Since the internet became the primary venue for collecting and disseminating information, screen recording and screenshot has grown significantly. It’s not only students taking online courses that benefit from screen recording by recording lectures for later use. It’s no wonder that so many programmers from across the globe are working to create their screen recorders and screenshots, and fortunately for us consumers, we now have several options from which to select.

Greenshot VS Snagit

Greenshot VS Snagit

Greenshot and Snagit are the two most common choices in screenshot and screen recording software. A free and open-source Windows software, Greenshot, is accessible to anybody who wants to use it. As opposed to this, Snagit works on both Windows and Mac computers. If you’re looking to record anything, here’s a Greenshot vs. Snagit comparison to help you decide.

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Comparison Table

Looking to choose between Greenshot vs Snagit for capture screenshots? Check out this quick comparison of their workflows, conceptual capabilities, and benefits.

Feature Greenshot Snagit
OS Windows&Mac Windows&MacOS&IOS
Rating&Review(G2) 4.8/5 (142 reviews) 4.6/5 (‎3,128 reviews)
Capture webpage ✔️ ✔️
Capture specific region ✔️ ✔️
Image Editing ✔️ ✔️
Image Sharing ✔️
Personalized Designs  ✔️
Screen Recording ✔️
Video Editing ✔️

What is Greenshot?

Greenshot is an on-premises picture editing application that allows professionals such as technical writers, software engineers, project managers, and others to take screenshots of the whole web page and a specific region.  A user-friendly interface that allows for the dragging and dropping of photos and graphics into screenshots may be used by users to meet their own needs. Greenshot is a tool that allows administrators to set up time delays and configure their shortcut keys.

The image editor allows professionals to import photos from the clipboard and add text, shapes, and comments to recorded screens. This functionality is available to professionals. In addition, software engineers can preserve screenshots inside files and create shapes using various tools to emphasize certain code areas. Greenshot may be downloaded for free, and further help can be found online through frequently asked questions, video lessons, and other resources.

Greenshot Interface

Greenshot Interface

What is Snagit?

TechSmith is the company that created the widely used screen-capturing program known as Snagit. Screen recording is its primary function, but it can also record your camera and the sound from your microphone. Users like it because of its ease of use and the editing capabilities that enable them to generate a diverse range of material. The vast majority of users have nothing but love for it, even though some users have reported it crashing often. Record everything that is shown on your screen with the help of Snagit.

Alternative to Stepshot, Snagit can record the whole desktop, a single window, an area, or any program or website scrolling pane. Snagit also allows you to capture audio if you need it. Features for modifying images are included in the software package. When it comes to video editing, Snagit gives you the ability to trim footage, lower the overall size of the movie, and export it using a variety of various file formats. Both people and corporations use it to develop presentations, provide video feedback, and enhance their teams’ workflow via screenshots.

Snagit Interface

Snagit Interface

Greenshot VS Snagit – Features

Greenshoe’s Main Features

You can also search on Greenshot for any previously stored photographs or videos. All kinds of stock photos may be found online. This function saves you the time it would have taken to search through all of your documents.

Recordings made with Greenshot or Markup Hero may be edited and saved in any format you like afterward. Even if you don’t want to, you can download the audio.

Greenshot MP3 Recording

Greenshot MP3 Recording

The capabilities and tools provided by Greenshot allow users to annotate or mark up their screen and video captures. Anyone who wants to annotate their captures at no cost may benefit from these tools.

If you choose, you may take a picture of the whole screen or just a section using Greenshot. The “Print Screen” key is the default hotkey for this program. It’s also possible to take screenshots by combining this key with another one of your choosing.

Ctrl and Print Screen keys may be used to take full-screen screenshots. Alternatively, simultaneously pressing the Shift and Print Screen buttons will allow you to capture a specific screen area instead. To get started, all you have to do is click a few buttons. A green overlay may also be selected and captured by the program.

Greenshot Screen Capture

Greenshot Screen Capture

In addition to being accessible via the system tray and keyboard shortcuts, Greenshot is also very user-friendly for first-time users.

Screenshots may be saved as PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP with the aid of Greenshot. This gives you more choices for saving screenshots and allowing you to paste particular material from those images on other platforms.

Snagit’s Main Features

There are several more methods to begin a screen capture besides clicking the screen-capture button. Snagit, by default, allows you to capture a piece of your screen by dragging crosshairs over a certain region by pressing the PrtSc key (you may also build your shortcut).

After highlighting a piece, you may clip it or enter the app’s panoramic mode, making it easy to clip tall or broad photos by scrolling horizontally or vertically. Infinite-scroll pages are a fantastic place to use it.

Snagit Screen Capture

Snagit Screen Capture

Snagit has several timed-capture features that you may use. You may postpone your drawing by three or 10 seconds using Snip & Sketch. It’s easy to add special effects to a picture with Snagit, such as grayscale and text, arrows, and borders, without aiming to be like Adobe Illustrator.

For example, if you have an MP3 recording on disk or a YouTube video, you may use its video-recording capability to add audio to the video. To export photos from your smartphone to a Snagit or Camtasia computer, you may utilize TechSmith’s free Fuse mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Snagit Video Recording

Snagit Video Recording

Watermark, Color Adjustment, and Highlight are all back in the latest Snagit and many other image-related capabilities. Snagit features, such as arrows and blur, may be added to the Quick Styles box by clicking the Favorites Tool in the menu.

Afterward, you must click on the icons in the Quick Styles box instead of searching through the options. It saves time. With Snagit’s GIF generator, you can merge many photographs into a movie or a GIF. Make a how-to tutorial or a silly social media meme by adding narration and notes.

Capture individual frames and remove undesired areas from movies with Snagit’s video editor., Camtasia, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, TechSmith Relay, and are all options for transferring video captured using a screen capture device to another location. The Clipboard, Email, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word may all be used to exchange still photos.

Snagit Sharing Options

Snagit Sharing Options

Greenshot VS Snagit – Pros & Cons

Here, we will compare the two giants based on their pros and cons. This will help you better decide on the two softwares and which one to choose from.

Greenshot’s Pros & Cons



Snagit’s Pros & Cons



Greenshot VS Snagit – Pricing

Greenshot’s Pricing Plan

Greenshot Pricing Plan

Greenshot Pricing Plan

Greenshot includes most of the functions available in paid screen capture applications, but it is free to use. In addition to this, Greenshot is completely free to use for everyone who uses Windows!

To use this program, Mac users must pay a nominal fee, around $1.99, and may be purchased through the App Store.

Snagit’s Pricing Plan

Snagit Pricing Plan

Snagit Pricing Plan

It is possible to convert it into Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese, among other languages. This package renews at the low cost of $12.60 per year and includes a Snagit Certification with over 20 videos of training.

An original site license and a license for Snagit 2022, plus the first year of maintenance, are included with the business Snagit plan. In addition to being compatible with Windows and Mac, Snagit offers a $63 free upgrade to the next edition.

The educational plan of the Snagit software grants you access to everything, in addition to all of the same benefits that the individual and business plan do, and it also grants you access to additional security features such as making tax-exempt ordering available, limiting who can add guests, etc.

Greenshot VS Snagit – Support

Greenshot’s Support

Greenshot Support

Greenshot Support

In the background, Greenshot is functioning as its independent process. You may access the program by right-clicking the Greenshot icon that is located in the notification area, or you can simply capture a screenshot by tapping one of the keys that have been specified. It is possible to open several editor windows simultaneously. On Greenshot, customer assistance is available around the clock for all paid subscriptions. You may communicate with them via their website via a chatbot or by writing a message. If you get mired in a problem, you may also send an email to their support staff to get in touch with them.

If you like Greenshot, you should let other people know by talking about it with your friends and coworkers. In addition, your following. You may link to our home page from your blog or website, or you can rate Greenshot on software review websites.

Snagit’s Support

Techsmith is the company that produces Snagit, and the company provides a satisfactory level of customer service. During the week, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Eastern Time), the helpful team headquartered in Michigan that works for TechSmith is available to provide free technical assistance. Make sure you take advantage of the video lessons and assistance articles accessible at any time.

Most customers only call tech help after they have exhausted all other options. Nevertheless, Snagit’s assistance gives consumers visual guidance that might help minimize more irritation by assisting the user in swiftly fixing their issue. And the buyer isn’t the only one who benefits from its speed and quality!

Snagit Support

Snagit Support

Instead of typing out a lengthy email, a tech support agent may save a substantial amount of time by annotating a screenshot. This not only saves the agent time, but it also saves the client time since the answer is simple to understand. The technical support staff at TechSmith uses Snagit to produce screenshots, screencasts, and even the rare GIF to demonstrate a procedure.

In addition, you may utilize the “simplify” tool of Snagit to produce graphics with a simplified user interface, also known as an SUI, to assist people who have requested assistance in comprehending the material.

Greenshot VS Snagit – Users Rating & Reviews

Greenshot’s Users Rating & Reviews

G2: 4.8/5 (142 reviews)

Capterra: 4.9/5 ‎(15 reviews)

Get app: 4.9/5 (15 reviews)

Users Reviews:

“It is FREE! Best screenshot tool out there, that offers all the features I need (and more). Favorite feature is the ability to configure how/where your screenshot ends up. I have to setup to copy directly to my clipboard, giving me the ability to copy/paste directly into my project management application. Quick, easy, and I don’t need to use Window’s Snipit tool anymore.” – G2 user

“As in the title I think it’s essential tool in business and in private life. There are a lot of use cases where you need to capture part of the screen to show something and share it, or just for yourself. I use it everyday. It makes it fast and not as frustrating as using the default print screen key.” – Capterra user

Snagit’s Users Rating & Reviews

G2: 4.6/5 (‎3,128 reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 (106 reviews)

Get app: 4.8/5 ‎(106 reviews)

Users Reviews:

“The gallery helps me keep track of large amounts of active works in progress. As a QA I am often chasing multiple bugs in new development at one time. Having a gallery that holds so many screen captures and videos saves me from having to remember where I left off with my work.” – G2 user

“I think its a tool you can use without needing much involvement or support from the snagit team. They host monthly customer webinars you can attend if you need more support with the product but I think it’s very easy to use, I taught myself how to use it.” – Capterra user

Greenshot VS Snagit – Similarities and Differences

The following will comprehensively analyze the differences and similarities between Snagit and Greenshot. We have evaluated them based on several criteria, including the capabilities of screen capture, the quality of and choices for editing, screen recording, app integration, and pricing, among other things.

Let’s get right down to comparing Snagit with Greenshot without further ado.

Greenshot VS Snagit: Similarities

Greenshot VS Snagit: Differences

Greenshot VS Snagit – Which One Is Better?

Snagit is an easy-to-use program for taking screenshots and recording screen activity. Take a snapshot of anything on your screen in seconds with this software. This software provides a better and more inventive method for delivering instructions. Besides, Snagit for Android and iOS can share annotated photos and videos to YouTube, Twitter, and Word. Snagit lets you submit photos and videos through Gmail or Google Drive.

Greenshot lets users create movies for little cost and comment and markup them to enhance their content. Due to the restrictions of virtual gatherings, many people choose to shoot videos on diverse themes and post them online. Greenshot gives videomakers new and entertaining editing options for their captures.

Greenshot offers most premium screen capture capabilities for free. Greenshot is free for Windows users. This software costs Mac users $1.99 from the App Store. Greenshot is a must-have tool, but it’s not free for all users. This is true if you need a virtual project that blurs, captures, annotates, and more. It’s hard to beat Greenshot’s price-to-quality ratio; therefore, we think it’s a superior choice to Snagit in this regard.

An Alternative to Greenshot and Snagit

Gemoo Snap Interface

Gemoo Snap Interface

Whether you’re a teacher, a designer, a developer, or a marketer, Gemoo Snap has everything you need to take screenshots at work and in your daily life. If you feel that Greenshot and Snagit can’t meet your needs or are inconvenient to use, then we highly recommend Gemoo Snap to you. Here are what Gemoo Snap can do for you:

Pricing Plan: Free

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Final Words

Finally, we want to say that we hope this post has given you all the knowledge you want to choose a high-quality productivity tool. Both Snagit and Greenshot do their tasks well.

In terms of annotating tools and capabilities, Snagit is fairly similar to Greenshot, but it also has a lot of additional functions that Greenshot doesn’t have.

We advise our readers to make a well-informed decision considering their personal and professional needs. These programs allow you to choose a suitable and best-suited plan for your needs. Finally, select the application that best meets your requirements!


The Gemoo Team is committed to building products that help people effectively communicate and collaborate.