The development of event management software has simplified the process of task planning and event execution. Even if you haven’t done your research yet, event management is among the most challenging tasks facing any company today. Looking to organize a gathering on your own? You’ll need to create printed and online ads to promote your business. You’ll want a proper setup to issue tickets and keep track of attendance.

Best Event Management Software Available for 2022

Best Event Management Software Available for 2022

It’s quite pricey, huh? Not currently. Several new options have become available in response to the difficulties of organizing events without the right resources. With so many options available, you can choose a service that suits your event’s demands, whether a one-time thing or something you want to repeat. To help narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 event management software programs for your perusal.

What Are Event Management Platforms?

The term “event management software” encompasses various programs designed to aid in the systematic and orderly organization of events. In a nutshell, this kind of program aids firms by automating the tasks involved in the marketing event lifecycle (from conceptualization through promotion to evaluation). In addition, they make it easier to sign up for events and purchase tickets, handle logistics at the venue, and assign seats. In addition to keeping the crowd interested, they can be utilized to conduct instant surveys and polls to gather valuable consumer input for upcoming planning events.

Why Use Event Management Platforms?

Sharing information about an event across many channels using communication technologies allows you to track which attendees are most interested in your message. Event management software streamlines administrative tasks, including accepting and processing payments, sending invites, and keeping track of enrollment for large groups of people. With this program, you can track instantaneously how many individuals are registered for an event, how many of those of them are expected to show up, how many of them have registered and paid, and how many individuals have registered but have not yet shown up.

Top 8 Event Management Software


Gather is a software application for event management that aims to facilitate efficient event processes. This cloud-based system for event management streamlines the processes that are often time-consuming and prone to human error. The greatest features are available to users, making it ideal for medium-sized organizations with customized strategies.

The platform speeds up workflow, reduces the likelihood of human mistakes, and helps businesses save a lot of money and time. Event organizers will also benefit from the Gather Booking Network’s extensive directory listings, which will help them reach a wider audience. There are no free trials, and the company is best recognized for providing corporate pricing only once it has been requested. The user must contact sales to get accurate price information for future usage.

Double Click “gemoo-snap-en-setup.exe”

Double Click “gemoo-snap-en-setup.exe”

Top Event Management Software - Gather

Top Event Management Software – Gather

Why We Try to Gather for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Contact Gather for Quotations


With Fonteva, you can organize as many events as possible for one flat yearly rate. The hotel sector has shown particular interest in this service. The Westin Hotel is a frequent visitor. If you want to impress your international visitors, Fonteva is the way to go.

The system supports more than a hundred payment methods, so guests can buy tickets and other goods without converting currencies. Organizers can keep attendees interested by creating a short-term website for the event. Forums, competitions, and other online events can be shared in the days building up to the big day.

Fonteva on Different Devices

Fonteva on Different Devices

Why We Try Fonteva for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Free to $175 per staff user/per month


Regpack is an all-encompassing solution for managing online registration and payments. Many organizations all around the globe utilize Regpack as a tool to assist in the administration of a broad range of internet and in-person classes and seminars, festivals, meetings and events, excursions, and more. Regpack provides the toolkits required to handle each facet of your celebration or initiative, whether online or in person.

These tools include adaptable form construction, system dynamics disclosing, incorporated internet banking, fully automated financing options, varying pricing, and much more. The customers report a rise in enrollment and an increase in income, and they report improved efficiency in the administration of day-to-day operations.

Top Event Management Software - Regpack

Top Event Management Software – Regpack

Why We Try Regpack for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Free to $125 per admin


Online event management software like Cvent gives organizers everything they need to boost attendance and cut down on expenses. The program helps event organizers save time and energy by automating mundane chores so they can instead concentrate on making big, strategic choices. The event registration process on Cvent’s platform can be customized to fit any business.

Cvent assists companies in maximizing their brand awareness, marketing their event, and increasing ticket prices, whether they are hosting a single-day event at a single location or a multi-day festival with a population of 50,000. Cvent’s free Destination Guide and Supplier Network make it easy for anyone to arrange an event, from large organizations to individual wedding and party planners.

Top Event Management Software - Cvent

Top Event Management Software – Cvent

Why We Try Attendify for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Free to $2950 per year


For example, “the typical Fortune 500 firm organizes more than 1,000 live events a year,” as stated by this top-rated event management program. Double Dutch claims it can power all of them and is willing to collaborate with event organizers putting on a party for 50 people.

Event advertising, pre-event interaction, community-building, and post-event involvement are the four phases that make up the firm’s simple yet successful attendee experience. Double Dutch takes great pride in the high levels of participation it can provide; it strives to be a pioneer in the event application space by providing innovative features and functionality. A whopping 70% of users download and use their applications regularly.

Top Event Management Software - DoubleDutch

Top Event Management Software – DoubleDutch

Why We Try DoubleDutch for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Contact the platform for a pricing quotation


Boomset is a piece of software developed as an answer for all-in-one event software feature enhancement. It has a sophisticated user interface that is intuitive and simple to use, which is ideal for the dependable automation of successful events.

To register attendees, publicize events, and sell tickets, utilize Boomset by Hopin. Design elegant, individualized signup forms and follow up with attendees using personalized email notifications. Manage sales, monitor attendance, and gather event metrics in real-time, regardless of whether tickets are sold online or at the door.

Top Event Management Software - Boomset

Top Event Management Software – Boomset

Why We Try Boomset for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Free to $1200 per year


Oveit is a cloud-based event planning system that facilitates the administration of eTickets, QR codes, and RFID reading to manage registrants, allotment plans, purchases, check-ins, credentials, and ticketing. The system gives adaptable logos, colour schemes, fonts, and themes for registration pages. Oveit provides an automated billing solution that works with different languages and denominations to organize international events.

With Oveit’s access control management features, attendees can utilize NFC bracelets to keep track of their event registrations, privileges, discounts, rebates, and more. Users can deploy access points around venues, allowing guests to be scanned using NFC-enabled cellphones or readers. Instantaneous transactions, invitation-only signups, group administration, sales analytics, discount coupons, and an open application programming interface are just some of the features.

Top Event Management Software - Oveit

Top Event Management Software – Oveit

Why We Try Oveit for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Free to $49 per month


For millions of events, Attendify can keep tabs on everything at once. A dedicated following of people who have already used it and vouched for its quality has helped spread the word. With Attendify, a user can go live in under a minute, and the software can be used in tandem with any others on the move. Client feedback indicates that this app is useful for those on the move.

Compared to everyone else, it is superior as it provides the finest onsite experiences with premium features. This online registration and smartphone app is priced to accommodate events of varying sizes. The social network profiles of attendees can be linked to inside the platform, and there are also useful features for event sponsors.

Top Event Management Software - Attendify

Top Event Management Software – Attendify

Why We Try Attendify for Event Management

Pricing Plan: Free to $999 per event

Final Thought

If you’ve ever planned an event, you know how complicated it can become. Location, lodging, transportation, guest list, and invitations are a few factors that must be considered while planning an event. Participants, venues, event schedules, and even the optimal site can all be better managed using event management software.

In the past, it was easy to let databases get out of hand and lose sight of your staff or conference participants. Use these 8 top-rated pieces of software to organize, publicize, run, and report on your next big event.


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