You can be already familiar with corporate screen recording solutions if you’re contemplating one of the Loom options. If that’s the case, here’s a brief rundown of several Loom options.

Loom Alternatives

Loom Alternatives

A video tool for screen capturing is essential if you want to maximize your company’s potential. You can use video tools for screen recording to capture your computer screen and utilize it later in a movie. On the other hand, Loom is reasonably priced and does an excellent job.

Loom, on the other hand, isn’t flawless human-created software. All of the features this platform provides are excellent yet lack some features that are dear to the users. Let’s find out what these drawbacks are and what the Loom alternatives offer!

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What Is Loom?

Loom Website

Loom Website

It’s as basic as its name, yet this program does a lot of good for many people. Loom is a desktop screen recorder that can give you control over your desktop or laptop screen. In addition to being a screen recorder, it can also be used for:

Loom used for:

However, below is where the Loom lacks:

17 Best Loom Alternatives

It would help to consider what you want to do with the product while looking for a Loom alternative. Any screen recording can meet most people’s objectives.

The following is a list of 16 alternative products to examine if you’re interested in learning more about the features of Loom before making a purchase.


Edit and Export the Recording

Edit and Export the Recording

FocuSee is not inferior to Loom in screen recording and is even more powerful in some aspects. As a professional screen recorder, FocuSee can help you record everything you need, whether it is the screen, sound, or camera, and you can also mix and combine the three as you want.

To make your video more attractive, FocuSee is also equipped with a wealth of editing tools and elements. FocuSee also provides customizable camera frames, filters, backgrounds, and other visual elements to reflect your personal or brand style. Additionally, the tool offers preset sizes for popular social media platforms, ensuring your videos are optimized for each channel. Just feel free to use these editing tools to make eye-catching and creative videos.

Of course, FocuSee’s capabilities never stop there, here are some other features. And why not download it for free to explore more?

Get It Free

Key Features

Pricing Plan: The free version is available, and the paid version starts from $19.99.

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.8/5 with 23 reviews (Producthunt)


Loom Alternative - CloudApp

Loom Alternative – CloudApp

CloudApp provides one of the most powerful options for altering and capturing screenshots. You can record everything you see on your laptop or desktop screen.

You can also add comments to the screenshots to emphasize things. A decent screen-recording program can run on Windows, Macs, Chrome, and iOS devices.

The quality of sound captured by this program is likewise top-notch. As indicated previously, annotations are a big aspect of this product. All kinds of fun things can be done with your images.

Webcam recording and uploading to the cloud are also possible. CloudApp is free. However, it only permits screen recording for 90 seconds. Purchasing the premium edition of the software is required if you want to record longer than that.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: starting from $9.95 per month

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.7/5 with 1135 reviews (G2)


Loom Alternative - ClickUp

Loom Alternative – ClickUp

Recording our desktops with Loom was a challenge for all of us. However, it is now possible to capture our screen without difficulty thanks to recent developments. You can use a screen recording to communicate with others.

You can rapidly record all the material on your screen, including online tabs and app windows, with the click of a button. Use the audio tool included in the app to add your voice and make your point even more compelling.

The program produces a link you can visit in your browser as soon as you finish recording. Recorded videos will be accessible immediately.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: $9.00 per month

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.7/5 with 2986 reviews (Capterra)


Loom Alternative - CamStudio

Loom Alternative – CamStudio

CamStudio is software capable of recording the computer’s screen and audio activity and then converting them into AVI video files so they can be viewed afterward.

These movies can be used to demonstrate a product or a process, depending on the purpose of the video. You can add anti-aliased video annotations to your recorded materials with the help of Cam Studio’s video annotation tool, which promises high-quality software.

If you wish to capture just a portion of the screen, you can do it using custom cursors. This functionality has proven to be beneficial.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: 100% free to use

User Ratings and Reviews: 3/5 rated and 242 reviews (Sourceforge)

FastStone Capture

Loom Alternative - FastStone Capture

Loom Alternative – FastStone Capture

One of the best screen recorders available is FastStone Capture. It’s a pretty little piece of software, but it packs a lot of punch in terms of functionality. Capturing or screen-recording anything on the screen is simple, and you can annotate it.

You can record anything on your device’s screen, including changes, sounds, and mouse actions. It compresses all of them into a single video file. Capture tools and output settings can be found in a tiny panel at your fingertips.

Instant screen recording can be activated by pressing global hotkeys. FastStone stands out from other screen recorders since it allows you to capture just a portion of the screen.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: $ 19.95-lifetime license

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.7/5 rated and 27 reviews (G2)

Kazam Screencaster

Loom Alternative - Kazam Screencaster

Loom Alternative – Kazam Screencaster

Created specifically for video creation, Kazam is a well-known Screencaster. Simple and basic, Kazam is a great way to record your computer screen, saving the video in a file. It is possible to convert a recorded audio or video file into a video file for later viewing.

When it comes to recording audio, PulseAudio is compatible with any other sound input program or device. Because Kazam is compatible with many operating systems, users have many options.

This is the one for you if you’re looking for robust file management software. To begin or stop recording at any point, you can utilize a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Free version available

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.5/5 with 4 reviews (AlternativeTo)

OBS Studio

Loom Alternative - OBS Studio

Loom Alternative – OBS Studio

A free, open-source video recording and a live-streaming program called OBS Studio are available. Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported platforms for this program. One of the best apps in its category in terms of performance. Real-time audio and video can be captured and mixed in real time.

Custom transitions are a feature of this program. Put another way, you can create as many scenes as you like and seamlessly transition between them using custom transitions. Configuration possibilities are many as well.

You have the flexibility to add new sources, replicate current ones, or rearrange their order according to your preferences. This is a great alternative if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t need you to pay. It also features a good user interface.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: $19 per month

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.7/5 with 784 reviews (Capterra)


Loom Alternative - FlashBack

Loom Alternative – FlashBack

In many ways, FlashBack is a one-stop shop. A built-in screen recording and editing program is included. In terms of screen recording, it’s one of the better Loom options. It does this by immediately capturing the display.

Also, you can edit the recordings to make them even more polished and ready to be presented on a professional level.” Captions and highlights are additional options to draw attention to certain areas.

There are many reasons we utilize screen recorders, such as to create video content such as lecture recordings and tutorials on YouTube. FlashBack as a screen recorder might be a good idea if you have a specific need for it.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: lifetime license for $49

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.4/5 with five reviews (Capterra)


Loom Alternative - ScreenFlow

Loom Alternative – ScreenFlow

One of the better alternatives to Loom is ScreenFlow (Download Here). In Mac OS, it is mostly used to create screencasts and record videos. It can simultaneously record both audio and video from a computer.

It contains a library of custom titles that you can use to add titles and descriptions to your movies. ScreenFlow has a ton of useful options. In addition to being one of the best screen recorders on the market, it can capture several displays at once.

There is a top-notch editing tool included with the program. With the app, you can animate images, text, and logos in one spot and then post them to any social networking site.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Price starts from $129 annually

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.7/5 with 16 reviews (Capterra)


Loom Alternative - Tella

Loom Alternative – Tella

Your web browser now comes equipped with a camera, thanks to Tella. You may record yourself speaking, as well as your screen or slides. You have complete control over the size of the screen and the camera in Tella, and you can even apply graphic adjustments like borders and shadows.

When you’re through filming, the seamless sharing feature decreases the administrative time you need to spend while also making it easier to brand the material.

Tella makes it easy for content producers and small companies to record videos that can be used as presentations, demonstrations, and tutorials using our platform. Tella transforms video messaging into your artistic canvas, as opposed to the alternative of recording a generic video in which it’s just you and the screen.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Pro package is $18 per month

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.9/5 with 112 reviews (Producthunt)

Camtasia App

Loom Alternative - Camtasia

Loom Alternative – Camtasia

If you’re searching for a screen recorder with decent video editing capabilities for creating lessons, then Camtasia is the obvious choice.

Screen recording options in Camtasia let you capture a whole screen or simply an individual program window, depending on your needs. As a result, it’s a lot more flexible than most of its screen-capture rivals.

Another fascinating feature is the collection of pre-made video templates that can be used to create your videos. These templates will let you quickly create and modify your films.

Camtasia has a unique feature in that it is designed for creating instructional videos. For this reason, videos may be accompanied by various kinds of interactive technologies. This is a unique feature in today’s screen recorders that is seldom encountered. Additionally, it’s a whiteboard animation program, video presentation software, and much more.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: $299.99 per individual user

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.6/5 with 696 reviews (G2)

TechSmith Capture (Jing)

Loom Alternative - TechSmith Capture

Loom Alternative – TechSmith Capture

Screen capture software like TechSmith Capture, another one of the Best Loom alternatives, is available for Windows users. This video program, formerly known as Jing, enables you to capture video using your camera and your system’s audio. You may use TechSmith Capture to add simple visual components to any online chat.

Using this software, you may record videos and take screenshots of your computer’s screen. After that, you may screencast the videos and send them to anybody you wish.

In terms of functionality, it’s one of the simplest screen-recording tools. Jing’s customizing possibilities are also pretty impressive. It’s possible to capture only a portion of your screen rather than the whole thing. An excellent tool is an ability to capture a particular portion of your screen.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Free plan

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.5/5 with 17 reviews (G2)

Tweakshot Screen Recorder

Loom Alternative - Tweakshot Screen Recorder

Loom Alternative – Tweakshot Screen Recorder

This tool is the fastest method to record the screen in many modes: Full Screen, Single window, Specific area, and webcam. It allows you to record and capture screenshots simultaneously and add unique watermarks, mouse motions, display overlays, and system and mic sound to your screenshots and recordings.

You may save your screen recordings in AVI, MP4, and FLV with this 4K/HD screen recording program. Professionals will appreciate the tool’s ability to adjust the video’s size and quality. Gamers and aspiring artists who wish to record their displays with a camera and utilize the screen overlay capability will appreciate this program’s advantages over alternatives.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Pro package is $39.50 per year

User Ratings and Reviews: 3/5 and 5 reviews (Themescaliber)

Snagit App

Loom Alternative - Snagit

Loom Alternative – Snagit

One of the free alternatives to Loom that is used to record screens and cameras on the desktop is a program called Snagit. Snagit, much like Loom, can record both the screen and the camera. Users can easily check all of the function buttons because of its user-friendly interface, similar to Loom. Snagit is a cross-platform application used on both Windows and Mac computers as a comprehensive video recorder and editor.

On the other hand, when it comes to capturing images from the screen, Snagit is a step ahead of the competition and offers a panoramic view development capacity. This feature ultimately leads to the potential of taking full-page scrolling screenshots of your screen.

In addition to the capacity of sketching graphics on top of your video, annotations can also be added to the video. Snagit’s ability to extract text from images stored in the library is one of the program’s most impressive capabilities.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Pro plan is $71

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.6/5 with ‎3,128 reviews (G2)


Loom Alternative - VEED Tool

Loom Alternative – VEED Tool

VEED is another screen recorder that also includes video editing capabilities. It allows you to record movies not only from your screen but also from your webcam. You may make it a lot more entertaining by using the features of the video editing program.

Split-screen, Webcam insert, and Background swaps are some video recording layouts available on VEED. Your video message may be made more interesting for your coworker by using the editing tool that is available online. With full-fledged video editing, you can incorporate video effects, crop movies, reduce background noise, and add subtitles using this program.

Compared to its market competitors, it has an intuitive interface that is simple for both novices and experienced users.

VEED continues by offering a user-tailored working environment, which simplifies the process overall for that user. Because VEED’s capabilities include video transcriptions, adding subtitles that are a good match for the audio is made much simpler.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Free basic version and Pro plan for $24 per month

User Ratings and Reviews: 4.3/5 with 4 reviews (G2)

Fluvid App

Loom Alternative - Fluvid

Loom Alternative – Fluvid

Fluid is a new and easy-to-use alternative to Loom that might replace it in the future. This is a breakthrough tool because of the videos it produces, from screen captures to full-length videos.

The video editing features were created with the target audience in mind. Fluvid is suitable for many professionals, including educators, software developers, sales representatives, and anyone looking to promote their work.

When it comes to recording and distributing, Fluvid is a powerhouse. You may also share the video immediately with others during the recording process. This puts Fluvid in a class by itself, compared to many of its contemporaries.

In addition to being completely free, Fluvid also comes with a Chrome plugin, making it a no-brainer for professionals who need to collaborate with remote teams. There is also no watermark in its free edition, which includes free basic analytics and alerts. In my opinion, it’s a good one.

Using it will only cost you $8 a month if it’s priced correctly. This plan has no limitations on video recording, streaming, editing, or trimming. Streaming and lead generation on social media platforms are additional options to consider.

Key Features

Pricing Plan: Free to use

User Ratings and Reviews: 0/5 with 1 review (G2)

FAQ about Loom

1. What are the limitations of Loom?

2. What can Loom be used for?

Loom can be used for recording and sharing video messages, creating tutorials and instructional videos, conducting remote interviews and meetings, and collaborating with team members on projects. It can also be used for providing feedback on work, creating product demos, and sharing updates with customers or clients.

3. Can two people use Loom?

Yes, two people can use Loom. Loom allows users to collaborate and share videos with others by providing a link to the video. This means that multiple people can access and view the same video at the same time. Additionally, Loom offers features such as commenting and reactions, which allow users to communicate and provide feedback on the video. Therefore, two people can easily use Loom to work together on a project or share information.

Final Words

We’ve covered the top Loom substitutes in this post. For PC users, Loom is a screen recorder program or addon. There is, however, no perfect replacement for Loom. Every app mentioned on our list excels in its field or vocation.

The only difference between them is that some have additional capabilities, while others are simple screen recorders with no extras. There are positive and negative aspects to each app. Video editing, annotation, gif creation, sharing, webcam recording, and many more capabilities may be among the finest Loom alternatives.

It is ultimately up to you to make the final choice in this situation. For clarity and to make an informed choice, we’ve included a side-by-by-side comparison. But it has to be said that, after comparison, FocuSee is obviously the most convenient one to use with the most complete features. So we recommend you free download and try FocuSee first. We hope you found what you were searching for in this article. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries or leave your questions below.


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