Students devote an average of 12.7 hours per week in their initial month consulting with peers for assistance. And things don’t improve much following the first month. Services like Zoom, Slack, and Google Drive are used daily for distant and hybrid teams to collaborate. But, it still might be difficult for team members to effectively manage and share their knowledge in distinct time zones or even in different countries.

Knowledge Sharing Tools

Knowledge Sharing Tools

A medium for exchanging information is useful in this context. It provides an easy-to-navigate hub where workers can save, organize, and access all the most important data points about the business anytime. If you need help locating a reliable knowledge-sharing solution but don’t know where to go, we’re here to help. This article will examine the top 8 knowledge sharing platforms, highlighting their key features and price structures.

What Is a Knowledge Sharing Tool?

Knowledge-sharing systems (also known as internal wikis or intranet portals) serve as a single location for employees to access and contribute to documents such as company rules, procedures, and other important documents. Information saved in a knowledge-sharing platform is meant to be simple to locate, understand, and interact with.

A knowledge-sharing attitude, more readily accessible data, and high work productivity is all outcome of using such a system. A knowledge-sharing system can allow your organization to foster a culture of holding knowledge and intelligence among employees, allowing them to spend less time searching for data and much more time getting work done.

What Are the Types of Knowledge Sharing Systems?

Here, we have two types of knowledge-sharing platforms, such as:

Instant Messaging Platform

An IM system enables real-time textual interaction between two or more team members. One of the challenges of remote and hybrid work is that team members are not as easily able to turn around and ask a colleague a question. To facilitate the transfer of either explicit or implicit information, they can use a desktop or smartphone instant messenger application like Slack, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams. It stands to reason for companies to embrace this platform since more than 3 billion individuals are now using messaging services applications for personal use. This figure is anticipated to continue increasing.

Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Teammates can now work together on the same tasks from various places using real-time software solutions. Distributed teams rely on cloud collaboration solutions to work collaboratively online even when they cannot gather around a chalkboard or a colleague’s workstation. Technologies for real-time virtual communication range from messaging apps to content exchange systems like Google Workspace, digital whiteboard applications like MURAL, and video and audio-conferencing programs like Zoom.

What Tools Can Be Used for Knowledge Management?

In this part, we collect 10 knowledge sharing tools that can be used to manage knowledge


The Dropbox Paper is one of a cloud-based collaborative workspace that facilitates document management, task delegation, list making, and real-time teamwork. Users can examine any of their Dropbox files from inside their papers because of the platform’s tight integration with the file-sharing service. To keep track of several projects and facilitate teamwork, Dropbox Paper can be used as an online task management application.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Dropbox

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Dropbox

Dropbox Paper allows users to work together on papers using a library of pre-made layouts suitable for various purposes. Solutions for coming up with ideas, inventive documents, technical specifications, worker training, account proposals, project schedules, blogs and knowledge representation, consumer scientific papers, label standards, glitch tracking systems, information google calendar, and much more are just a few of the many layouts meet the diverse needs of teams in advertising, design and development, human resources, etc.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to use for all

User Ratings


Projectplace is a robust solution for cooperative tasks and project administration which streamlines the process of getting things done in groups. Integrating Kanban boards with Gantt charts enables you to develop a business plan, and link workstream objects to actions and objectives. Create a visual representation of how tasks and results move between group projects.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Projectplace

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Projectplace

Plan for the long term, handle the steps along the way and finally, put your plans into action. Using advanced online Gantt charts, you can see the status of your project and how it compares to its original plan. Learn about everyone’s commitments and where they are in terms of project completion. Put your thoughts, questions, and comments out there instantly with the help of robust communication tools like hashtags.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to use

User Ratings


Conceptboard is a cloud-based, digital workspace for teamwork that spans physical boundaries and time zones. The platform provides unlimited online whiteboards where users can collaborate in real-time on product design, project planning, idea generation, virtual meetings, and feedback.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Conceptboard

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Conceptboard

Using this digital whiteboard’s features, such as sticky notes and comments, distributed teams may collaborate effectively in real time. Any team, no matter their location or schedule, may now function effectively thanks to the virtual office. Content developed on or published to Conceptboard may be shared with other users or the public. With the help of access and user roles, you can regulate who can see what in your system.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to $7 per month

User Ratings


Yammer is a corporate social network featuring a variety of features to facilitate companywide collaboration. Yammer enables users to establish groups, enabling a collaborative environment for teams to plan project deadlines, exchange files, and receive feedback. Businesses may use Yammer to identify expertise in the firm and discover them in the Member Directory. Users may create company profiles with a picture, basic details, and skill sets.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Yammer

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Yammer

Yammer may be used for instant messaging and private chats among 2 or more individuals. Users may view who is online at any moment and utilize the tagging option to include others. The Yammer inbox stores and organizes all conversations.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to $8 per month

User Ratings


MindManager is a very effective visualization tool and software for mind mapping. You and your team can get more done in less time and with more collaboration with MindManager, a suite of visual productivity tools. Because if you have the appropriate map, you can travel to almost any place.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Mindmanager

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Mindmanager

Convert disorganized thoughts and data into dynamic visual designs such as mind maps, flowcharts, concept maps, and matrices, among other types. Using MindManager puts you and your team on the right track to achieving individual and organizational success. You can rely on MindManager to deliver the clarity you and your team need.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to $99 per month

User Ratings

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a software platform developed by Microsoft for managing information and files. The program also has possibilities for a variety of collaboration tools. Common Content Management System elements, such as document and digital asset administration, case and contract management, reporting and analytics, are all included in this system. Users can generate, manage, and provide feedback on several sorts of material from one spot thanks to all these integrated functionalities.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Sharepoint

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Sharepoint

Web content management tools have recently been added to Microsoft SharePoint, making it possible to control the content of other websites. SharePoint is a platform that enables features like alerts and approvals in addition to lists and libraries. This platform was developed to increase user productivity.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to use

User Ratings


Papyrs is a web-based service that helps businesses create internal social networking communities. Using this software, businesses and their employees may create a sleek, up-to-date intranet that improves communication and collaboration. Use the simple drag-and-drop interface to create papers, visual dashboards, and databases.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Papyrs

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Papyrs

The most straightforward approach to creating a corporate intranet in the cloud. An updated version of the company’s intranet, wiki, and knowledge base. Whether it’s polls, embeds, checklists, forms, videos, tables, files, calendars, or poorly lit images from the office party, you may add them all with the help of this program.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to $99 per month

User Ratings


Clicked is a software application that runs in the cloud and integrates all administrative, financial, and instructional management tasks at educational institutions and study centers into a single environment. From the management of financial reports and the supervision of teaching and administrative personnel to the coordination of school transportation and the provision of a school cafeteria service, the software may be tailored to meet the specific requirements of every educational establishment.

Knowledge Sharing Tools - Clicked

Knowledge Sharing Tools – Clicked

The platform may be accessed from any device that has access to the internet, regardless of the operating system being used. In addition, it is compatible with a mobile application that merges several versions of the program for representatives, instructors, and students.

Reasons to Try

Price Plan: Free to use

User Ratings

Final Thought

Every organization will have a unique set of requirements and processes that their chosen knowledge-sharing platform must meet. Each platform has its own set of features, perks, and drawbacks; hence, the ideal solution for one business may not be appropriate for another.

Remember to seek features like a rich text editor, in-depth reporting, and interfaces with third-party applications when looking for the perfect software for knowledge sharing. Aside from this, what’s of equal importance is the tool’s convenience of use and the value it provides for the price. Considering all of these aspects will get you that much closer to the ideal instrument!


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