How to Create a Link for a Video


1. Upload a Video

Drag and drop, or upload a video from your computer.


2. Turn Video into a Link

Generate a link for the video instantly and automatically.


3. Edit & Share

Edit the uploaded video and copy the video URL to share it online.

Why Use Gemoo's Video Link Generator?


Create Video Link Instantly

There's no need to create an account. Simply upload a video, and a video link will be automatically generated, making the process of sharing the video quite easy.


Quickly Edit Your Video

After uploading your video, you can quickly make it unique with editing. Trimming, adding thumbnails, text, a call-to-action, and time-stamped notes are all ways to showcase your ideas and personality.


Share the Video Link Online

With one simple link, you can reach an unlimited number of people. Just copy the video link to share it online anywhere you want.

FAQs About Creating a Video URL

Does Gemoo's online video link generator secure?

Yes, the tool is 100% clean and safe. Gemoo uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers for hosting and all your data is private and secure. In addition, after you clear your browser cache and cookie, the history will be deleted too.

What is a video link generator?

A video link generator is a tool that allows users to generate links to videos hosted on various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. These links can be shared with others to allow them to view the video without having to search for it themselves.

How does a video link generator work?

There are two types of video link generators:

• YouTube link generator works by extracting the video URL from the platform where the video is hosted. The user simply inputs the YouTube video's URL into the generator, and it generates a new link that can be shared with others.

• Video to link generator works by uploading local videos to create a shareable link for the uploaded video. You can edit your video online and then, copy the video's URL to share it with anyone and anywhere.

Are there any limitations to using a video link generator?

Gemoo's Video Link Generator only supports MP4 and WEBM videos. The maximum video size you can upload is 1 GB (for a single video).

Can I delete my video after uploading it?

Yes, you can delete your video after uploading it. However, the uploaded videos can be kept for 7 days. You can also manually delete uploaded video recordings.

How do I get a link to a part of a video?

To get a link to a specific part of a video, you will need to use Gemoo's Video Link Generator:

Step 1. Upload the video to Video Link Generator.

Step 2. Navigate to the specific part you want to make a link to > Use the Trim feature to trim off the excess.

Step 3. Copy the video URL and share it with others.

Video Link Generator Use Cases

• You can effortlessly share links to your favorite movies, TV shows, and educational videos that you have stored on your computer with your family and friends.

• Your audience and kids can watch and concentrate on online courses, webinars and how-to videos without being distracted by ads, comments or other content on the video page.

• If you wish to share only a specific segment of a video and avoid the hassle of repeatedly editing and saving multiple videos on your device, the Video Link Generator is available.

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