to the appropriate folder on your Mac

Step 5. Click on the Capture button on the screen or simply press the Enter key to snap the screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions about Screenshots on Discord

Does any participant in a conversation on Discord have the possibility to take screenshots?

Since screenshots from Discord are generally taken with external software tools, there is no centralized mechanism for managing who can or can’t capture the content of a conversation. Effectively, anyone with access to a specific Discord channel is capable of snapping images from any conversation within it.

Which software application offers the best features for screenshot taking on Discord?

There is a wide variety of software tools made for capturing screen content and any of them will work just fine on Discord. Apps that support scrolling screenshots such as Gemoo Snap have the advantage of being able to capture the entire conversation in a single action, eliminating the need to take screenshots one by one and connect them manually.

Can screenshots from Discord be saved locally to the computer?

The location for saving screenshots depends on the software used and the actions of the user. With Prt Scn function, screenshots are initially saved to clipboard and need to be pasted into some application before they can be saved to the hard disc. However, more advanced screenshot apps may be capable of saving the image to the computer directly.

Final Words

If you are new to Discord and wonder how difficult it is to take screenshots on this platform, you have nothing to worry about. This simple task can easily be completed even by total beginners, regardless of the type of OS on the device used to access Discord. It’s not hard to learn how to screenshot on Discord, especially since it’s very similar to doing it in any other browser-based application. In fact, it will only take a few moments to create a full-page screenshot that includes parts of the conversation that are not currently visible on the screen.


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